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Jul 17, 2003 | The only way I have been able to do it so far is to apply a very agressive flux and then wave the bo

Monitoring Cleanliness of No-clean Assembly

Jun 27, 2003 | We have considered running a spare board with each job as a possible solution, however due to the co

Monitoring Cleanliness of No-clean Assembly

Jun 27, 2003 | It's a excellent idea to monitor the cleanliness of your components and soldering process. Consider

Technical Devices NuClean 324

Jun 20, 2003 | Pete, Since you are the Electrovert Representative, don't you think it is a tad unethical for you

Plasma Cleaning Ryton

May 13, 2003 | That would be great. Please send to

BGA site cleaning for rework

Apr 10, 2003 | Look here:

MLP (Micro Leadframe Package)

Apr 1, 2003 | solder contacts on each bottom side. Since there is no leads on this package, there is no standoff from the PCB. Because there is no standoff/gap under part, we do not run it down our SMT assembly lines which use water soluble solder pastes. Our customer does not want to use a no-clean assembly process for the whole PCB. I do not think that a water wash system would reliably clean the organic acids from the water soluable paste under the part. The solder connections are on the underside of the part only, and are not visable after processing. I am having difficulty X-raying the joints to verify them. Our assembly process for this part is as follows: 1. Screen print solder paste on PCB(water soluble flux type) 2. Place SMT parts (except Microbuddy) 3. Reflow assembled PCB (convection reflow) 4. Clean PCBs in water wash system 5. Flux Microbuddy location with Kester TSF-6522(no-clean

DEK's 2D Inspection System

Mar 31, 2003 | The auto recovery can be set such certain fails trigger automatic actions such as re-print, clean screen, auto paste dispense, etc.

Inline Washers

Feb 27, 2003 | James, Could I get some contact info for you to call you about this? There is a solution for clean BGA's that needs to be discussed one on one versus here in the forum. 770-475-4576

White residue after cleaning with IPA

Jan 26, 2003 | we had a project like this once. switched to using "genosolve" chemistry (US source, expensive) in c

silver pads, reflow charateristics??

Jan 16, 2003 | I have been using silver coated boards for over 3 years and with a Qualitek No-clean solder paste and have used primarily the same convection reflow profiles as Hasl boards.

Silver Through Hole (STH) Laminates

Oct 22, 2002 | We are looking at using STH in our no clean and aqueous processes. Can you comment on any special issues we may need to consider? Also any link to papers or articles would be helpful. Thank you.

No Clean for BGA's

Oct 9, 2002 | Kester 256 has also worked tremendously well for us. We have soldered thousands of BGAs from 156 bal

An example of a good

Oct 8, 2002 | user just posted today. Thre are 5 identical copies of the users question. maybe a little clean up is needed?

Gold plated board, with csp's and 0603 with no clean apetures

Oct 2, 2002 | Have you had your solder pot tested? I find that levels of contaminants can rend a solder joint that

Gold plated board, with csp's and 0603 with no clean apetures

Oct 2, 2002 | Is there a steadfast rule of thumb for a good solder joint on an Enig Gold board. I come across thi

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Sep 25, 2002 | I don't think 'this a blatant violation of rules' as such. I think it is a blantant disrespect of t

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Sep 23, 2002 | Dave, I'm looking for some advice or direction in regards with assembled PCB miss print and how i

About the PCB gold finger contamination.

Sep 19, 2002 | * What kind of the eraser can clean clearly?I've been use the eraser but the defect still present.

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Sep 18, 2002 | Hello Carl, Is the 220-A chemistry from Smart Sonic aqueous or a solvent? What do you plan to do

pc board defects

Sep 14, 2002 | Hi Scott Thanks for your comments, you stated "The highest attributer was clogging apertures in fine pitch, resistor networks, and BGA, Micro BGA areas" was this do just to the size of the aperture or bad or old paste or debris from inadequate cleaning? Ken

Gold versus HASL

Sep 11, 2002 | Are you no clean or WS? Have you used a MultiMeter to verify the ICT failures? Maybe the components are fine but the pins are contaminated. Or the test points. Don't have any reason to suspect that due to HASL vs gold. It's just I don't trust data on blind faith.

Question on Solder Paste

Aug 25, 2002 | What are the industry standards for eutectic solder-paste in conjunction with the life span of solder-paste. What is the recommended duration of solder-paste on a printed circuit board. Example: You print a board, how long can it sit before running through an oven, or when it needs to be cleaned.

Vent Residue Cleaning

Aug 22, 2002 | In an oven with flux reclamation system, once the circulation is prevented by accumulation of flux i

Vent Residue Cleaning

Aug 21, 2002 | Regarding the non-adherence of this maintenance schedule......should we expect to see flux condensa

Vent Residue Cleaning

Aug 16, 2002 | I do know Zestron makes a flux residue remover .....but to what degree I can say. Contact Andreas a

Flux Conductivity

Aug 14, 2002 | This occurred when material was improperly utilized. We placed a corrective action to eliminate the potential and have not had a reoccurrence. My point was that an improperly cleaned product can create shorting issues when utilizing water soluable materials.

Flux Conductivity

Aug 13, 2002 | Kevin: What was the thinking behind your using a flux that required cleaning �on a post wash assemble for a power switch�? How do you keep the remaining corrosive flux residues from causing trouble [ie, corrosion, CAF, etc]?

No Clean Selective Solder

Aug 11, 2002 | Chris, could you tell me which brand of selective soldering machine you are using? We are looking a

Kyzen vs Zestron - Which is better?

Aug 1, 2002 | Don't know about the savings over Kyzen, but from my experience Zestron Vigon A200 at 12% concentration in the wash tank delivered excellent cleaning results- even on some NC fluxed paste. Maybe its a price issue?

No Clean Selective Solder

Aug 1, 2002 | Ah, yes...the solvents. I'll bet with SS machines vs. WS machines there is way less dwell time at pr

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Aug 1, 2002 | Just exploring options to improve wetting. It turns out our facilities dept is looking at an N2 gen

No Clean Selective Solder

Aug 1, 2002 | Hi Pete, The boards are HASL. The frequency is random. The solder balls are randomly deposited al

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Jul 31, 2002 | Never used an inert atmosphere with this paste but always had great success with it. It leaves a pr

No Clean Selective Solder

Jul 31, 2002 | You may want to increase the time of preheat? This might help ensure that all of the alcohol is com

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Jul 31, 2002 | Anyone have experience with Indium NC-SMQ92J solder paste used in an inert (N2) reflow oven?

No Clean Selective Solder

Jul 31, 2002 | Hi Pete, It is an alcohol based NC flux. The machine does have quartz preheaters. We are preheati

Cleaning Indium TACFLUX007

Jul 8, 2002 | Stephen, Thanks for your reply. We'll give N2 a try in our lab oven and report here on the result

How to clean white residue

Jul 1, 2002 | I have used a heat gun and found it effective at burning off these residues. Also, check the fine S

White residues

Apr 23, 2002 | I too have experienced this problem on many occasions. Try turning you wave temperature down just a bit. If you spec allows for this it will help. The condition will not totally go away but reducing the heat will help. Of coarse you other option in a no-clean process.

Flux residue effects on circuit performance?

Apr 15, 2002 | Can anybody explain breifly what some of the effects of flux residue from a no clean process might be on circuit performance? Alternatively, might you tell me where I might find such information?

Kester 959 Flux : Clogging filter ?

Feb 19, 2002 | We used no clean flux and experience the little filter in the flux tank going black. How long until it goes black? Could the pump be damaged, or you may have to start changing the filter regularily

ESD suitability of bare wood

Feb 11, 2002 | Cal: What's a "sniffer"? No-Cleaners: * How do clean your board handling racks / carriers? * How do determine the level of residues on your boards? How often do you do that process?

SMT8 approximatly Price

Jan 30, 2002 | I would like to know the apoximatly price of a SMT800 Series Aqueous Cleaning System, this information is just for an investigation work I am in. Please, if posible, can anybody answer me quickly. Thank you

SMT800 Price

Jan 30, 2002 | I would like to know the apoximatly price of a SMT800 Series Aqueous Cleaning System, this information is just for an investigation work I am in. Please, if posible, can anybody answer me quickly. Thank you

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Jan 9, 2002 | We follow IPC-2221 recommendations for Au and don't have a problem as long as the Ni is under 150 microinches.This ensures a consistent process for us.Also we do plasma clean after SMt and prior to wirebond.That makes a big difference. Rob

Board Cleaning

Dec 4, 2001 | We use a blue Alpha 2110 saponifier in our H400 in-line water washer. Concentration of 4%. Works g

Board Cleaning

Dec 3, 2001 | Can someone suggest the best all-purpose saponifier. I'm using an aqueous batch cleaner. I was using

AMV adhesive head with Amicon

Nov 16, 2001 | Looking for anyone with experience with the AMV head dispensing Amicon Adhesives. We are constantly cleaning and changing nozzles with this combination.

water soluble marking pen

Nov 12, 2001 | Hello! I need some help! Does anyone know marking pen that is water soluble? I want to wash off marker in a cleaning machine using only hot water. I tried many different type of water soluble marking pen, but it did not come off easily.

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