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Steam Cleaning for flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 22:25:19 EST 2021 | rowan

Hi, We were having flux residue entrapment under the component. So we are evaluating to add steam cleaning with DI water, using precision micro prior to Di wash. Have anyone tried this and what are pros and cons. Your advice appreciated. Thanks

Steaming boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 18:30:01 EDT 2003 | stepheno

I thought autoclaving was cleaning (well sterlizing) something with steam and pressure. It almost sounds like that is what is happening to the boards in question. Are they being "cleaned" or sterilized? During this steam cleaning, is all air evactu

Steaming boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 11:41:53 EDT 2003 | k_h

I've never heard of steaming a board either. You said that steaming cleans it better after the wash process. What is the steaming process cleaning that the washer isn't, flux residue, solder balls, or what? Also, try and identify the main difference

Steaming boards

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 00:15:04 EDT 2004 | ppwlee

We had a similar application to rewash excessive flux residues through a chemical wash, steam clean, and DI rinse. We currently have an inline cleaner. Can you comment what kind of steamer (made and manufacturer) is being referred to in this discussi

Steaming boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 09:34:37 EDT 2003 | caldon

We autoclave our medical PC boards (Sorry Bad Joke). With the Steam process I am concerned that the water (Solution) is not Clean. So I am curious to the process of steam cleaning: Is It Presure Steam? is the Water DI, ION free, street water...? you

PCB Cleaning Challenges.

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 01:49:03 EDT 2020 | kathleen123

Please try to use the steam aging tester and make a try ! When the water temp up to +100℃, Put your new model into the water tank. This +100℃ hot and steam water may remove the paste in via hole. Thank you. https://www.wewontech.com/steam-aging-

Re: Soltech Sorrows...

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 07 09:24:55 EST 1999 | Scott Cook

| Hi Ya'll... | it's a Soltec Prisma and the conveyer keeps jamming. What it's doing is up at the exit end where the drive motor is, the chain keeps wrapping itself around the drive sprocket and jamming...this is on the backside rail, the frontside

Chain Cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 01:57:31 EST 2002 | MIke G

Be careful on how you go about this. Some older wave chains will have anywhere from a bit to lot of lead embedded into the grease. Ive had best luck sending it out to a shop that can hot tank them. Costs about $25 and it comes back all clean and lube

Mesh for board washer baskets

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 00:23:41 EDT 2004 | ppwlee

Richard, I am looking for a steam cleaner as part of the cleaning process for WS flux. Can you advise what cleaner (made and manuf) and typical process parameters for cleaning PCAs? Rgds, Peter You could also try using a wire mesh out of stainl

Steaming boards

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 22 13:05:01 EDT 2003 | Mr. B

I am curious on some opinions on cleaning of boards. We have a board wash but after the wash we still need to stem them for better cleaniness. The timed steaming is prox. 2 mins a side and by the way this is a medical board. So if you got and suggest

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