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Adding conveyor to 4000c

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 15:23:21 EST 2017 | emeto

Is that a 3 stage conveyor or a single stage? If it is a single stage, your sensor doesn't work, because your motor is already turning. If the input stage is separate you have two options - sensor or motor. Just check them both for proper functioning

Lead free profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 09:51:51 EST 2005 | jbrower

Sure, to be a true lead free enviroment all components need to be lead free or fall within the specifications of lead free as defined by the RoHS Directive. What I am doing is starting stage 1 of our journey. Layed out it looks some thing like this.


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 02:54:57 EDT 2009 | omid_juve

Dear sir`s i want to place one TBGA144 with DRS24 rework station i use many different profile but with near all of them in the ramp stage and reflow stage the balls of the BGA thrown away from the part and cause many short circuit under it and also m

Reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 25 21:18:03 EST 2006 | callckq

Dear all, I would like to learn from all regarding purpose of each profile stages, such as preheat, soak, peak cooling. At what stages, flux start to be activated? Thanks for your time,

Bubbles on solder joint(after conformal coating curing)

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 22 19:53:10 EST 2009 | prodrivegsr

Hi Ju Yong, The PCB are dry in an airseal cabinet(Staging Chamber) before IR Oven. The bubbles show at around body and solder joint area. You mean the moisture will create bubbles ? Able to advice the humidity and temperature that you are using in

Reflow for the first time

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 08:25:40 EST 2017 | emeto

It looks like you got all the paste to a liquidus stage and ten probably to a gas stage, so it is just a matter of running the mole several times.

Which AOI method is best?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 09:43:22 EDT 2001 | martys

Which AOI imaging method is best for the post-solder stage- 2D or 3D?

Next Stages of Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 15 12:11:08 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Ah, PhD (Paid hired Delinquent).

Next Stages of Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 15 12:15:27 EDT 2006 | russ

Was there not concern about Bismuth for some reason? Cannot remember what it was but it seemed to do with reliability or something? Russ

Next Stages of Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 15:10:15 EDT 2006 | Perb Habes

Bizmuth once saved my life in Nam.

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