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Where to find steam aging equipment?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 12:47:30 EST 2001 | Todd Beninghaus

I work for a medium sized electronic manfacturing company that is looking into potentially purchasing our own piece of steam aging equipment, but I am having trouble locating manufacturers. So far I have only found H&H Engineering in Stockton, CA. D

Where to find steam aging equipment?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 11:32:17 EST 2001 | toddbe

Davd, Thats what first came to my mind when I was asked to do this task, the old train belching out climbing the last hill towards town ;) H&H Engineering has what used to be Mountain Gate's line of steam aging equipment. They are at 209-475-0693

Where to find steam aging equipment?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 20:35:38 EST 2001 | davef

Ah, that was the time. Those locomotives chugging down the tracks with a plume of steam and coal dust rising above and dissipating down the track towards the end of the train. "Driving that Train, High on. . ." [http://www.thespoon.com/trainhop/song

PCB Cleaning Challenges.

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 01:49:03 EDT 2020 | kathleen123

Please try to use the steam aging tester and make a try ! When the water temp up to +100℃, Put your new model into the water tank. This +100℃ hot and steam water may remove the paste in via hole. Thank you. https://www.wewontech.com/steam-aging-

Steam Aging of ENIG

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 10:48:23 EST 2004 | gopinath A

I heard that Steam Aging (storage) tests would be inappropriate for gold finishes. Is this a correct statement? If so, what are the reasons? How bad is the shelf life of ENIG

Steam Aging of ENIG

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 21:29:34 EST 2004 | davef

We�d say that it�s incorrect that ENIG solderability protection cannot be steam aged. It�s true the immersion tin and silver cannot be steam aged. We believe that most of the issues surrounding the poor performance of ENIG after steam aging is attr

Solder Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 09:03:18 EST 2001 | moseschee

Hi, I'm looking for research/study done on solder shelf life by using accelerated aging process ( steam age or dry air oven bake at 150C & etc ) Perhaps you could help to advise correlation of all this acceleration test to actual solder shelf life

Solder Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 03:26:42 EST 2001 | moseschee

Hi Dave, Thank you for your reply.It means a lot to me. By the way, is it possible to have the analysed data on the study you mentioned regarding the solderability "conditioning " ? Can we establish the correlation of solder shelf life based on y

Lead Contamination....Coplanarity???

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 13:07:01 EST 2000 | Jeff Woodruff

I have seen an issue that escapes our ICT and functional testing or operates in an intermitent fashion. The lead is slightly separated from the PCB with a fully formed solder joint behind it at the heel an toe. The joint apears to have started to tra

Stainless Steel in wash system

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 13:07:06 EDT 2001 | bschreiber

Dave, The saponifier (or any additive) will supply free ions and contaminate the DI water. If no contamination is introduced (very difficult) or if fresh hot DI water is constantly added as in a steam age chamber, the DI water will begin to obtain

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