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Top 5 of No-clean Solder Paste

Mar 2, 2005 | we use SENJU M705. type3 solder paste. Has a good shelf life.

Need your help in buying a new PCB cleaning machine.

Feb 14, 2005 | Dear Mr. Mike Konrad, These are the information I am looking for. Your efforts are really apprecia

Looking for an inline DI water cleaner in China

Feb 10, 2005 | I have a plant in Shenzhen China and i am trying to locate a manufacturer of an inline cleaner for PCBA cleaning. Preferably manufactured in China. I am aware of the cleaner manufacturers in the USA. I use DI-water only no chemicals.

Drinking Water In Production

Feb 7, 2005 | We allow it (water only) as long as the bottle has a closed lid. We determined this to be acceptable since water is already present at each station for solder iron cleaning. We allow no other eating or drinking of any type. Russ

no-clean flux removal

Jan 20, 2005 | Mike, I totally understand your position. We find ourselves in two opposite camps. If no-residue

no-clean flux removal

Jan 20, 2005 | Because our boards are heavily heatsinked with dow 340 which never hardens and I am afraid I will no

Lead Free Reflow

Jan 19, 2005 | Make sure that you are running the right leadfree profile. You may want to verify that it is correct with thermocouples. Use Indiums Tacflux023, This should work. As far as cleaning them after this I will have to leave up to you. Russ

no-clean flux removal

Jan 19, 2005 | Short of buying a closed look wash system, what other machines/processes are available for localized

Earth Friendly Cleaning Chemical

Dec 23, 2004 | Hi Steve, Thank you for your info. Kindly provide us more details of this "Mega Process" How much

Earth Friendly Cleaning Chemical

Dec 17, 2004 | They have some with VOC content and others without, or very very low content that it will pass NJ an

Earth Friendly Cleaning Chemical

Dec 9, 2004 | Contact Mike Konrad at Aqueous Technologies. He posts here often. So his contact information shoul

Earth Friendly Cleaning Chemical

Dec 9, 2004 | Dave, We are using 2 parts of chemical today 1 for wash and the other 1 for rinse, but this is ve

Looking for 93.5 PB 3 SN 1.5 AG

Dec 9, 2004 | I'm hoping to find someone out there who has some no clean, 93.5 PB, 3 SN, 1.5 AG, .015 Diameter. If you have some and are willing to part with it please let me know.

Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning

Nov 24, 2004 | Could you tell me what parts you used for the filter etc. This sounds like exactly what I need.

Cap Short

Nov 22, 2004 | Assemblers often assume that the board and component suppliers provide them with clean product. This was not a problem when everyone used water washable fluxes, because the water washing used to clean the flux residues also cleaned the board and components. No-cleaners can not be so blase , because they never clean these components. They need to monitor the ionic contamination on their in-bound material. This becomes urgent where there's ionic material, humidity, and a bias voltage; the three factors that affect dendrites. Water soluble fluxes leave ionic residue detectable by: * ROSE

waterwash of inductors

Nov 19, 2004 | Hi, We used to clean 20 pieces SMT inductors before but no problem with this process. Please confirm what type of inductors is it SMT or hole type. What type of chemical and machine you are currently using? Maybe I can help you out.

Wash machine settings

Nov 10, 2004 | Does anyone know where to find the guidelines to validate a pcb cleaning process (Water deionizing system)? I appreciate your feedback. Regards, Hiram

Immersion of PWB

Nov 6, 2004 | In addition, if PBA is assembled by No Clean paste or flux, you could have some color changes un PCB, on solder joit, on component body, etc. But just a cosmetic pbm. Rgds

leadfree connector

Oct 15, 2004 | No lead devices oxidize very quickly when washed. Try to keep it a no clean process. Solderability comes into play a bit depending on solder paste.

PCB Cleaner/washer suggestions

Oct 6, 2004 | I am looking into a pcb washer/cleaner for misprints etc. If you are using one, which would you recommend? We use no clean solder and will use lead free in the future. Thanks

Question about solder masking BGA vias...

Sep 18, 2004 | , and tent the bottomside via's. To me, you're just asking for trouble down the road because you'll trap flux residue and all kinds of stuff in the via's that won't be able to be cleaned out well. This is a 676 ball 1.0mm pitch BGA pattern. The board finish is ENIG not HASL. Am I wrong about this? I am going to be using a no-clean paste, but I will be cleaning the boards using Kyzen Aquanox 4512P in a Aqueous Technologies SMT800 batch cleaner. I'm not expecting to be able to clean beneath the BGA at all with this pitch and number of balls. Our customer seems to think that there shouldn't be a problem

Electromigration Testing

Sep 6, 2004 | You're correct GS. Your's is a good cautionary tale for all NC flux users. Unfortunately, it's too easy to assume that boards and components are clean, even if our NC process is flawless.

Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning

Sep 1, 2004 | I am a used equipment dealer spealizing in cleaners and wave solder equipment. I can help you with t

Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning

Sep 1, 2004 | Looking for small Dishwasher type cleaning To address the last sentence of the recent posting, Austin American Technology does have experience with board cleaners as described. More recently AAT developed a cleaning system simliar to your description called the AquaBatch. The AquaBatch was developed to offer features not available for SPC, logging critical parameters of the cleaning process. Data available in a spreadsheet or printed format. - Configuration for closed looping the wash and/or the rinse chemistries. - Integral heating of hot DI water for water wash cleaning. - Integral transfer system for remote drainage

Flux residue on connector pins

Sep 1, 2004 | Hi Shean, Thanks for your advise. But what kind of chemical i needs to add inside to the washing machine when cleaning. Regards, Chen

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Aug 10, 2004 | residues with your solder paste residues can result in complex residue formulations which may contribute to your current situation. If your HASL flux is RA, and, your solder paste OA, and your cleaning process water only, your cleaning process would likely need a chemistry additive or semi -aqueous chemistry to remove the final resultant residue. Inspecting for clean bare boards, or, cleaning your bare boards may be a preferable approach. Shean Dalton Austin American Technology

Solder balls - Pb wave soldering

Aug 5, 2004 | In my normal Pb process,we 've a station names "Remove the solder balls and clean the board",I think we'll also have such a station in our Pb-free process. Bryan

Wire bonding on gold fingers

Aug 2, 2004 | Use MicroCoat Technologies UV cure solder mask. will leave PCB absolutely clean. used in many PCB solder/wirebonding apps.

solder joint appearance

Jul 29, 2004 | Could be lots of things. With limited information about temperatures, solder alloy, and cleaning; we'll swing for the fence that you got these solder connections very hot. So hot that Pb oxide is dominating the solder joint surface instead of the usual Sn oxide.

Steaming boards

Jul 27, 2004 | We had a similar application to rewash excessive flux residues through a chemical wash, steam clean, and DI rinse. We currently have an inline cleaner. Can you comment what kind of steamer (made and manufacturer) is being referred to in this discussion?

PCB Cleaning

Jul 14, 2004 | You may also want to investigate an Ionic contamination tester. You can check with Alpha, Westek or

PCB Cleaning

Jul 13, 2004 | PCB Cleaning Cleaning RMA fluxes simply requires selecting a washing chemistry (either Solvent, Semi-aqueous or Aqueous) and an appropriate cleaning sytem. Your lot size would be easily handled with a batch system. visit to read about a 5 Step Approach to A successful cleaning process. For semi-aqueous and aqueous mixtures, the DI rinse solution can be recycled which virtually eliminates concerns for rinse water discharge. However, the wash solution will need to be occasionally discharged. Several ways to do

Flux Designations and Composition

Jul 12, 2004 | tetrabenzoate, and bile acids. No Clean flux: Those fluxes are mainly made up of synthetic resins and their residues are non-corrosive and non-sticky. They were designed to be left on the board for applications where such residues are acceptable. However there are many occasions in which their residue must be cleaned to comply with their application, such as High Frequency applications etc. See the following comments: � Flux residue effects on circuit performance? But according to our own experience through a modification for more than 1000 boards, the flux residues remaining after manual rework are very critical. Tens of faulty boards passed all normal & burn-in tests just by cleaning the residues of the No Clean Flux. � No-clean flux residues can be either cleanable or not cleanable. The not cleanable type leave a milky white residue on the solder connection after suitable soaking in water. Your flux


Jun 27, 2004 | Yes,immediatly means after three days of the SMT production.Actually we are using o clean heraeus Solder paste with 2%AG. The contamination is 90.5%.We are not using any extra flux.

Grainy Solder Joints

Jun 25, 2004 | For what its worth. Even though you are potting the boards. If for whatever reason flux residue (OA) was left on the board prior to potting this flux could migrate and cause embrittlement problems with the solder joint. I would definately inspect for flux migration. Could be there was a cleaning

Grainy Solder Joints

Jun 25, 2004 | We use water soluble paste, Kester R560. These units are wave soldered and cleaned in an Electrovert Aquastorm water wash with a 3% Kester saponifier solution in the first stage.

Grainy Solder Joints

Jun 25, 2004 | What are the specifications on the solder that you use? IE: Water soluble,RA,RMA, N/C? Also do you clean the boards and if so how and what detergent if any are you using?

Use of acetone (67-64-1) in removing flux

Jun 18, 2004 | Just curious if anyone has had any problems because of using acetone to clean flux off boards or parts. Is acetone an acceptable flux remover for re-work? What are the pros and cons about using acetone Thanks in advance, JD

Is Aqueous Cleaning Recommended for BGA boards?

Jun 1, 2004 | Yes. I agree with the previous comments. If you will switch to Water Soluble Flux you need an Aqeo

Mydata Line Scan

May 25, 2004 | This could be a dirty glass scale. alignment or gap. step one clean the glass scale. if the number changes 1 - 0 when you move the head it is probably an aligment or gap issue.

Cleaning Wave Solder Conveyor Chains

May 24, 2004 | I thought I was the only one left with one of these dinosaurs. How is yours working for you, ours (d

Cleaning Wave Solder Conveyor Chains

May 24, 2004 | Thanks for the reply Russ. I did check the archives before I wrote in. Must have put too many word

Feeder Repair?

May 20, 2004 | I repair our Fuji feeders myself. They are easy to work on. Most of the issues are usually related to components jammed and general cleaning. Minimum lubrication is required. Tape leafs are inexpensive to replace too. Happy repairing. Cheers.

Wave Solder: Flux Validation

May 18, 2004 | Thanks Dave! I'll see if I can find the standard on IPC's website or inhouse (our company) if I am lucky. I appreciate it. What type of flux are you guys using? No clean? or Water-soluble?

Alpha UP78 OSP problem

May 12, 2004 | Yes, old not obsolete. I believe it may be Alpha's first no-clean solderpaste model. Their most current NC model is OM 5000.

BGA Rework

May 2, 2004 | Use solid solder deposit for BGA's and you will not have shorts, opens, voids or need cleaning. Simple as that.

BGA Rework

May 2, 2004 | Use solid solder deposit for GGA's and you will not have shorts, opens, voids or need cleaning. Simple as that.

Water Soluble for No Clean BGA Balls

Apr 18, 2004 | Sounds reasonable. If there was NC flux "crud" on the balls, the vision processors of our P&P would

Type 4 solder paste

Apr 13, 2004 | in a thread titled ".5mm bga" there is a reference to a paste by alpha that is no-clean and is supposed to be made specifically for this situation. I suppose that increasing the pad dimension to .012" is out of the question? Russ

PCB post reflow cleaning

Apr 5, 2004 | Hi, Thanks for the tip, and I will check that out! We have some heavy BNC type connectors, so the

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