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whitepaper for the lead pitch standard

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 22:55:11 EDT 2004 | Zimmer

Hi, I'm looking for a thorough reference about the standard SMT lead pitch for my customer? Could anybody provide such a link for me? Thanks, -Z

SMT tapes standard

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 11:07:30 EST 2022 | jineshjpr

Hi, In general Tantalum D & E case packages prefers 12mm Reel with sufficient height. Make sure that no external force has been applied to the reel ( where it causes pocket deformation) thus leads to prevent smooth component release. Slowdown the noz

whitepaper for the lead pitch standard

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 09:20:03 EDT 2004 | zimmer

Dave, Thanks! That's what I want. -Z

whitepaper for the lead pitch standard

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 13:42:24 EDT 2004 | davef

Without meaning to overstate the obvious or be insulting, IPC publishes SM-782. Their web is: http://www.ipc.org

whitepaper for the lead pitch standard

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 07:31:24 EDT 2004 | davef

We're unclear about what you're seeking, but in order to move the conversation along, are you looking for: IPC-SM-782A - Surface Mount Design & Land Pattern Standard ANSI Approved Get up-to-date land pattern recommendations for ball grid array pac

RoHS parts - leaded solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 15:19:15 EDT 2005 | jimmyjames

Sorry this is such a long thread but I would like as much input as possible to everything I ramble on about... :) ------------------------------------------------------ We are now seeing more and more RoHS parts showing up in our SMT inventory and

Looking for IPC or other standard for electronics / electro-mech

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 16:49:59 EDT 2001 | davef

Ashok, What in earthly heaven does this question have to do with "site support"? You can�t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. Some leads are: * The proposed IPC cable/wire harness document is now IPC/WHMA-A-620 and go

Searching for Footprint sizes of SMT and TH standard comp.

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 00:20:45 EST 1999 | Vinesh gandhi

Hi folks, Can somebody inform me regarding where can I find SMT and TH footprint dimensions on the internet. I need this information specifically for the components being used in a standard motherboard. Thanks Vinesh Gandhi

Re: Using solder paste/reflow for leaded thru hole parts .

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 03 09:29:19 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Hi all. | I am trying to put one 20 pin thru hole connector along with the smt components on the PCB. I would appreciate if somebody can guide me in getting thru this process. I also need to know how much bigger the holes on the screen or stencil

Re: Use of solder paste for leaded thru hole parts????

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 30 18:37:19 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

| Hi all . | Thanks to Ryan, Brian , Justin and Dave for the timely help earlier. | I would appreciate if somebody could help me in the stated issue: | I am trying to to place one thru hole 20 pin connector along with the SMT components by paste pri

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