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Butt connector

Oct 15, 2019 | From J-STD-001: Components designed for pin-in-hole application and modified for butt connection att

Intermetallic Compounds

Dec 5, 2017 |

MSL control

Mar 16, 2017 |

Can I apply IPC-610 class 3 workmanship standards to an assembly made with a IPC-600 class 2 PCB?

Feb 6, 2015 | I have asked that same question to a co-chair of the J-STD-001 committee who in turn checked with pe

Flaky Capacitor

Jun 6, 2014 | Component manufacturers subject their lots to thermal / reflow testing per IPC /JEDEC STD-020. This

floor and air conditioning, shop floor requirements

May 6, 2013 | ANSI/J-STD-001: * Temperature and Humidity: 18-30°C, 30-70%RH ** If out of range, shall verify ele

MSL Project

Mar 23, 2012 |

Use of Stored PCB

Mar 19, 2012 | J-STD-003B prescribes test methods, defect definitions and illustrations for assessing the solderabi

what is the ideal RH level at warehouses?

May 30, 2011 | 3a ANSI/J-STD-001: * Temperature and Humidity: 18-30°C, 30-70%RH ** If out of range, shall verify

Ion Chromatography (IC) qualification

Apr 14, 2011 | ROSE has the advantage in that it does have a specific acceptance criteria (J-STD-001), whereas the

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Nov 30, 2010 | We want to handle the materials such as PCB & MSD components as per IPC 1601 & J-STD-033. As such,

Multiple Resistor Rework

Aug 30, 2010 |

second side reflow of MSD parts after wash

Mar 24, 2010 | J-STD-033B.1 Says "For cavity packages in which water may be entrpped, water clean processes after f

Contaminated product from field

Feb 9, 2010 | Hi there, From the ISO 13485: 2003 std. standpoint, there is a special requirement which states:

BGA Voiding for RoHS

Nov 13, 2009 |

BGA inner hairline crack

Sep 4, 2009 |

Solder Wire Expiry Dates

Aug 26, 2009 |

SN100C Nickel Content

Jul 30, 2009 | We are running a selective solder machine using SN100C alloy. We have had J-STD-001 analysis perfor

board delaminated after reflow

Apr 8, 2009 | 2) STD FR4 material with HASL finish, 4 layer board. Reflowed under tin-lead temps with another 4 la

Deionized Water Standards

Feb 5, 2009 | There is no standard for deionzed water when used to clean boards. As you state, J-STD-001 defines a

Delamination / Measling

Dec 8, 2008 | Hi MGL, Couple things to ask, have the boards recently been changed to Rohs builds? STD FR4 to

Urethane Coating (1A33)

Aug 27, 2008 |

MSL/MSD Tracking

Aug 21, 2008 |

Solder Paste

Mar 20, 2008 | We have a class 3 SMT build that requires the paste conforms to J-STD-005 RE LO. We have not used a

Solderability of a metal

Mar 4, 2008 |

Flux test evaluation

Dec 6, 2007 |

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

Jun 1, 2007 | Thanks Patrick, also IPC-HDBK-001 explains even better then IPC-J-STD-004, but unfortunately not

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

Jun 1, 2007 |

BGA Rework Station - Profiler

May 16, 2007 | why not use your std profiler that you use for your ovens? if you want real time then hook it up to

Vacuum Bags

May 16, 2007 |

Required humidity for SMT production and storage

Apr 12, 2007 | Handling requirements of all classifications of moisture sensitive devices is found in J-STD-033.

Baking MSDs in tubes?

Mar 5, 2007 |

Used SMT Equipment

Next generation soldering station - Metcal