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speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 12:24:54 EST 2003 | frank

cookson has announced sale of speedline final

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 19:40:25 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Here's the official press release... New York, NY (November 5, 2003) -- KPS Special Situations Fund II announced today that it has acquired the stock and related assets of Speedline Technologies, Inc. from Cookson Group, plc for a total consideratio

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 08 02:24:26 EST 2003 | fastek

Whatever Stefen. The fact of the matter is the entire Speedline division was "sold" for (40) Accuflex printers. If that's not stealing I don't know what is.

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 14:29:53 EST 2003 | drewhmi

The new buyer is reported to be 'KPS Special situation fund II LP'

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 18:05:38 EST 2003 | fastek

What he meant to say was this: "We are extreamly excited to have absolutely stolen this business for $10 million."

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 08 10:32:58 EST 2003 | kauerr

IF someone wants to sell me a brand new SUV valued at $40,000 for $500.00 and I buy it, it does not mean I stole it. Nobody made Cookson sell Speedline. If they did not like the offer, they would have waited for a higher one. Seems like You are upset

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 18:28:18 EST 2003 | Kevin

It sounds to me like Electrovert is a thing of the past. They were bought by a financial clearing house company and were sold because they have been losing money consistently. The new Speedline owners have moved all of their operations to the East

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 12:18:40 EST 2003 | frank

rumor has it they are moving some of their assembly operations to franklin from camdenton and closing the spare parts hub in illinois-has anyone else heard this?is this a good thing?

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 10:44:26 EST 2003 | steven

If I were Cookson, I would have to question why the people I was paying big bucks to run my company for the past several years, would buy my company and suddenly reduce everything in an upturn?? Shouldn't that have already been done when Cookson

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 10:57:34 EST 2003 | frank

i have to agree with you all, it seems bad decisions are always the one that are made rather than the logical ones.lets just hope electrovert continues to provide us with the best and dependable solder and cleaning equipment and mpm continues as well

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