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stencil thickness for bga

Oct 13, 2003 | Aperture size should vary with the component [pitch]. That size should be the same a the pad size.

Where to start with a new reflow oven

Oct 13, 2003 | HI Andrea- to answer Q: 1) Stencils can be order through various vendors that manufacture stencils. You would need to have CAD data for the Stencil company to make them. You design engineer should have the CAD info. Also, the stencil design company can assist in type of apperatures best for your

Mylar sheets

Oct 8, 2003 | K&J Marketing sells a KEPOCH stencil made of polyimide that is cut with a laser. * We have never used them. [We have no relationship nor receive benefit K&J Marketing.] * SMTnet Archives contain threads on them.

lead-free stencil printing

Sep 25, 2003 | There isn't any difference in the printing process regarding leadfree vs. lead. The only differences

BGA vrs CGA....

Sep 19, 2003 | We usually use a pad that is the same size as the ball. And use a stencil thickness of 7+ mils. Why the teardrop? Russ

Printing On Aluminum

Aug 20, 2003 | Hi John- Maybe I am miss reading this but I can not see where a Screen instead of a stencil will benefit you. Is the thinking the screen is plyable enough to contour to the surface?

Stencil Aperture Aspect Ratio

Jul 16, 2003 | pls send me a copy too. thks!

Stencil Aperture Aspect Ratio

Jul 11, 2003 | do you mind sending me the excel file also? 4699j@hotp

Stencil Aperture Aspect Ratio

Jun 30, 2003 | If you would email me your aperature ratio on the excell spreadsheet I would be most grateful Than

Stencil Aperture Reduction - Need Feedback

Jun 27, 2003 | You should be fine. A fifteen percent reduction of these pads will probably improve reliability, de

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Jun 19, 2003 | Mini Micro Stencil sells a mirror for $40.00. This thing is great and is made from metal so it won't break so easy. It is also only .008" thick.

Blocking stencil apertures (on purpose)

May 1, 2003 | Why not fill the apertures with paste and let the paste dry-out? We have found that a hammer and ch

0402 Adhesive Screen Printing

Apr 3, 2003 | 0402 Adhesive printing is possible with thicker stencils in order to allow mixed component technology. We have successfully printed 0402's with a 0.008" thick SS foil. Total material release is not achievable at this thickness, but not required using what is sometimes referred to as a "Pump


Apr 1, 2003 | I'm a user changing over from WS-609 to WS-709. WS-709 has less voiding problem and longer stencil life than WS-609. Ws-709 has a less foaming during washing process. Thanks, Myu

0402 Adhesive Screen Printing

Apr 1, 2003 | I've never printed adhesive but I assume that aspect ratio still plays a part with release. Maybe that .006" is just to thick to get good release. Can you step your stencil down from .006" to .004" or .005" for the 0402's?

Rheometric Pump Vs Proflow

Mar 30, 2003 | Yes, I come from a land down under...currently participating in an unnecessary war in IRAQ! But what about paste replenishment on both heads? Wastage? Damage to stencil problems if any? Maintenance? etc... thanks for all your info but I think I need more. regards, Dreamy

Stencil Design for Resistor Net Array 0402

Mar 27, 2003 | In printing,the thickness of solder paste perpendicular to the Squegge direction is always lower 1 m

Rheometric Pump Vs Proflow

Mar 25, 2003 | We are in the process of deciding which stencil printer will we acquire for our line and would like to identify which will provide us more benefit when it comes to enclosed print head. Can anyone give me some comparisons and problems or troubles that they encountered between the two heads? Thanks

Solder paste dispensing

Mar 18, 2003 | I am looking at dispensing solder paste using a Fuji GLV glue dispenser. This is to enable us to produce prototype pcb's without the need to purchase a stencil. Has anybody tried this before? If so what problems should I expect to encounter.


Mar 15, 2003 | Hi, We had tomb-stoning on a product, and it was quite severe. We eliminated it by reducing the amount of solder paste on the small passible component pads. We used a 5 thou stencil, with 20% reduction, and it eliminated the problem. Regards, Grant

Smart Sonic Equipment

Feb 27, 2003 | Anybody using Smart Sonic model 6000 stencil cleaner? We're looking to try one out on the production floor, but I figured I'd see if any one was using it and had horror stories or rave reviews.

Screen printing adhesive

Feb 14, 2003 | We use Thermoset MA-420 on a pair of Elite 6920 printers. Excellent results. It took some experimentation with aperture sizes and stencil thickness but it works great.

Plated through via's in pads.

Feb 10, 2003 | Specify a .1 mm diameter FHS with tolerance of +.3 -.1 using a .15 mm stencil.

0402 stencil design

Feb 5, 2003 | Stephen's correct. Radiased outer corners on 0402 pads really do seem to improve things. We aim to

0402 stencil design

Feb 5, 2003 | Are these the only packages that you could come up with Dave? What about all the rest? You're so

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 23, 2003 | Re: Brews: I'll remember that. Ob. Tech. Reply: #1) No. #2) You're right not to believe t

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 23, 2003 | Yes, my favorite Down Easter beers are: * Casco Bay Pils * DL Geary's Pale Ale * Kennybunkport Ma

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 23, 2003 | There's a Red Hook brewery about 40 minutes south of here. I've taken that tour a few times. Don

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 22, 2003 | Now that's hitting low!!!! "Whatta they stick you for for a 6'er of ESB out there, ol' buddy?" Now

Stenciling chipbonder.....

Jan 22, 2003 | Most of the design considerations will be for the wave soldering of the SMT parts. Have you conside


Dec 20, 2002 | Pete, Can you please email me. I need to discuss the Fuji GSP2 stencil printer as one of our potential Asian suppliers is using one and I know nothing about it. Thanks much, MoonMan

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Dec 19, 2002 | Now, this is good solid advice. If following this advice does not help there is something wrong with 1. the paste (reology failure) 2. the stencil (rough walls) 3. the board (bad design or fab) (in order of likelyhood)

Fine pitch paste release problems.

Dec 16, 2002 | square apertures provide better paste release than round in most applications. See IPC 7525 Stencil Design Guidelines

Squeegees for Step-Down stencil

Dec 9, 2002 | Hi I can image too many images for what your product or your process looks like. Think about h


Nov 6, 2002 | You may want to check your stencil aperture design too. The base ball pad design worked fine to solve my tombstone problem.

stencil ordering

Oct 25, 2002 | stencil ordering Russ, that makes sense, thanks. As for the 20x20... I was speaking with a sales rep who was trying to talk me into buying stencils from him. I told him I use "Fuji 4000" and he sent me quotes for 20x20 and 29x29. That seems odd since the Fuji 4000 stencils I use now are quite a bit bigger than that. I must be missing something there. Dave, I will certainly take your advice and contact our rep at IIT and get a good relationship with him. The guy who ran the SMT before I got here didn't say much about ordering stencils other than here is the web site address to order. I didn't want to look

The increased component height after reflow

Oct 24, 2002 | Hi: The component height will increase on the PCB after reflow soldering. But i don't know the accurate data of the increased height. Who can help me to get it? The stencil thickness is 5 mil we used. Thanks Harriss

via in pad

Oct 12, 2002 | Alternatives to consider are: * Opening-up your stencil aperture put-down more paste to compensate for the amount that is being used to fill the via. * Relaying-out the board to plug and plate over the via. * Relaying-out the board to move the via from the pad.

0201 Aperture design

Oct 12, 2002 | I run 0201 on a 5 mils stencil with openting of 15X12 and did not have any issue. The major concern is the placement and CP643 did very good job. Type 3 solder pastes was used. Good luck.

mirco bga stencil opening

Oct 7, 2002 | Look here:

0201 Aperture design

Oct 3, 2002 | Get started with an "On-Board Forum" [blue bar an inch down from the top of the page] moderated by Jeff Schake at DEK that was a discussion focused on stencil printing issues with 0201 technology. Chris: Are you putting 0201 on flex? If so, sounds like mighty edgy palleting, eh?

mirco bga stencil opening

Oct 2, 2002 | See Fiske first line. I'd bet You are bending or catching the assembly in the ICT. How many probes

through hole reflow

Oct 1, 2002 | We are looking at possible doing a few through hole components on the smt line. Is this feasable? What types of components are diffucult to do this way? What stencil considerations are there? Anyone have any info on this subject?

SPC for MPM UP1500 Stencil Printers

Sep 26, 2002 | When we DOE a board, we use the following independent print variables: * Print pressure * Print sp

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Sep 20, 2002 | If I were you I would contact your solder paste applications engineer and your stencil applications eng. They are there for this very reason and are very capable

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Sep 18, 2002 | One more variable I've remembered - pad height with respect to solder mask height. Pads being too low can cause stencil "gasketing" problems that in turn allow more paste to be deposited than needed. Are your fabs HASL or some other media?

Reusing Solder Paste

Sep 13, 2002 | We do not reuse paste that is on the stencil at the end of a shift. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous descussions on this topic.

Printing SPC

Sep 6, 2002 | Peter, QC-calc: Verifying vision accuracy of your printer with calibration stencil and hundreds of repeats. If your boards are large and specially if you have finepitch parts on them you will find usefully to use QC-calc to measure board stretch/shrink.

Glue Stencil Design Guidelines

Aug 30, 2002 | Search the fine SMTnet Archives to get started. We use 'glue' 'epoxy' 'adhesive' [without the ' of

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Aug 6, 2002 | OK, I'll bite. How you can set a stencil down on a printed board and run a squeegee across it (even if it's a proflow head, it's still a squeegee, right?) without disturbing the printed paste?

Defluxing Advanced Packages

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