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Manual stencil printers

Mar 2, 2017 | Manual stencil printers I am looking at purchasing a larger manual stencil printer. I have several 29"X29" frames so I would like to get a machine that is compatible. Does anyone have any experience with Manncorps MC110 or similar? Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

Mask Fiducial Problem

Jan 25, 2017 | Hi, I used black marker before and it will works for a while, but it is not a permanent solution. Ask stencil house what kind of material and process they use to apply the black material. I think this operation might be done manually after the stencil is cut(just like painting it with a brush).

Speedline Accuflex issue

Jul 7, 2016 | If the offsets are the same for every board and stencil you checked - You should calibrate this machine. Usually you should have a calibration stencil and board to do that.

IC void

Jun 2, 2016 | i have tried to design the stencil as attached, but the void is more than 35%. do you have any idea what is the ideal diameter for the stencil aperture for the solder to spread and the flux to be released out of the component simultaneously. thanks alot.

Automated Stencil Wipe

Apr 28, 2016 | Automated Stencil Wipe Would you use dry wipe or wet wipe procedure for your Stencil Printing process? Whichever you use would you please let me know the benefits of it? Thank you in advance.

0402 bridging

Jun 2, 2015 | Well, I'm speaking in general Our stencil guy insists on those part edits at 100% He's one of the loudest voices calling for me to "Stop slamming the parts into the PCB" All my research so far says we need to be looking at the stencil apertures.

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Feb 12, 2015 | stencil/printing machines for solder paste Just my opinion: Stencil printers: 1. DEK 2. MPM 3. ..... Solder paste: 1. AIM 2. Alpha 3. Indium .....Kester

stencil/printing machines for solder paste

Feb 10, 2015 | stencil/printing machines for solder paste low volume high mix, looking for advice on what i should get, a stencil machine or a jet printer for smt solder paste. used/new and companies i should look into?


Nov 20, 2014 | stencil Of course I forgot to mention that the number will vary based on the type and thickness of stencil that you're using, type of squeegees, board support, print pressure, and speed.

Step Stencils

Aug 27, 2014 | Step Stencils I always put the step on the squeegee side. You'll get some "shadowing" effect on any parts in close proximity to the stepped up region. It should be manageable with proper board / stencil design.

Step Stencils

Jul 29, 2014 | Step Stencils I think you need step on the bottom side of the stencil (undercutting) only to compensate elevations on the top side of the PCB, such as labels.

LGA... where to start?

May 9, 2014 | REduction of center pad is the key as well as the stencil thickness. Having too big opening on your stencil will sometimes lift the part from the pads. Always try to make windowpane and shoot for about 60% of the thermal pad to be covered as start point(as suggested in the earlier post).

0201 (0603) stencil spec

May 6, 2014 | 0201 (0603) stencil spec Hi all, Can anyone share the necessary info for printing 0201's? stencil Thickness, grade of steel, 1:1 etc Thanks in advance, AJ

EMC Spirit II stencil cleaner

Apr 14, 2014 | EMC Spirit II stencil cleaner Does anyone have an EMC Spirit II stencil cleaner and could provide insight on it? We were thinking of purchasing a used one. Thanks!

Electroforming Directory

Mar 6, 2014 | Thank you very much, davef. After much searching, I managed to find Stencils Unlimited (Oregon) and Photo Stencils (Colorado), both of which appear on your thoughtful list. I really appreciate your other contributions and will be contacting them in short order. Your help is greatly appreciated

Rework PCB with Solder Bead

Dec 30, 2013 | I would also check the stencil thickness. You don't want 7mil stencil for 0402 components.

0603 LED Tilt

May 27, 2013 | We have an LED 0603 package, We are using stencil of 5 Mil, Before Reflow placement is perfact but after reflow it tis found that there is more than 30% LED are tilt. Can the speed of Fan in Reflow can help or I have to reduce the PAD opening in Stencil

Vectorguard frame failure.

Mar 7, 2013 | Hi Chris, Get the stencil repair kit from DEK. P/N: 430886. It comes with tools and isntructions how to remove the stencil from frame. Regards Marcin

Vectorguard frame failure.

Feb 19, 2013 | I appreciate the help, I tried a small amount of force, but I didn't want to trash the stencil, I got hold of the where we purchased it and they are going to repair, if they trash the stencil they will cut us a new one.

Small apperture release from stencil

Feb 12, 2013 | Small apperture release from stencil My appertures are 10mil diameter. Using electroformed stencil is probably be my next step. Thank you!

Foil stencil storage rack

Feb 6, 2013 | Foil stencil storage rack That is a good idea, I was able to find the big file folder before, I can't even find those now. I thought I saw one that had little sliders with hooks to hang the stencil from. Thanks for the info.

Foil stencil storage rack

Feb 5, 2013 | Foil stencil storage rack I am looking for a nice storage rack for foil type stencils, not the frame type. Some thing compact yet easy to work with. Any directions/advice. Thanks in advance.

Stencil cleaner

Jan 8, 2013 | Stencil cleaner Hello, I'm looking to buy the stencil cleaner. Could you please advise what sort of options, parameters etc I should be focusing on? Thanks Marcin


Jul 12, 2012 | STENCIL RACK I have AGI stencil racks and a couple of bliss, I'm not sure about the AGI price but decent quality.

QFN aligment issues

Jul 9, 2012 | fids. The pads of the pcb must "look" as similar to the apertures in the stencil as possible. If the pcb pads are not similar to the apertures, then their centroids will be shifted which WILL shift the position of the stencil on the pcb. 2 other things: Place the pcb on a workbench. Place the stencil on top of the pcb. Manually align the stencil to the pcb. Is it possible to get all 9 sets of qfn apertures positioned on top of the 9 sets of qfn pads? If yes, then your stencil is cut correctly relative to the pcb. If no, then you'll never get a good print. Side note: I realize that manually aligning a 31" pcb/stencil will be a challenge. If your screen printer allows, increase the number of fids used for aligning the stencil to the pcb....for example, instead of using 2 diaganol fids, use 4 fids in each of the corners. By increasing the number of fids used for alignment, the error



Stencil aperture positional accuracy

Jun 14, 2012 | Stencil aperture positional accuracy When we get a very large board that's arrayed or one I think will be difficult we send a sample board. It helps our stencil manufacturer get it right. So for it has worked for us.

Latest Technology for Stencil Foil

Jun 5, 2012 | Latest Technology for Stencil Foil Hi everybody, Is there any input on the latest techs for stencil foil? Something like Invar, Nano Protek, nickel electroform etc. Any input is very much appreciated. thanks fellas

SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations

Feb 24, 2012 | SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations We have 6 Ekra printers and have no problems with any of them. Also great tech support. Also use vectorguard stencils

Stencil-PCB Alignment Mehods - Printing process

Dec 9, 2011 | Stencil-PCB Alignment Mehods - Printing process Can you use the equipment manual as the basis for learning how to use the machine? Each model of printer has different alignment techniques. We don't have a clue of your model type. So, we'll approach the question from its most basic point. Registering Board: 1. Lift stencil frame to up position . 2. Position clear Lexan sheet provided using the two brackets at rear of Print Deck. 3. Lower stencil frame to "down" position 4. Use squeegee to apply paste over stencil to clear sheet. 5. Lift clear sheet enough to "roughly" place circuit board on Print Deck (match up pads on board to paste

Solder Ball issue

Aug 22, 2011 | try to use stencil with "home plate" (arrow head) shapes of appertures for chips components. Any supplier of stencil can support you with this kind of design. janz

Stenciless Solder Print

Jul 26, 2011 | FYI. USA STENCILS INC will turn around your stencil next day at low cost. ( same price ) contact name Steve Yen 714-636-6211

Nano ProTek Coating

Jul 22, 2011 | Rain X goes on windshields. Nano coating goes in the garbage. Order your stencils correctly from a reputable stencil house and fugetaboutit.

Where to buy used stencil racks?

Jul 18, 2011 | Where to buy used stencil racks? Anyone know of a place where we could buy some used 20x20 stencil racks?

BGA connector

Jun 27, 2011 | It seems to be no solder paste release at certain stencil opening, you may need to enlarge the stencil opening. By the way what is the area ratio for the opening and how is the shape (round/square/diamond)?

patchwork stencil

Jun 22, 2011 | patchwork stencil I have purchased step up and down stencils for specific situations. What do you mean by "Patchwork"? Is this a rework process?

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 31, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension Manoel, We have never heard of such a request from a customer. I can't say that we have ever had issues with stencil tension unless we were using frameless foils or the binding came loose.

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 26, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension I used this for a couple of weeks some years ago, I was able to detect some issues whith some stenciles, but I did not use it for a long time, it may help you.

Equipment to measure stencil tension

May 26, 2011 | Equipment to measure stencil tension Hi, I need to start measuring the stencil tension at my factory. Does anybody know a good tensiometer to tell me? A good brand and trustable? Thanks!

solder splatters

Mar 22, 2011 | Make sure the paper is advancing correctly on your stencil wiper. I have seen this cause major issues. If the paper hangs up, it will smear paste across the bottom of the stencil every time it wipes.

Stencil Washer Waste Disposal

Mar 21, 2011 | Stencil Washer Waste Disposal We are soon to be putting a stencil cleaner into our line. Our biggest concern is how to dispose of the waste water that we will be generating when we flush the system. What is the best way to dispose of this material in Florida? Please don't respond by saying, "according to local regulations"


Mar 4, 2011 | Does anyone know how to adjust the stencil frame guides? Our vacuum dam is not square with the stencil frame.

metal core/clad pcb

Aug 12, 2010 | You might reduce your panel size, cut it in half and rotate to better utilize your edge clamping/board supports. Tape off your current stencil and see if it improves the print. A new stencil and a little extra handling may be cheaper than tooling.

stencil tension measurement

Aug 2, 2010 | stencil tension measurement What kind of paste printing defects do you get from having the stencil tension: * Too high? * Too low?

Polyimide Stencil Vendors

Jun 17, 2010 | Polyimide Stencil Vendors Can anyone suggest who I can purchase polyimide stencils from. Are they made for "generic" assembly shapes/lead pin/pitch patterns such as 32 Lead LFCSP)? Thanks in advance.

Smartsonic 4200 PLC program

Jun 2, 2010 | I have SmartSonic 4200 stencil cleaner and it has Mitsubishi MELSEC PLC. The PLC indicates program error after replacing the battery. Does anyone have the PLC program for SmartSonic 4200 stencil cleaner?

Jetprint solder on PCB boards

May 28, 2010 | also think of the space u can save by getting rid of the stencils and reduction in set-up time (no more stencil/blade cleening, just load the file)

Fine Pitch Printing Issues

May 19, 2010 | How thick is the stencil? Also what type of paste? We have a nice little microscope that has gradients on the lens so we can measure whether an aperture is 8 thou or not. Almost always it is but then we buy from a couple of good stencil suppliers.

adhesif stencil printing

Apr 2, 2010 | adhesif stencil printing Hi, I'm looking for an adhesive which can be stencil printed, in order to assembled PET (top layer) with Glass (bottom layer) for resistive touch panel application. The adhesive should be deposited at the border of bottom &/or top layer. Do you know supplier for such adhesive ? Thanks for your

Solder void underneath the mosfet

Mar 26, 2010 | Hi, yes we used to see this kind of problem our customer end. This due to stencil aperture opening.these kind of issues we will overcome thorough our stencil process. please contact.

Defluxing Advanced Packages

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