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Chip Component Stacking

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 05 14:37:55 EDT 2017 | stevezeva

At a past employer we stacked caps and resistors quite regularly. As some have suggested a dispensable paste was used and dispensed by hand and then the stack was placed. At first it was placed by hand, but then we were able to program our Mydata to

Stacking/piggyback chip.

Electronics Forum | Mon May 23 09:28:26 EDT 2011 | alcatel

I need to stack 2 resistors size 2010 on one location. Ive heard that there is a chip like solder solid which could be placed on the solder pad connecting both chips with its height, but never got much detail about this. cant afford to be doing thi

Chip Component Stacking

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 15:25:22 EDT 2017 | mrk

Hi, We have recently been tasked with producing a PCB assembly that requires a chip resistor to be stacked on top of a chip capacitor (both are 0603 package size). This becoming a more common practice, I was wondering if anyone has been successful i

Silver Sulphide Contamination of Resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 10:24:24 EST 2001 | johnthor

We still build a legacy product with a primitive backplane using silver plated fork terminals for outside world connections. After some 20 years of no problems the fork terminals on raw stock PCBs were black and almost unsolderable. Because of the

Chip Component Stacking

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 02:23:11 EDT 2017 | Rob

Many years ago (20+) we did this by preassembling the 2 parts into a mini leadframe with high temp solder paste, which was a pain but then they could be dropped in trays, surface mounted and hit the line clean. I'm guessing you have a low value cap

Stacking chips

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 09:24:45 EDT 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

I need to install two SMD chips (0805) at one location. I refered to IPC-HDBK-001, fIG 6-24. When I solder the chips side by side, the ceramic side which is placed againgst solder pad- is already touching the solder. While I complete the solder joint

Yield on 0402 SMT Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 20:06:43 EST 2007 | SSS

I've been assembling thousands of boards for dozens of customers over the past 5 years with 0402 chip components. 85% can happen very easily even with newer equipment. Defect challanges with 0402 packages is almost always tombstoning. Capacitors abou

Non-Waveable SMT Caps

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 23 08:29:04 EDT 2001 | davef

Well, at least I don�t feel so bad that we�re not the only ones going anal on this blankin� cap thing. We�re gunna change process on ever effin wave soldered SMT cap!!! I�m going to off myself!!!! And in about 15 seconds, some doodoo brain is goin

Re: DFM / DFT information

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 22:20:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

=10 mils larger than lead 3 silk screen legend text weight >=10 mils 4 pads >=15 mils larger than finished hole sizes 5 place through hole components on 50 mil grid 6 no silk screen legend text over vias (if vias not solder masked) or holes 7 so


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