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Quad QSP-2 FeederBase calibration drifting

Jun 19, 2019 | The only thing left is the read head. Older read heads tend to 'weaken' with age. Sometimes some engineers will shim them up closer to the scale using a 10 mil shim. You could also swap them between gantries...i dont think they are to tough to get to. That being said....I have also cleaned them after pulling them down and cleaning them up has helped. One last thing is to make sure the idler pulley is clamped tight. I have scene the clamp screws broken before and the pulley slipping on the shaft. good luck, Bob

No Clean OSP process cause ICT testing issue due to Flux building in testvia hole

Apr 4, 2019 | No Clean OSP process cause ICT testing issue due to Flux building in testvia hole Hi Vikram, Have you looked at the rotating flux buster style pins? A few people do them, but this is probably the best illustration: We also find that the longer we leave flying probe on No Clean boards

Has anyone heard of a no clean paste that can be cleaned in straight DI water ?

Feb 1, 2018 | ... >"...electro-chemical migration failures..." Come on Michael, You are totally selling it here.<

Best Fluid For SMT Nozzle Cleaning

Nov 7, 2017 | Best Fluid For P&P Nozzle Cleaning I have a number of nozzles for an Assembléon AX-201 that have been allowed to become clogged with old, dried-out solder paste. I am thinking of using an ultrasonic tank in an attempt to clean them for re-use, but I am concerned that isopropyl alcohol will damage the plastic that makes up part

Testing effect of non-clean flux residue on solder joints

Nov 3, 2017 | Testing effect of non-clean flux residue on solder joints On the flux reside issue that is gumming up your test probe pogos ... Short term, clean what's in process with a aerosol flux cleaner solvent. Ask your flux supplier for recommendations. Longer term, recognizing that there is no fix, your improvement plan should include: * Apply less flux. Take

Requirements for a room with SMT equipment

Oct 30, 2017 | One thing that most of the sites I've worked in did NOT have was a room dedicated to SMT and the result is almost always a potentially dirty environment, even if you try hard to keep it clean. The one place I worked where they built a room specifically for SMT was always clean except for when we

Ultrasonic wash for BGA

Oct 5, 2017 | Consider ... * National Physical Laboratory (NPL) [] did an extensive amount of research on proper frequencies and power levels for ultrasonic cleaning, maybe in late 1980s or early 1990s. That report might help you sort through your questions. * Many component suppliers comment on ultrasonic cleaning in there part description and application sheet. * Ultrasonic cleaner equipment suppliers often provide user instructions on how best to use their equipment.

Is it normal for *flux to stuck on the ricocel?

Jul 17, 2017 | We run our wave pallets through a batch was with chemistry and DI water, they do not come out 100% but they are much better than no washing at all. Water Soluble fluxes come off fairly easily. No clean fluxes are a pain to get off and I haven't been able to get the pallets to look clean but I can

How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line?

Mar 31, 2017 | How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line? is pushing back on the concept since there would be excessive cleaning and 'other' risks involved. We do not have more information from that source and are wondering what those risks would be. Thanks!!

How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line?

Mar 31, 2017 | How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line? Need more information. BUT if your strictly considering just the paste change. I would imagine your changeover would be little to no different than changing to the second board if you were using the same paste. Maybe take extra care cleaning your squeegees, other than that, if the pastes require

How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line?

Mar 31, 2017 | How difficult is it to switch from a no-clean solder paste to a water soluble solder paste between builds on SMT line? We are trying to build two different PCBs - one with no wash flux solder paste and the other with a washable flux solder paste. How difficult is it to use the same SMT line and switch between the two pastes? I assume there will be some cleaning involved and want to understand the risks we

Nitrogen gassing ring

Mar 11, 2017 | My company has had the same issue on our Versaflow 366 with SAC305, we tried ultrasonic cleaning and it worked for a shift and then was clogged again. We have had the machine for 3 years and we have had to replace the gassing rings twice so far. We are getting just over a year out of the gassing rings. I just recently instructed our operators to clean the gassing rings at the beginning of each shift, we will see in a few months if this extended the life of the rings or not. The nitrogen setup on the older Versaflow 50/60 is much nicer and I wish ERSA would have kept that design.

Washing Screens - Foam Everywhere, Help!

Nov 9, 2016 | > The screens go in with some paste left on 'em, (operators can only remove so much manually) > That is BS. We clean our screens by hand ONLY and I am able to remove all of the solder using a 1" putty knife and Micro Care Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover wipes (MCC-PROWR) made by ProClean

Flux Residues on Wave Soldered PCBAs

Jul 29, 2016 | "ALPHA® EF-2210 is VOC-free, halide-free, rosin/resin-free, low solids no-clean flux which provides the highest activity of any VOC-free Bellcore SIR compliant flux for defect-free soldering. "[2016 Alpha Assembly Solutions] I assume that you're talking about flux residues that are different from the flux resides that all yall expect to see when soldering with a no-clean flux. If so, it's not straight forward to determine that material compatibility is the cause of your residue. Here's what you need ... "IPC-9203 Makes it Easier for Users to Determine Materials Compatibility." []

Arguments against 1(or 2)-ethoxy-propanol (aka SC01)?

Jul 21, 2016 | > Water washable no-clean flux Hrm, I have not heard of paste that is both of these things (water-wash and no-clean-safe) at the same time, at least not as a solder paste vehicle. Does Kester make one? Can you recommend a particular product (preferably PbSn 63/37)? > Acetone, eew!!! C'mon, it

Arguments against 1(or 2)-ethoxy-propanol (aka SC01)?

Jul 21, 2016 | Acetone is flammable and hazardous to deal with. The fewer fire hazards and nasty fumes the better in my opinion. I would either go with a alcohol based no-clean for economical processesing and boards that can't be washed, or water washable if you can afford the equipment (spray fluxers, batch washers and filtration, etc.) I've also heard of simply dunking in barrels of DI and air drying. We currently do no-clean foam fluxing and works out well but water wash would be nice.

Quad 4C laser align calibration

May 26, 2016 | I did clean both lenses from the outside and checked all the MOD codes. I even removed the battery to reset everything and re-programmed all the codes but to no avail. I will strip it down and fully clean it to see if that helps. Just strange that the centering/measurement (function 30) seems OK

Flux splatter issues

Feb 3, 2016 | > Our company being an automotive supplier is all > about quality control, not a clean room > requiremen, This is a no clean process, all > surface mount boards and Solitec ovens. > Hopefully this answers your questions. Greg Hi Greg, Are you certain that the splatter

Clean room standards

Nov 23, 2015 | Clean room standards Primary ISO clean room standards are: * ISO 14644 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments * ISO 14698 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments -- Biocontamination control An introduction to ISO 14644 Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments:

What's the best company for low volume, quick turn around PCB assembly?

Nov 2, 2015 | As for cost, that will depend on several things.... -Turn key or consignment? -Diversity of components? -Total quantity of components to be loaded? -Single or double sided SMT? -Individual boards or are they panelized? -No clean or water soluble flux and do the finished assemblies need to be cleaned? -Any components that can not go through an aqueous wash process? -Are there any through hole components? No way to give a cost ballpark until more information is known about the assemblies.

Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine

Sep 15, 2015 | Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine it immediately. In my opinion these type of equipment should be cleaned and maintained daily to keep it running without having many issues. So I would put the effort to teach operators to take a good care of the equipment. Regards, Emil

Is NO CLEAN any better for High Speed PCB's?

Nov 20, 2014 | Is NO CLEAN any better for High Speed PCB's? If they asked you should try it? Im really interested in the outcome in general. We use no clean on 6 layer multi micro-BGA boards, chip size only goes as small as 0603 though. Around ~500 parts over a 4"x3" area. we haven't noticed any independence problems..then again we might not be high

FUJI CP65 Hardware NG

Jan 18, 2014 | Should be too high temperature on somewehere on machine, 1 Check cooling oil tank, If the cooling oil need replaced? Check the radiator of cooling tank, withdraw the filtering net and clean it,and clean the dust off the radiator of cooling tank with blow gun 2 Check CAM fan David

No-Clean flux residue from Secondary Ops

Sep 23, 2013 | No-Clean flux residue from Secondary Ops New pcba supplier sent us first article pcbas (SMT, Wave & hand solder operations) that failed our testing due to no-clean flux residues found under ICs and around passive capacitors. Second lot came in and had 100% pass yield, but we still see a clear residue around IC and caps due to secondary


Sep 20, 2013 | There is a method and let me stress that you need a competent wrench man to do this.It does require a "crows foot" jig that you can probably get from a used equipment dealer. The proper way to clean the clutches is to remove them from the ring gear. There is a specific cleaning method and a

IPC J-STD-001E Ionic Cleanliness Standard

Aug 30, 2013 | IPC-J-STD-001E in regards to Ionic Cleanliness standards states less than 1.56 µg/cm² of total NaCL. Assuming a typical electronic process which involves smt, wave, and post-hand soldering and uses NO-Clean flux throughout all process, is it typically possible for electronic mfg companies to meet the IPC requirements of less than 1.56 µg/cm² of total NaCL without having to implement a cleaning process?

Juki Errors

Jun 18, 2013 | Those are nozzle attaching and removing errors, meaning the machine is having a hard time picking up and leaving nozzles. In the head there should be a rubber o-ring, it often needs to be either cleaned and oiled (Juki has a specific oil, make sure not not use a ton, just a little bit) or replaced and oiled. Also use some IPA to clean your nozzles and make sure that they are traveling the full distance when you compress them. (Try not to soak the rubber tips in IPA as it can make them brittle). -Phil

Stencil Cleaners

Nov 3, 2000 | Re: Stencil Cleaners

Release difficult from thick stencil

Nov 1, 2000 | Re: Release difficult from thick stencil

EMC 30S Stencil Cleaner

Oct 12, 2000 | Re: EMC 30S Stencil Cleaner

EMC 30S Stencil Cleaner

Oct 11, 2000 | Re: EMC 30S Stencil Cleaner

16 mil pitch QFP solder bridge

Oct 10, 2000 | . If you customer design the stencil based on 8 mil pad width and I suppose that he had insufficient problem instead of solder bridging due to the paste is not easy to print with 8 mil width or less. Please check your customer, what is the stencil thickness, aperature size, any alignemne issue on the stencil printer or P&P. What kind of the paste, metal content and visocity, any smearing problem during printing...... DFM for both Assmebly/Fab house, I will recommend my customer to change the pad width from 8 mil to 11 mil and using 5 mil polished stencil with the aperture width 10 mil. Also, check

16 mil pitch QFP solder bridge

Oct 9, 2000 | CJ: Arturo and the others make good suggestions. Consider: IPC-7525 Stencil Design Guidelines

non-metal stencil

Oct 5, 2000 | Re: non-metal stencil

Re: Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP

Oct 2, 2000 | I have seen people take old stencils and cut out land patterns, place the component over the land pattern and use a orange stick to move the leads back into place.

non-metal stencil

Sep 28, 2000 | Re: non-metal stencil

Stencil Printer for Lead Free Solder

Sep 25, 2000 | Re: Stencil Printer for Lead Free Solder

Stencil Basics

Sep 25, 2000 | Re: Stencil Basics

Stencil Printer for Lead Free Solder

Sep 25, 2000 | Re: Stencil Printer for Lead Free Solder

Solder Paste Glove ... Bend Over And Cough

Aug 31, 2000 | Yins: So, what kind of gloves do yall (and your operators) use when handling solder paste and used (pasted) stencils? What was the thought behind that decision? Thanks

Frameless stencil systems - Vectra vs Tetra

Aug 31, 2000 | Re: Frameless stencil systems - Vectra vs Tetra

Screen Print Eval Tool

Aug 27, 2000 | I am looking for a vendor that offers a board/stencil combo to evaluate screen print accuracy. Any suggestions?

NC Flux Splattering

Aug 24, 2000 | Regarding the boiling point, MSDS may have some infomation reflecting that. Other description such as long stencil life and long tack time may also reflect. Wetting rate typically is not stated in product data sheet. You will need to determine it yourself.

solder balling

Aug 9, 2000 | And little more... If you use chip components, then that 80% from pads is good stencils apertures size. But if you use fine pitch components, example QFP, then you can use apertures, 90% from pads. I hoping that you understand something about my "letter", because my english.

Step Stencil

Aug 6, 2000 | Re: Step Stencil 1. A step stencil is a waste of perfectly good stainless steel! 2. They are characterised by lousy prints on the very parts that are most critical in your process - whilst leaving good prints on the easy stuff. 3. MMM.... nasty chemicals! 4. Exactly!! 5. Advantages - er.. Limitations - see No2 Felix. I have found that there are very few processes where the need for a step is justified - you can generally design them out. Tannlin make laser cut stencils for most of the most advanced OEMs and CEMs in the world and we have designed stencils for intrusive reflow and coplanarity failure parts

Fine Pitch Components

Jul 24, 2000 | Sorry, scale division on that would be 0.05mm not 0.02mm. Magnification x24 or thereabouts. Also great for measuring all sort of things on pcbs, stencils etc to see if they come within spec.


Jul 20, 2000 | a stencil.

Adhesive Stencils

Jul 12, 2000 | Re: Adhesive Stencils

Adhesive Stencils

Jul 11, 2000 | Re: Adhesive Stencils

Gerber editing package

Jul 10, 2000 | I am looking to purchase an inexpensive gerber editing package. Does anyone have any ideas. It will be primarily used for the design of solder paste and adhesive stencils.

Defluxing Advanced Packages

Reflow Oven