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ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies

Aug 19, 2019 | ROSE testing for no-clean flux soldering assemblies How does no-clean flux residues on a PCB assembly impact the ROSE testing? Does no-clean flux residues on the PCBA dissolve in solution of ROSE tester and increase ionic contaminants level in terms of NaCl per surface area? Is ROSE tester solution (assuming about 75% DI water and 25% IPA) a strong cleaning agent to remove no-clean flux residues from the board surface? Is that possible? or the ROSE tester solution would not have any impact on the ROSE testing outcome as far as no-clean flux residues are concerned. Thank you for your response in advance.

Reflow soldering issue

Oct 25, 2018 | Look at the Stencil man! Give me a call offline if want, I'm with Stentech, tooling & stencils...

Stencil deformation patterns

May 21, 2018 | Stencil deformation patterns How old is the stencil and how many cycles does it have

Stencil life

Apr 19, 2018 | Stencil life When your stencil foil looks like cooked bacon it's time to replace it.

Stencil Manufacturer

Apr 19, 2017 | Stencil Manufacturer Hey Tushar, In case you are still evaluating new Stencil Suppliers or someone else interested in new stencil suppliers, PCBCart offers free yet superior quality stencils for PCB assembly clients. Learn more at

Stencil Manufacturer

Mar 13, 2017 | Stencil Manufacturer Microscreen llc of South Bend, IN. Supplying screens and stencils for over 30 years. Worth a look.

Stencil Manufacturer

Mar 8, 2017 | Stencil Manufacturer Can you share your stencil manufacturer? We have been using Fineline Stencil(FLS) since 2010 but [I'm unhappy]**. They don't want to honer there own word in writing. We are looking for better and honest stencil supplier. Thanks, ** I edited this post to remove personal insults that don

Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations

May 26, 2015 | Plasma Cleaning System reccomendations I am looking to clean about 50 plastic circuit boards per week with a plasma cleaning system. I am looking at these systems: Does anyone have a recommendation about size? I don't want to be forced to clean these 4" boards one at a time but I want to watch my budget for this project. I am unsure about future plans for the plasma cleaner.

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Feb 17, 2015 | stencil/printing machines for solder paste DEK Horizon APix stencil printer, opinions? advantages / disadvantages?


Nov 20, 2014 | stencil I've spoken with a number of Engineers about this subject and there didn't seem to be a consensus number. In my own experience, I found that we were replacing the stencils after approximately 30,000 print strokes. In my predictive maintenance spreadsheet, I prompt a stencil replacement when the stencil is within 5% of it's useable life left, and I set that usable life at 25,000 print strokes. Hope this helps!

Stencil choice

Jul 31, 2014 | Stencil choice What kind of stencil pattern is the best for QFN(Avoid void) Can somebody help me? Thanks!

0201 (0603) stencil spec

May 6, 2014 | 0201 (0603) stencil spec Indium recommendations: 0201's: * Stencil Opening = 11mil x 16mil rectangle * Foot Print = 12mil x 15mil rectangle * Stencil Thickness = 5mils * Spacing = 9mils Note: The most common stencil being utilized, is the laser cut electropolished, and in some cases, the laser cut Ni plated

Vapor Degreasing. Is it coming back? Is it the better choice for your cleaning process?

Sep 17, 2013 | Vapor Degreasing. Is it coming back? Is it the better choice for your cleaning process? I am looking for eveyones opinion on this cleaning process. We currently have both inline aqueous and batch for cleaning both water soluble, rosin and no clean fluxes. We have evaluated the vapor degreasing cleaning process and discovered equal if not better cleaning results with quicker cycle

Glue stencil appertures

May 8, 2013 | Glue stencil appertures IPC-7525A - Stencil Design Guidelines

Glue stencil appertures

May 8, 2013 | Glue stencil appertures Hello, I am wondering what are the design rules for glue stencils?

Stencil cleaner

Jan 22, 2013 | Stencil cleaner Why cant you use alcohol ? Some stencil cleaners use alcohol....


Jul 9, 2012 | STENCIL RACK As mentioned above, Bliss stencil racks are expensive, but are excellent quality.

Cleaning Jupiter32 Shielded GPS Modules

Apr 23, 2012 | Cleaning Jupiter32 Shielded GPS Modules Has anybody any experience in cleaning the Jupiter 32 LGA in a Aqueous cleaning process (or any kind of shielded GPS Module). The manufacture does not recommend Aqueous cleaning because that length of drying time and that this may leave residue on the interior of the shield. There is a micro BGA inside. To eliminate this risk we install the LGA GPS module with a hot air unit after cleaning. Has any one cleaned these Shielded GPS LGA Modules in an Aqueous process?

Mpm "Camera not parked" Error

Jan 31, 2012 | Check to make sure that your camera is not hitting / rubbing the edge/bottom of the stencil, especially if you are using a stencil adapter.

solder paste release from stencil

Jul 20, 2011 | solder paste release from stencil I think you are referring to nano coatings. Try google nano coated stencils

Equipment to measure stencil tension

Jun 1, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension One of our customers also recommend us to check the stencil tension, they say that the stencil must keep its tension according to manufacturer spec, (36N for most cases), We are not doing it for now, and I dont really think low tension can generate such defects, I remember to see stencils even

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 31, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension I also never heard of that. Even if you measured the stencil tension what would be the spec be and how would that even relate to quality. Other than the stencil just flopping around I doubt that minor changes in screen tension are going to change anything. I would ask your customer to give you their specification for stencil tension. I would be real interested in what they came back with.

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 26, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension I also was kind of wondering to why you need to measure stencil tension.

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 26, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension Please explain why you would want to measure stencil tension.

Water Soluble Flux

Dec 1, 2010 | Hegemon, Thank you for the acknowledgment. Jacki, There are 3 rosin flux categories: R – Pure rosin (no cleaning required) RMA – Rosin mildly activated (can be used without cleaning in non critical applications) RA – Rosin highly activated (due to the high activity level cleaning is advised ) Although I personally consider rosin fluxes old technology, if for whatever reason you have to use them and need to clean you have two options: 1) Solvent based cleaning chemicals 2) Water based cleaning a) Pre rinse with rosin saponifier in DI water b) Final rinse in DI water Patrick

stencil tension measurement

Aug 2, 2010 | stencil tension measurement We want to know why people would want to measure stencil tension

stencil tension measurement

Aug 1, 2010 | stencil tension measurement Hi Whats tension limit on stencil?who is the supplier for the meter Regard S.TAMIL

Reflow Oven

Jun 9, 2010 | Hi Danny, I would suggest a laser-cut stencils w/ anti static polymer film. For more information on the stencil you should consider engineering lab. They provide high quality stencil for a reasonable price. If you can find a laser-cut stencil for a better price, go for it.

Glue "decouple"

Sep 21, 2009 | Why not: * Stencil print glue? * Stencil print the majority of the glued components and then use your dispense head for the tough spots?

Equipments required for making SMD PCB's

Jun 29, 2009 | Here on SMTnet, we've talked about using toaster ovens to reflow solder paste previously. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more. Here's a clip from one of those threads: Look here:

Very Large Electroform Stencils

May 4, 2009 | Very Large Electroform Stencils Hi, Does anyone know a possible supplier for very large electroform stencils? Regards, Grant

Stencil Cutters

Nov 19, 2008 | Stencil Cutters It is not as easy as just buying a Laser machine. There is much more involved in bringing this in house. With the price of stencils these days, you would have to be consuming a very large amount of stencils to justify such an investment. Steve is right, pay a visit to a full service stencil house

Stencil for BGA re-balling

Nov 7, 2008 | Stencil for BGA re-balling What should be stencil size to reball the BGA of 0.6MM ball dia.

Fill a stencil openings with what?!

Oct 8, 2008 | Fill a stencil openings with what?! Check with your stencil house. At one time I used a Panasonic screen printer with the fiducial camera looking at the top of the stencil. The stencils are cut from the bottom so the fiducials had to be cut all the way through. And the stenicl house would fill them with epoxy. (well untill I started

Cheapest But Effective Stencil Cleaner?

Aug 25, 2008 | Cheapest But Effective Stencil Cleaner? What is the cheapest but an effective stencil cleaner available in the market? thanks in davance... regards

Tombstoning issues!!!

Apr 9, 2008 | Is the stencil opening rectangular? Home Plate? What is the spacing between the pads on the stencil for the component?

To use a mini stencil, or not to use a mini stencil.

Mar 30, 2007 | To use a mini stencil, or not to use a mini stencil. Hi Chris, Mini stencils are a pain to line up and then holding it still while trying to print is almost impossible. We used to use tacky flux but found the Stencil Quik gizzmo from Best works the best. Give it a try.

Invar Stencils

Mar 6, 2007 | Invar Stencils Anyone using Invar Stencils? Do they meet the same level of paste release as electroformed? Pros/Cons

Always a new treat with new clients

Oct 3, 2006 | Get a free evaluation stencil from a stencil supplier ?

Stencil cleaners.

Jul 26, 2006 | Stencil cleaners. Come on guys, Mumtaz does not even know what a stencil is.

Stencil design question.(BGA Apertures)

Apr 4, 2006 | Stencil design question.(BGA Apertures) 10mil square apertures should be ok with your 4mil stencil.

RoHS and stencils

Mar 3, 2006 | RoHS and stencils i think a more important issue here would be the reduction ratio. as LF solders have a higher surface tension, they do not flow as well as their leaded counterparts. therefore the stencil design may have to be changed (hence a new stencil) if the reduction ratio on the old stencil produces

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Dec 14, 2005 | Fine Pitch Stencil Design some of th IPC design guidelines have helped my factory understand the importance of stencil, (before me they used 9 year old guidelines) carzy i know, if you are interested in stencil design then listen to what everyone else has been saying however, find yourself a good stencil manufacturer its

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Dec 8, 2005 | Fine Pitch Stencil Design Please give me some guidelines on designing Stencils for Fine Pitch.

Microscreen stencils

Nov 29, 2005 | Microscreen stencils I've had stencils delaminate when accidentally left in the UT cleaner for excessive time.

Need Help for CCGA Rework

Nov 1, 2005 | ,also shortening the rwk cycle time - romove bad CCGA - pad cleaning/redressing - By mini stencil deposit new paste - remove gently the ministencil - chec/inspect for correct paste on pads (at 20X to 40 X) - place a new CCGA and verify for a correct positioning ( using also smal mirrors, some time also X -heat and reflow profiles of rework machine. - RWK machine used had bottom (under board) heaters (hot air obtained by 2 powerfull plates 1500W plus 1500W. - Heating media: Hot Gas N2 (Top Nozzle) - Solder paste: Water Soluble (Type 3) - PCB finisch OSP - PCB thickness from 2,4 mm up to 3,4 mm Your stencil and Very skilled RWK Operator is the keey point for a succesfull and reliable CCGA rwk. I have seen some of them, after long time operating in rwork, be able to place CCGA on paste by hands and obtain reliable results same as placing CCGA by machine. Pad cleaning and dressing operation after bad CCGA

Stencil manufacturer

Sep 19, 2005 | Stencil manufacturer I believe Photo Stencil / AMTX can do these well.

Using Glue on Stencils What aperatures to use?

Sep 16, 2005 | Using Glue on Stencils What aperatures to use? Call and talk to stencil manufacturer they will answer that question for you easily.

Stencil manufacturer

Aug 22, 2005 | Stencil manufacturer Can anyone recommend a good stencil manufacturer in the San Diego, CA area.

Stencil fiducials

Jun 22, 2005 | Stencil fiducials Do the fids on a stencil need to be in the same place as the fids on the PCB for it to be able to print? Thank you

Defluxing Advanced Packages

fluid dispensing