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Siplace F5

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 20:43:57 EST 2024 | erici

Thanks again for the reply. I did what you mentioned on your previous message. When i rebooted the machine i came up with a "software booting" message and didn't go past that. I checked the MC and i got the error "no SRBS, system halted". What is S

S25 Software booting error

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 02:58:35 EST 2021 | erici

Our S25 is not booting up correctly. It is showing the 'software booting' status and will be stuck in that state. I checked the M/C pc and it is showing an SRBS SYSTEM HALTED error. Any ideas/help on this issue? Thanks

Siemens SIPLACE HS-60 Errors

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 23 13:50:05 EDT 2020 | dltechltd

505.05 SP2 Hotfix3 After this, we were able to work with the machine until 1 week and the machine broke again. A small zener diode exploded on a Servo card, and we replaced it. Next reboot, the MC system halted, because an SRBS error. We have aske

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