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Problems with .45 mil ball diameter BGA....

Apr 27, 2005 | Square you say? Wouldnt this give less paste deposition than a circle and basically reduce the standoff height the same as making the pad bigger? Would using a type 4 paste for this size stencil aperture (.013") be a good idea? Thanks JD

Solder Mask

Apr 22, 2005 | SMT adhesive works great! We actually cut stencils to print adhesive in between areas that always solder short over wave. It's the perfect solder resist. Change a customers board? I thought only Satin could do that?

NexLev connector

Apr 4, 2005 | Andrew, we need a lot more information to help. 1. what is the open caused from? bemt pins, non-wetting, board bowing, or no paste deposited. 2. What is your current stencil design? 3. What does this connector look like and what are the pins? Russ

how to rework a QFN ?,

Apr 4, 2005 | how to replace a qfn on a board , and how to weld it ? special stencil solder cream and as a BGA ?

NexLev connector

Apr 3, 2005 | Can anyone advise the best aperture opening and stencil thickness for Nexlev connector?We are seeing high reject for open solder.

Stencil sink stink

Mar 21, 2005 | What does the filter housing smell like (inside)? How often do you change filters? The smell is

Stencil sink stink

Mar 21, 2005 | Hi Dave, No... It was not made by Aqueous Technologies, who, by the way, is very well still in b

Paste height SL

Mar 17, 2005 | What is the spec limit setting for solder paste height control in your area.Is it +/-2mils for 6 mils stencil? Tx

Screen printing Solder Mask

Mar 4, 2005 | I believe DEK manufactures stencils that will do this. I'm sure their Apps. engineers could help you with squeegee material etc. good luck, pr

Screen printing Solder Mask

Mar 4, 2005 | I would use a spot solder machine. If not, why not spray the mask onto the board? Use a Camalot machine or something similar. Using a stencil over placed components wil yield a thick mask - right? That's why I'd spray.

0.5 mm pitch BGA

Mar 2, 2005 | What is your micro BGA requiremnets? I mean ball dia / height with a 0.5 mm pitch? I can give you the stencil design, if you make known the parameters.

Under Stencil Cleaner

Feb 25, 2005 | Look here

Handskin reaction!!

Feb 22, 2005 | Latex sensitivity is HUge. Try changing to vynal gloves. Also keeping the hands moist is a good idea. ESD Hand cream is an option. Just becareful when using the hand cream as it may transfer to boards, stencils, components......

Stencil Washing

Feb 14, 2005 | here's another ultrasonic machine:

Kits for lead free trial runs

Feb 9, 2005 | Call Alpha Metals. They sell boards, stencil, components, and paste in a kit. They will also cross scetion your boards if you need them to.

0402's and Gluing.............

Feb 9, 2005 | Russ, Are you placing 0402's on glue by using a stenil at present? I am afraid the appertures will be too small for the glue to release from the stencil. Are you having any issues with this? Thank you for the reply. Mike

SC44 Solder Paste Design

Feb 9, 2005 | Is anyone currently reflowing a board with SC44 devices on it. This is a 6pin SAW filter with castellated terminations. I'm looking for a solder paste design for this part. I currently use a laser cut 6mil thick stencil.


Feb 9, 2005 | With a properly designed and maintaned stencil, good solderpaste and board supports on the printer you can even go down to 0.4mm (16mil) with good results.

0402's and Gluing.............

Feb 9, 2005 | Can't help you with the machine, but have you considered stencil printing? I have found that this seems to be a better (more repeatable) process than the dispensers I have used in the past (FUJI).

MSOP W/Bottom Pad - Processing

Feb 8, 2005 | Use multiple small stencil openings [15 thou square], where total area approximately 50% of total PCB ground pad. What's the problem?

MSOP W/Bottom Pad - Processing

Feb 8, 2005 | Looking for suggetions on improving the bottom side connection on MSOP package. What is the common paste / pad / stencil aperture practice?

Pasteproblemater aftersoldering

Feb 8, 2005 | have you had any reduction in aperture size though, we generally use a 6 mil stencil thickness with a 10% aperture size reduction for chip components and leaded components ( SOIC - QFP ) and a 1:1 ratio for BGA components without any problems.

Pasteproblemater aftersoldering

Feb 8, 2005 | we have even tried with 6mil stencil even than we are getting the solder ball thanks for your suggestion

Pasteproblemater aftersoldering

Feb 7, 2005 | 1. use 6-7mils stencil. 2. reduce aperture opening to 60-70% of pad size. 3. check viscosity of solder paste. According to that you might want to alter your print speed and pressure. Cheers Indy

How actually the process of Electrofoam Stencil?

Jan 7, 2005 | 3) Not usually a problem on IC's, however on certain crystal/frequency products there have been issu

BGA Rework

Dec 20, 2004 | Has anybody tried to use the new STENCILQUIK(TM) peel and stick BGA stencils that blocks solder flow and repairs damaged dogbone mask?

Stencil Tension

Dec 8, 2004 | try STG-series t

Stencil Cleaner Chemistries

Nov 23, 2004 | Hi Bill, Thanks for the info. I already had that document downloaded and saved. Some very go

smt prototype station

Nov 17, 2004 | SMT assembly, First, you must utilize paste otherwise the parts will not stay put. Do you have any leaded devices such as QFPs or SOICs? Dispensing paste by hand is very difficult and time consuming for these types of parts. You can either dispense by syringe or stencil. A dispenser that handles paste application for the leaded parts is very expensive. as opposed to a manual printer and stencil. There are manual printers out there that are brand new and cost less than $1000, stencils can be as low as $250. You can also just buy stencils and manually line the board up underneath and use a

Labeling of SMT solder stencils

Sep 28, 2004 | We use a electric pencle type engraver to eatch tooling numbers into almost all types of tooling fro

Step stencil troubles

Sep 17, 2004 | Hi russ, thanks for answers, I thought that playing with apertures was the solution if paste is abl

Step stencil troubles

Sep 17, 2004 | We agree with Russ. * Haven't used them in 10+ years. * Size of keepout for the stepped apertures

Labeling of SMT solder stencils

Sep 16, 2004 | Dymo labelmaker with the help of Loctite 401. You can remove later to reuse the frame with a Stanley

Labeling of SMT solder stencils

Sep 14, 2004 | Go buy a press stamp at local hardware store. Hammer and a few punches and your done.

Labeling of SMT solder stencils

Sep 14, 2004 | We have been using SANFORD Gold Coat and are pleased with it so far. It's a meallic marker. Hope it

SMT Production

Sep 7, 2004 | Hello Russ, The problem here is that our products are low volume and high mix and some of the stencils are 6 mil thick and some are 8 mil.In such case,how we can implement X bar R chart. Laxman

CyberOptics SE300

Sep 1, 2004 | We are considering the CyberOptics SE300 for solder paste inspection at post-stencil print. Does anyone have experience with this AOI machine? How it works with small apertures like 0201's and uBGA's? Comments are welcome. Thanks

Straddle Mount SMT connectors SCA-2

Aug 19, 2004 | We use a locally made fixture that uses tooling pins and a mating block to place the connector onto/into. We then use a toggle clamp to push the connector onto the board. We had to make no adjustments to stencil for our application. Russ

Warming up solder paste at start of days production

Jul 22, 2004 | Remove the paste from the fridge the night before, If you feel the need to knead we just put the paste on the stencil and work it a little bit with a spatula. Russ

Warming up solder paste at start of days production

Jul 22, 2004 | All I got to say is a bowl and spoon and mix it up a little before u place it on the stencil. That works fine on our end all the time.

Looking for good PIH reference material

Jul 9, 2004 | Could anybody recommend a good resource(course/book/website) related to Paste-in-hole? In particular, I'm interested in stencil design considerations. Thanks, Richard


Jul 1, 2004 | This depends on the options that the machine is equiped w/ Green camera, Vacuum under stencil wipe, etc.. Price range for 1998 20-30K US Regards, rgray

Stencil / Pad design

Jun 28, 2004 | What is the difference between a smooth finish organic coated bare copper board for fine-pitch compo

Gel Flex Tooling

Jun 24, 2004 | I was wondering what Dow Corning has done with all those silicone breast implants? B or C cup would work nicely (in the stencil printer).

Dispensing Paste for 0201-0402 uBGA devices?

Jun 24, 2004 | Dear Rob, Thank you for your participation. However, the question is in regards to dispensing via automated dispenser (e.g. CAMALOT, PVA, etc..) not printing with a stencil. Thank you for your attempt. Deon

Dispensing Paste for 0201-0402 uBGA devices?

Jun 24, 2004 | The smallest component we use is 0402. Solder paste is Kester 256. Printer is MPM Ultraprint 2000. Stencil is 6 mil. I didn't here anything bad (rework or whatnots) in terms of soldering of those components.

On contact calibration

Jun 14, 2004 | 1. Don't use a PCB for calibration because the tactile sensor have to free to touch the bottom side of stencil. 2. The wiper is option, the function can be disable in the setup menu.

0402 wave soldering

Jun 12, 2004 | Hi, Anybody has the experience or information of mounting the SMD 0402 on solder side of PCB by adhesive (apply by stencil printing) and then wave solder the 0402? Best regards.

MPM Teaching Vision

Jun 2, 2004 | My board is in the center, it appears that it would read the stencil but not the board. " Board Model NOT found".I am open for any input.

MPM Teaching Vision

Jun 2, 2004 | I think you are right. Board stop on Y. Vision square is the stencil fiducials. So if you are using pads.... I am not sure. But why didnt you used board fiducials? none on the board?

Defluxing Advanced Packages