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Defect of the Month - Solder Squeeze Out

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 11:13:00 EST 2019 | SMTA-Bob

I could do that but not seen where to do it on the SMTA profile section??

MPM accuflex

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 29 07:30:45 EST 2021 | vasu278

Hello, Iam looking for timing pulley for out conveyor and squeezes for MPM accuflex

DEK Pump Print

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 13:48:22 EST 2005 | John S

We have a line using the DEK Pump Print process. We use a 3mm plastic stencil and print adhesive through it. The adhesive we use is Heraeus 955. We've struggled with adhesive contaminating the pads of our smaller components. The deposit isn't on


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 12:14:15 EDT 2006 | jdengler

At a previous job we had a kit to splice the belts. It was a clamping and squeeze device and a soldering iron with a flat blade. You would cut the ends for a suare edge, put the belt in the clamp unit with a small gap. Use the iron to melt both en

very cheap way to reclaim solder from dross

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 10 13:53:27 EDT 2008 | ccouture

Has anybody ever use this method to reclaim the solder from dross. I tested this $10 gadget, it's used to press potato to make mash potato. The result is comparable to a $20k machine that basically does the same thing, i.e.: compress dross to squeeze

Latex Masking Dispense Valve

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 17:17:07 EDT 2015 | tombstonesmt

Hello everyone, Has anyone had success dispensing ammoniated latex masking using a valve? If so, what company and type of valve are you using? Our current supplier of non-ammoniated latex masking will no longer provide a container larger than an 8 o

Defect of the Month - Solder Squeeze Out

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 06 08:21:00 EST 2019 | SMTA-Bob

Over the years we have featured Defect of the Month videos on the UK smart-e-link forum. As members of SMTA Europe will be joining the forum in the coming months here is one of the defect videos created to show the solution to common problems Solder

Insufficient Heel Fillets on plastic 240 pin QFPs

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 24 16:34:06 EST 2001 | Stefan

Can you increase the placement force on your P&P machine? It should squeeze the solder paste to all sides including the heel.

Paste In Hole

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 17:29:23 EDT 2001 | slthomas

How about a double pass with your squeegee? Of course you then have the other associated headaches from too much paste on your pads, squeeze-out, bridges, extra cleaning, etc.

Solder Beads

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 13:40:55 EDT 2001 | rkevin

Just as there are a number of causes of solder balling there are also several factors which can lead to or encourage the formation of solder beads. - During the placement of the component solder paste may be squeezed out from underneath the compone

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