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What caused this reflow issue?

Apr 15, 2008 | Contaniminates are always a issue. What chemicals do you use? Do you plasma clean? Are the production personnel wereing finger cots to reduce added contaminates?

expired solder paste

Apr 4, 2008 | Thanks for the reply. Just one more question. If there is less solvent but the residues are harder to clean. would there be more contaminant left on the boards? Has anyone did a cleanliness test?

Nordson/Asymtek Jet Dispense DJ2000

Mar 11, 2008 | we use loctite adhesive through our dj2000 valve 2-3 shifts a day 5 days a week I clean the entire valve out 1 every 2 weeks we take just the needle off and soak it between jobs

Nordson/Asymtek Jet Dispense DJ2000

Mar 10, 2008 | If you are running 1 shift 8 hours a day, I would PM the valve at least twice a week depending on dispense medium. With the opoxy I used, I cleaned the valve and needle every day.

Dek Horizon 03i

Mar 3, 2008 | Does the machine act slow when cold? Might need to be cleaned out. One year old? No warrenty?

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 18, 2008 | I should have mentioned... the only flux we use for the hand soldering is wire-core, no bottle flux.

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 18, 2008 | If the hand soldering is done right and you use little to no extra flux (other than whats in the sol

Reflow oven exhaust down

Feb 7, 2008 | Bi monthly?!!? What are your exhausts getting clogged with? You have that much dust in the air that cleaning every two weeks is necessary?

Looks like we'll be BGAing in the near future

Feb 6, 2008 | Something else I forgot to bring up....can we get by using our normal water soluble process or are we going to be able to clean under these things? The BGAs have .18mm and .30mm ball heights.

WS619LF solder paste

Feb 2, 2008 | As a minimum, we clean the printer setup every shift change. Probably the best advice on this is from your paste supplier.

Dirty Reflow owens.

Feb 1, 2008 | Its most likely flux residue from your paste. This is normal in my experience. Just clean it out. Some paste fluxes are waaaay worse than others.

ESD smocks

Jan 29, 2008 | Just wondering if there is anyone out there using a national (US) company to provide ESD smocks, cleaning and repair. Spending a ton of money handing them out to people just to have to replace them in a short period of time. Any recommendations??

Cleaning procedure when WS609 flux is used

Jan 21, 2008 | We see delamination at Mold compound to substrate interface when tested for MSL3. We haven't tested

Best Alpha Lead Free WS paste??

Jan 10, 2008 | You may want to ask Zestron to be sure. We have a batch cleaner with pure DI water. The first time we cleaned some of these boards in it we had a bit of a mess around the cleaner.

VOC Free Flux

Oct 5, 2007 | Is there any one using VOC Free Flux on a Point to Point Soldering machine, How well does it work ? and what Flux works the best, we would be using No-Clean. Thanks Steve

Compressor air line material

Jun 27, 2007 | Dave Try Transair Legris, They have a pretty slick system which will compare in cost to your black pipe but offers many advantages and it is clean.

Cleaning prototype PCB assemblies and waste water

Jun 20, 2007 | Prolly the worst. I'm sure it depends on who you get, but Cali not only looks for things that affec

Cleaning prototype PCB assemblies and waste water

Jun 20, 2007 | In addition to your local water departmet I would suggest that you also contact the EPA.


Jun 13, 2007 | Hi All, I have heard mention that you can use a dishwasher to wash Boards . Are these standard use at home washers ? If anyone has the time can they please advise more i.e. what water / cleaning agent is used etc. aj...

Vitronics Soltec Wave Problems

Jun 6, 2007 | I am experiencing issues with the chipwave of this machine. The solder is not smooth and looks very rippled. I have cleaned the system but with the same results. This condition is leaving me with no-solders. Anyone seen this. Also should the nitrogen be on when the machine is in idle with conveyor

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

May 31, 2007 | At the end of the day, you won't notice a difference, while soldering, but if you clean the flux residues.

wave frames CAS - cleaning

May 18, 2007 | I must improve rinsing for sure (no filtering of the water) but also a question - where do You bu

Board cleaning machine problem

May 17, 2007 | Do u use antistatic rollers inside machine? because I'm not sure that fitting anti-static bars at th

Board cleaning machine problem

May 16, 2007 | Hi Pete, I am familiar with their CM series machine. They have anti static bars inside the machi

Board cleaning machine problem

May 16, 2007 | On tacky rollers. Ionizators is ok but Im not sure to that this solution guarantee us reduced to 100

Board cleaning machine problem

May 16, 2007 | Hi Piotr, is your Teknek 'armed' with de-ionisation tool?, where exactly did you measure the disc

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Apr 27, 2007 | I am pretty sure all mfg offer upgrades to the pumps inside these units. We upgraded ours to the 5hp

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Apr 27, 2007 | Thanks for the help. In looking at these now I have questions on the recommended impact pressures. I

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Apr 26, 2007 | We've had our Aqueous Technologies 600-LD for four years or so now with just about zero problems...

Mix Technology Board Processes

Apr 23, 2007 | We agree with Grayman. You should clean your fixtures. If you apply [leave] low residue flux in amounts greater than the supplier recommendation, the remaining residue can cause damgerous corrosion. Certainly it is then no longer low residue.

Help me to impress my boss

Apr 2, 2007 | Hi, I wish that anyone who developed software for SMT would hire a graphic designer to help make the user interface look good and clean looking. Good design sets us apart from the animals, and is important! Regards, Grant

What to buy

Mar 9, 2007 | Why would you want one of these in your clean room? I suppose less people would see you....

What to buy

Mar 6, 2007 | You cannot put these machines in a clean room enviornment, but if you must go with the MYdata a Philips Assembleon. They are easy to program and changeover a simple. Foot print should suit your needs. Where are you located?

battery pad

Feb 28, 2007 | Some no-cleans will pool flux on the top of the solder joint which acts like an insulator. I normally do not paste "contact" pads. You can have your board house HASL them if you need the extra bump on the pad.

Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Feb 7, 2007 | Thank you guys. So to summarize - no spec, just need to have decent cleaning... Are you familiar with dust events that caused burning of test stations ? Thanks Ayelet

Reduce flux

Jan 18, 2007 | Change pastes, although insufficient heating may leave excessive residues. Is this on one board or all products? No Clean or water soluble? Do you profile accurately or "guesstimate" your settings?

flux residue after HAL

Jan 15, 2007 | celsius or fahrenheit? I am not entirely familiar with the deeper details of HASL, but 130F-140F is adequate to clean many of the water-soluble fluxes used for component soldering.

Soldering to an OSB surface

Jan 12, 2007 | Do you have any pointers concerning the oven setup and profile if you are soldering a module with bottom connections and gold pads to a pwb with an OSB finish? The solder paste is SnPb, no-clean. The paste mfgr. recommended profile produces voiding and incomplete solder coverage/wetting.

Really need Omniflow 7 replacement cooling zone blower motor!!

Dec 22, 2006 | Hi, We have refurbished blowers. Cleaned them, changed bearings, capacitor. These parts are standard parts, you will find them in "any" hardware store and Radio Shack type dealers.


Dec 21, 2006 | Ditto what Russ said. We are doing the same with the same results. We also will add 10-15mils to the toe end of the pads to have some chance at forming a toe fillet. MFG'r recommended padstacks are not to be trusted. We only process with no-clean chemistry as well.

Wave flux and profiling

Dec 19, 2006 | Grant, Why don't you try a water-base flux which is No-clean, VOC-free also? I have tried the 270WR flux from AIM with good results even on lead-free process. My $0.02, George

Lead Free Squirt Bottles

Dec 18, 2006 | Sometimes I would have to agree!! Wonder how they clean it all up? and how long does that robot last anyway? hahaha Russ

Ionic Cleanliness-No clean residues

Dec 15, 2006 | Ionic Cleanliness-No clean residues - Got my answer!

Flux drop in lead free process

Dec 15, 2006 | unfortunately you need to increase your maintenance on these ovens, I would doubt if anything is wrong with your equipment. the Flux accumulation is normal, and you are putting alot of flux through those ovens. Just clean more often Russ

Amtech LF/4300

Dec 7, 2006 | Has anyone experimented with the Amtech 4300 flux that claims to be a no-clean flux that is easily removed with water? If so, how did it go? Is this flux truly removable with water only while creating adequate solder joints? -OtheRuss

Type 3 vs. Type 4 solder paste

Nov 9, 2006 | What are the pros and cons between type 3 and type 4 no clean solder paste (SnPb)?

Board washer

Nov 7, 2006 | Thanks for all the info guys. The biggest issue I have on cleaning is under QFNs and the like. But even an 0805 or 0603 will give us trouble now and again. Like I said, our current system isn't making me happy. It's looking like Electrovert is the winner here. Thanks again.

Flux residue cleaning procedure

Nov 2, 2006 | Thank you very much for your reply, we'll try to perform your advice. I'll feedback you soon for th

Cleaning Paste from 2nd Side Print

Oct 31, 2006 | We've just started running a lot of double sided assemblies. What is the preferred method for remov

Flux residue cleaning procedure

Oct 30, 2006 | thanks for your inputs,but what i meant was that a connector component beside the BGA for repair has

Defluxing Advanced Packages

SMT Assembly machines