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Best way to ensure max solder load on SOIC w Thermal Pad

Nov 9, 2010 | What's your stencil thickness?

stencil tension measurement

Aug 3, 2010 | For the same reason they would buy a viscometer and an automatic paste mixer.

stencil tension measurement

Aug 2, 2010 | to prevent solder paste printing defects

Fine Pitch Printing Issues

May 20, 2010 | What is the area ratio for the aperture? What size paste are you using? Stencil thickness & aperture size?

Solder briding on QFP

Mar 4, 2010 | Plz tell me Stencil Thickness ? Solder Paste ? Mesh Size ? Partcle size/type? Viscosity?

Stencil Printer?

Dec 18, 2009 | We are currently looking at ones from APS and Essemtec. Any thoughts on these? Thanks, Ryan

Stencil Printer?

Nov 17, 2009 | do Enquiry about EKRA

TQFN Solder Issues (56 contact) ZF

Oct 23, 2009 | use electropolish 5 mils stencil & bonetype aperture

Cyberclean 2000 Stencil Cleaner

Oct 14, 2009 | Try replacing the filters and your problem disappear.

VY Software limit MPM UP2000

Aug 6, 2009 | Is the aperture pattern on your stencil centered in the Y?

DEK Stencil image offset?

Jul 19, 2009 | For 29x29; 622mm from rear (outer) edge of frame to front edge of board.

DEK Stencil image offset?

Jul 17, 2009 | See attachment. Hope it is useful.

Stencil Fiducial Repair

Jul 15, 2009 | Have used a Loctite product called Blacktak (or similar) previously for permanently replacing fiduci

Very Large Electroform Stencils

May 4, 2009 | Hi, do you have any specs? Eric

Solder paste dispenser choice

Oct 20, 2008 | Why give away placement machine capacity for something that could be: * Stenciled * Hand dispensed

Fill a stencil openings with what?!

Oct 10, 2008 | we use plain office tape, works perfect, it's thin and easy to remove afterwards.

Less solder with fine pitch qfp

Oct 2, 2008 | We had similar issues until we went to a 6 mil stencil thickness.

Stencil Design

Sep 16, 2008 | Do you have any suggestions on what the area ratio should be for all PADS?

Solder paste Density

Aug 13, 2008 | If I had the stencil and the PCB I would have done this before. But I don't have both!

Dek Horizon

Jul 22, 2008 | any one know the part# for the cable that clamp the stencil??

Solder balls

Jul 18, 2008 | Try using a homeplate design on your stencils. Works every time.

stencil apertures for BGA

Apr 16, 2008 | Thanks Jan for hints

stencil apertures for BGA

Apr 11, 2008 | stencil apertures for BGA > Hi Andrzej,
> We are using for BGA (0.8 pitch)
> square apertures size 0.4 mm (rounded corners r =
> t) and stencil thickness t=5 mils. So area
> ration-_ w/4t=0.8
> Regards Jan

Hello Jan, I understand that you have the same pad dimensions for BGA balls ? In regards to my calculations looks like we print 20% more paste then in your solution. What is yield in your case ? Did you develope this stencil apertures based on your own needs and experience or did you obtain this stencil design according to common rules for 0,8mm

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Apr 11, 2008 | yes MPM AP AXCEL is good im handling this machine for 5 yrs.

Tombstoning issues!!!

Apr 9, 2008 | what is your conveyor speed? stencil thickness?

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Apr 7, 2008 | What tells you your screen printer is at fault?

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Apr 7, 2008 | We agree with Se´┐Żor Tech

Used automatic stencil print recommendations

Apr 7, 2008 | MPM SPM's will print .5mm all day long.

Inspecting a new stencil

Feb 26, 2008 | Bill, Is your system the ScanCad system?

Inspecting a new stencil

Feb 25, 2008 | zEnough with the sales pitches boys. Try me at Stencilsareus...right next to the Legos...

Inspecting a new stencil

Feb 25, 2008 | Inspecting a new stencil Hello CarlN, Yes, StencilScan can reverse engineer a stencil, screen or a board. We just take a high resolution scan of the stencil/screen/board and the software does the rest. Another cool feature is the Assembly Module option for producing assembly programs and process documentation for Pick

Inspecting a new stencil

Feb 15, 2008 | KRIKIES me lady Chunks. That sounds messier than me swamp!

Stencil Storage Solutions

Jan 18, 2008 | KRIKIES!! Be prepared to take a 2nd mortgage if buying something from Bliss, me lad.

Stencil Storage Solutions

Jan 18, 2008 | Bliss industries should have them. Should be easy to find thier site on Google.

BGA 0.5mm pitch Ball 0.3mm assembly and soldering.

Dec 27, 2007 | 5 or 6 mil thicjk stencil and no reduction.

Stencil Printing: Single pass vs. Double pass

Dec 20, 2007 | Thanks for all your question is answered!


Oct 17, 2007 | Does anyone know of any stencil houses in the U.S. that offer .030" staineless foils ? Thanks

PB and PB Free on same screen printer

Oct 4, 2007 | Use dedicated stencils & gold or green squeegee holders

Lead Free Transisition

Sep 3, 2007 | hi, we use our old pallet and stencil too and we can't problem yet.

Stencil Printing No lead

Aug 21, 2007 | Yes it is a clam shell type. What type of printer did you go to? Ev

132 QFN footprint

Jul 26, 2007 | And they're using a stencil that is how thick?

0402 chip capacitor with solder spatter

Jul 16, 2007 | For the problem part, describe the pads on the board and the aperatures on the stencil.

LGA Processing

Mar 31, 2007 | Mika: Read the article posted by Manuel R in your thread that you reference. It goes into great detail on stencil apertures.

Reduction of solder paste usage

Mar 14, 2007 | So, you toss whatever is on the stencil every 8 hours. Correct? How long has it been on the stencil? * If that particular paste has been on the stencil for 8 hours, we'd agree to toss it too. * If paste has been on the stencil for less than 8 hours, it probaly shouldn't be tossed. Do you have a

Invar Stencils

Mar 8, 2007 | We feature Invar (Alloy 36) to be an alternative to stainless steel (304) foil, rather than electro

Stencil Fiducials

Feb 19, 2007 | What do you expect...he doesn't use fiducials.

Stencil apertures for SOT639-2 package

Feb 19, 2007 | Mark, Did you check with manufacturer datasheet?

Stencil Fiducials

Feb 16, 2007 | SRM, That busted me up!!! LOL!! I think a beer would be better than a Snickers though.

Stencil Fiducials

Feb 16, 2007 | You two gonna share a Snickers?

Stencil Fiducials

Feb 16, 2007 | Just joking a little SRM. Sorry if I hit a nerve.

Defluxing Advanced Packages

Selective Conformal Coating System