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Stencil sink stink

Mar 21, 2005 | I agree with dave. Two things prevent oders from drains. The "P" trap and the celing or roof vent. I

Stencil sink stink

Mar 21, 2005 | Sounds like a flaw in your trap. It seams that during the pumping process the trap is ineffective or

Paste height SL

Mar 17, 2005 | When it comes to solder paste, you should worry about volume. Granted height is a part of the equation, but you could have perfect height and still get defects. I wouldn't get too wrapped up in volume either, unless you're evaluating stencil height, squeegee blades or such.

stencil printing SPC

Mar 14, 2005 | what did your D.O.E. studies show you as the critical parameters? These are the ones that you need

0.5 mm pitch BGA

Feb 28, 2005 | I'm looking for recommendations on pad and stencil design for products with 0.5 mm pitch BGA's. The latest info that I found in the archives of this forum dated more than a year ago. It didn't give me much confidence that assembly of such components can be done with good yield in a production

Stencil Washing

Feb 13, 2005 | Hi, Cool, and thanks for the info. Can you email us with the costs? I checked out your web site a

Kits for lead free trial runs

Feb 12, 2005 | Lead free samples are available at No stencil needed, the boards are pre-loaded with paste in a solid form and adhesive flux. Check it out. Matt Kehoe

Kits for lead free trial runs

Feb 9, 2005 | Good day all, I am wondering if there is a company out there that sells kits that contain a board, components and the stencil? When we get our new reflow and wave machines in I will need numerous boards to run and evaluate until I can get the process nailed down. Any suggestions...or different

MPM UP3000 vs UP3030

Feb 4, 2005 | The base model UP3000 is really a general designation for the platform. The use of "UP3030" designated the configuration of the machine from the factory. The UP3030 (if memory serves me) came with 2D, a vacuum stencil wiper, and a paste dispenser. It may also have some pin-placement system

Rejuvenated solder paste

Dec 17, 2004 | I agree with dave. However, if you can not afford those expensive cartidges, you start putting enough solder paste on the stencil so to minimize waste. I agree you have to dispose of the excess dried up solder but if your process is not very critical you may experiment on putting some flux. However


Dec 13, 2004 | I run a D.O.E. and print different water soluble pastes on the same board by mini-stencil and reflow on same profile. WS709 is one of them but Indium6.2 shown less and no void then WS709. P.S.: profile may affect the result. Do U have Via in pad? What is the Fab finish? Bake the parts and fab


Dec 3, 2004 | Dreamsniper, We would need much more details about your process to help you to determine the source of voids. Type of paste, how long you leave your paste on stencil, your relative humidity, reflow profile, type of oven, oven environment (N2?) and so on. All those above can contribute to voiding

Solder Paste Expiry

Nov 8, 2004 | In addition to type of paste, it is also dependant on the enviroment conditions. When you say open jar are you implying that the jar is left open all day and then at the end of shift it is closed back up? Jars should only bve open for about 30 secs at a time so you can stir and apply to stencil

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Sep 20, 2004 | Hi Chris, Acually, it worked pretty good. We made a new blade from SS. We were not sure if it wou

Solder Mask vs Solder Balls

Sep 12, 2004 | MAke a new stencile and have the aperatures reduced by 20% in X and Y. This has solved 90% of all solder balling issues I have ever dealt with. Be careful with your fine pitch and micro-BGA's. If you are not having problems with fine pitch and 1:1 aperature, you may want to leave those alone.

measument of paste thickness after Screen Printing

Sep 7, 2004 | Hi Dhanashekar, I'm with Chris on this one, unless you are carrying out 0201 or ultra fine pitch placement it's a helpful but not critical tool. We found most print errors were avoided using the 2D vision on the printer, combined with plenty of auto stencil wipes, and keeping the paste

Socket T,LGA 775

Aug 5, 2004 | The ball pitch is 1.10mm and the pad diameter is 0.45mm,so we designed the aperture diameter as 0.45 on 0.13mm thick stencil.Bridging rate decreased a great deal,but the balls still deformed in the same area.and found it no use reducing the reflow time...Thanks anyway! Regards! Bryan

Tombstone defect

Jul 30, 2004 | Hi, Very interesting article on tombstone issue, i'm facing tombstone issue for 0805 IDC component, i've redesign the stencil aperture and change to lead free paste, the tombstone is reducing but not fully eliminated, however there is a problem i face on the rework process for 0805 IDC capacitor

Storing non-framed stencils

Jun 16, 2004 | Have a look at the following link. We have bought two of these wallet storage systems for our foils.

Storing non-framed stencils

Jun 15, 2004 | Just an idea... Try investigating methods for storing large drawings. We have a hanging file cabin

High Volume BGA re-balling

May 14, 2004 | Perhaps you can try to use the new StencilQuik(TM) technque as it more easily facilitates solder balls dropping onto the pads. Info at

Solder Paste to Device (BGA) or PCB

May 4, 2004 | to stencil print onto the board.

screen printer - vision

Apr 26, 2004 | so the first PCB if i want to aligned with stencil is manual the same for screen printer without vision and vision starts work for next boards? or i am wrong? but if i make mistake during aligment process for the first PCB i will repeat it for next PCBs. what is Mylar? what if i don't have Mylar

Freshman in SMT industry needing advice

Mar 26, 2004 | I'm keen to find out more about the SAWA cleaner. What type of solvent is being used. Does anyone use water or any other enviromentaly friendly agent. Is the result with glue stencils good.Is this a messy machine to use. Any feedback would be good. I would like to see the back of our old dinosaur

Stencil printing for 15.7 mil qfp's

Mar 3, 2004 | 2D will give you on-line contrast inspection for paste coverage on the land. I would go with 2D on t

.5mm BGA

Feb 23, 2004 | Just to finish this up, We did manage to print this little part with good success without any major re-setup of printer settings I would not recommend these parameters for production to anybody however. You can print 2-3 boards before it starts to clog the stencil. Fortunately we only had

Testing potential employees.

Feb 21, 2004 | Does anyone have a good test to check the knowledge of job candidates for SMT Tech's? We have some good tests for test candidates but need something for SMT people. (like how do you determine optimal stencil thickness or how do you determine what squegee pressure should be) Anyone looking for a

Solvent for a stencil printer

Feb 15, 2004 | i have always found any of the alcohol based solvents in the uk we use the alpha make.wit


Jan 15, 2004 | Guys Does anyone have any design rules for a 121 pin BGA . The pitch is 0.031 thou, the ball diameter is 0.0115 thou . I would like to know the following : Pad and via sizes/type on the bareboard ? Stencil thickness and aperture size/sytle ? Solder paste particle size ? Any feedback would


Jan 12, 2004 | High temp balls (spheres for you PC types) They are non-eutectic balls. Do you have a reballer or stencil setup? If one device...may not be cost effective, but if many you can usually send back the the IC house for re-ball. There are only a handful of BGA foundries that do this work. Your IC

AP 25Hie

Jan 12, 2004 | , vacuum under stencil wipe, auto paste dispense for 45k? Thanks you

Stencil Printers

Jan 10, 2004 | hi grant, why you choose not mpm is clear for me not good support possibilities localy, dek mayb

Stencil Printers

Dec 15, 2003 | I would say the DEK printer I have had the best reliability with. I have used the MPM and had alot

Stencil Printers


Stencil Printers

Dec 10, 2003 | I agree with all the comments saying MPM and DEK are OK, but more that spent those $90 KUSD in the m

Stencil Printers

Dec 3, 2003 | Hello As some one already said Dek and MPM printers are very good and reliable printers. I have be


Nov 5, 2003 | I just did a bga job with square aperture's, the reasoning is for enhanced print release and additional paste volume. Be careful of the edge to edge clearance between the stencil openings, I don't recommend going below a 8 mil clearance, you could be setting yourself up for a bridging problem

Where to start with a new reflow oven

Oct 13, 2003 | Hi Andrea, Another good place to start in addition to the oven manufacturer is your solder paste vendor. They can help you select the correct paste and give you the right reflow profile to use for that paste. Keep in mind that most vendors (paste, stencils, ovens) will be willing to give you help

lead-free stencil printing

Sep 26, 2003 | Thank you Russ for the information. One more clarification- I found that the %metal content in lea

Paste in hole

Sep 4, 2003 | I'm attempting to develop paste in hole process so that I can reflow a few plated through hole components on a mixed tech board. Tried various pastes, profiles and stencil thicknesses. Would appreciate any insights and/or pointers anyone can share on the process. Thank you.

Naming Files

Jul 2, 2003 | ???? What? I think I follow your logic. Bottom line is, using the same name, p.1 (that's p (dot) 1) over and over for every stencil you produce can lead to confusion both in our CAM dept as well as our vendors. Like calling every board you produce PN 123456 over and over and over again. Would any

Stencil Aperture Aspect Ratio

Jun 17, 2003 | Consider searching the fine SMTnet Archives for discussion, for instance:

BGA Rework

Apr 9, 2003 | This just makes my head hurt. Why do these 22 BGA with hundreds of solder connections each have "open circuit due to the lack of solder paste"? Something just doesn't sound Kosher. Tell us about: * Stencil design * Solder paste * Board design in the vacinity of the BGA pads * Board fabrication

Rheometric Pump Vs Proflow

Mar 28, 2003 | Hi Have you noticed with 3D scan technology a flatter and more filled top with the Rheometric when printing the smallest of aperatures. The Applications guys from the 3D companies told me they did see flatter tops. Granted this has to come also with better stencils. YET I was wondering your

Stencil Design for Resistor Net Array 0402

Mar 26, 2003 | Tell us more about your printer. squegge blade type ,speed, snap-off distance etc... You shouldn't h


Mar 10, 2003 | May I be the first to ask, how you plan on applying paste to the primary SMT? You won't be able to stencil it on as is typical. Do you have a paste dispenser? Also a lot of PTH parts can not take reflow temperatures, not even all SMT parts can. (been there done that, oops)

Immersion Gold over Nickle de-wetting problem

Mar 7, 2003 | with it, if you wish to remove the gold you will need to cover it with solder past and have no stencil reduction.

Plated through via's in pads.

Feb 11, 2003 | manufacturing process change to use different stencil thickness. ... More Paste, ... More Waste!

Tombstone on melf resistor

Jan 29, 2003 | Hello!! I need to know the land pattern specs for a melf resistor with dimensions length 0.415(+/-0.02) and width 0.144 (+/-0.008) inches. Because i have tombstone problem. My stencil design is 10 mils thickness in order to avoid the issue but it helped me just a little bit. Thanks in advance

Stencil Printing Experiment without AOI

Jan 9, 2003 | It depends on what the finished solder joint looks like after reflow. Use IPC to determine your sol

Defluxing Advanced Packages

BGA Rework Services