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speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 19:40:25 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Here's the official press release... New York, NY (November 5, 2003) -- KPS Special Situations Fund II announced today that it has acquired the stock and related assets of Speedline Technologies, Inc. from Cookson Group, plc for a total consideratio

speedline mpm UP-100

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 17:37:46 EDT 2017 | tobytoby292

I have a UP-100 screen printer that was locking up on me by removing my cursor and not allowing any button presses. I did a hard reset and this fixed it temporarily i now have encountered a new problem where the unit displays a "communication error""

SMTECH pro's and con's

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 08:35:29 EDT 2001 | PeteC

I believe this machine is now the MPM UP 100 and is supported thru Speedline Technologies-MPM and is now mfg.'d in Franklin Mass.

MPM UP100 vision fault

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 17 21:03:46 EST 2015 | wesleyintelli

Our Speedline MPM UP100 has stopped displaying anything on its monitor where the fiducial positions are usually taught with the camera images. The vga cable is working. Are there any commonly occurring issues with the vga vision board? The rest of th

SMTECH pro's and con's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 16:50:44 EDT 2001 | jeff

The "UP100 " is currently built by Speedline. However only the models UP100S (No Vision and manual adjust table ) and the UP 100MV (Vision and manual adjust table). These are batch printers not in-line. The IS model has been out of production for ab

Stencil Printer?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 18 05:57:02 EST 2009 | sigmaprint

Hello Andy, When did you receive the reply "that they hadn't had any for years"? I would be interested to hear who sent you this. I'm a founder director of Sigmaprint and previously a employee of both SMTech and Speedline Technologies. I can curre

choosing a type semi-automatic stencil printer

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 09:18:54 EDT 2004 | Dennis

Speedline Technologies offer several versions of semi-auto screen printers. Speedline have a distributor in India called International Marketing Corp. Their phone number is +91-22-2522-8170. You can find out more about Speedline's products by going

Paste Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 18:26:08 EST 2002 | pjc

My recomendation is to contact a Speedline Technologies- Camalot applications engineer or customer service. One apps. eng. is Jim Kaler jkaler@speedline.cookson.com


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 09:22:17 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

Speedline Technologies: http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx Let me know if they can help you or not

Where can I get Quad AVX-500 spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 15:32:54 EDT 2004 | pjc

Try these guys too: http://www.sigmaprint.co.uk/ Regardless, the parts are most likely stocked only in the U.K. Your machine was orginally manufactured in the U.K. by a British company called SMTech. SMTech was purchased by Quad and then sold to Sp

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