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Wave soldering - black residue / bridging

Dec 31, 2019 | thanks again for reply, we have now configured speed of traveling so pcb can travel through preheat

RX-7 | High Speed Compact Modular Mounter feedback and common problems

Mar 13, 2019 | I'm rehearsing and preparing the maintenance of the High Speed ​​Compact Modular Mounter the model R

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Jul 21, 2015 | Setting aside the shameless advertisement :) Can you define what is high speed? The real high sp

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Jul 19, 2015 | We are one of the leading manufacturer of high speed led pick and place machine from Shenzhen ,China

assembleon topaz and sapphire

May 26, 2014 | hi all, we have smd line with 2 Assembleon topaz X.The real speed of the line is about 12- 13k cp


Sep 26, 2013 |

Is there Anyone that works on Jot conveyors

Mar 18, 2013 | We are currently having an issue with one of our Jot Conveyors. The speed knob is on all the way (h

profile vitronics 500s for lead free solder paste

Apr 5, 2012 | try 180 180 195 248 260 belt speed 20 ( lightly populated boards) adjust speed to 18 for heavily

Pulse Driven Variable Power

May 29, 2010 | If you want to vary the voltage to control the motor speed, then this is not the correct way. Though

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Apr 12, 2010 | Depends on what you mean by full speed. We run them Full Speed on our Quad IIC, and IVC. But those

CSM84VZ assistance needed

Oct 27, 2009 | I am setting up a CSM84VZ pick-n-place for the first time. Everything works fine except the speed i

Electrovert Omni 7

Sep 28, 2009 | I need help with conveyor speed in Omni Excel 7. It fluctuate, and never have a steady speed. I swap

Solder paste process

Apr 30, 2009 | One factor I see missing is separation speed (or snap off speed). I've run experiments with differe

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Jul 14, 2008 | Pat, Try to run a glass plate (yeah I've used these before too), keep your wave pump speed the sa

What is delta t?

Oct 24, 2007 |

SMT Electrolytic Shorting

Aug 2, 2007 | Hi John, If you are wicking very high o components, try speeding up your conveyor speed slightly.

Reflow Oven Chains

Aug 14, 2006 | When we had problems on our Omni 5 with fluctuating chain speed, the problem turned out to be the Da

Imm Silver & Screen Printing

Aug 1, 2006 | Hi Davef, Could you elaborate more on faster separation speed is better of paste release. Any DOE

Fighting solder beads

Mar 20, 2006 | Good morning, In this case separation speed doesn�t affect print quality. Separation speed decrea


Nov 24, 2005 | NEED EXPERTISE HELP / SOLUTION for Sanyo TCM-V822 High Speed Mounter. Errors Message Code : REEL

best reflow oven

Software for SMT