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X-Ray: Have to report to state?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 09 21:08:32 EST 2005 | davef

No opinion here, but each state [and probably country] regulates xray machines through a "Radiation Control Agency". For a starting point to learn more about state policies, look here: http://www.rmis.rmfamily.com/db/agencyradia.php The contact fo

Do I have to pay my tax

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 16:36:11 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

For the first time, I was asked to pay tax on a used machine. The machine comes from a reputable manufacturer and I do not doubt their integrity. I asked my accountant (who has many titles in front of his name) and asked for a tax exempt number and

X-Ray: Have to report to state?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 09 18:01:53 EST 2005 | dkufta

I know in Florida you must report. I don't know if it is state or federally mandated. I would call to be sure.

wireless esd wrist straps

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 10:42:48 EDT 2005 | russ

I guess I should have stated that I Checked the archives. I also guess I should have stated in the post "has anybody tried them yet and do you have faith". I will learn how to post better.

Paste in hole (state of the art)

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 21:54:07 EST 2006 | Jose Luis Mendoza

Hi there,, Im looking for information about history and evolution of the PIH process. I will use this information for the state-of-the -art in my Master.D tesis project. Any information will be appreciate! Regards. Jos� Luis Mendoza ITESM jlmen

Voids found

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 04:44:48 EST 2006 | EC

Hi, We found voids on BGA. Understand IPC stated as long as not more than 25% should be fine. So, is there any standard stated how many voids in BGA can be allow. Appreciate your help......

Production Defets

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 08:03:18 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Hi H.K.H. OK, I'll step on this one to see what happens... What exactly is the defect? You state this SMT spring acts as a conductor between an R and C. You also state it acts as a housing shock absorber too? Just trying to understand your quest


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 14:06:44 EDT 2007 | qooyot

How can I create a SMEMA based circuit which will allow the operator to: -simulate different states of the "sending" machine -read the states/signals generated by the machine thanks for any kind of help daniel


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 09:08:17 EDT 2007 | gemengr

Can not boot up . during down load vision system,an error come up VISION HARDWARE ERROR FAIL IN FUNCTION 1 STATE 2,VP STATE 0X28 ERR 0 any one know what's wrong with it.. thank you.

X-Ray: Have to report to state?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 09 21:04:54 EST 2005 | KEN

In Oregon your machine must be registered and have an anual site survey. Additionally, it must comply with safety and monitoring requirements set forth by the state. For the record, I would not mess around and be penny wise pound foolish. These ma

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