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Starting new soldering process

Feb 21, 2017 | processes - currently looking at: Sparkle Flux SR-12 to be used with an AIM Sn100C solder 2) Looking for ocnsistent flux dispensing solutions; currently using the infamous flux bottles 3) Automated cleaning solutions post-soldering with multiple non-washable, unsealed components on PCBA; currently manually cleaning with a brush & wipes Currently looking at YesTech AOI and manual inspection methods for our IPC Class-3 products. Any tips on process development? FYI, the PCBs in question are about 10"x4". Thanks!

Conformal coat material dispensed through epoxy needle?

Feb 7, 2017 | to disassemble and clean it 3 or 4 times over 5 years. For cleaning I just let all parts soak in MEK over night, and then scrubbed/rinsed with MEK in the morning. The conditioner we use, (not sure if it'd work with conformal coat):

Wave soldering defects

Dec 30, 2016 | 't flash it off with extreme pre heat then it's not the flux. Is this happening on all your boards? If it's on an isolated assembly it could be uncured or contaminated solder mask. you said you cleaned the pot. The pictures show solder dross all over the board. It looks like you pumping dross. Did you empty the pot and pull the pumps and clean them? Last your solder could be contaminated. Send a sample off to your solder supplier for analysis.

63/37 HASL Finish / RoHS Solder Paste

Dec 11, 2016 | What type of flux is in your solder paste? Active or No-Clean? With lead free solder you really should be using an active flux. The lead free oxidizes during reflow if you are not using a Nitrogen or Vapor Phase reflow. So a more robust and active flux will help over come this with an open finish. If you desolder the BGA pads and look at them under high magnification. You may see speckled area's of copper where the solder will not wet. I think this is from the copper not being properly cleaned or possibly contaminated in the fab process. This will cause a void where the solder does

Amtech 4300 no-clean+washable flux

Dec 11, 2016 | Amtech 4300 no-clean+washable flux We have been using the Amtech line for over 12 years now with all of our PCB and BGA Rework. The NWS-4400 is mildly active and will give better results with Lead Free Solder. Note that the LF-4300 is considered a No-Clean. However it will show leakage at over 50 meg ohm measurements. So if you

DEK 03 - Consumable Replenish Error

Mar 25, 2016 | and replace the paper properly - it is very important for the paper, otherwise can give you errors like that. 2. Check your cleaning material weight sensor. 3. Check you paste dispenser and sensor to it (if you have this). For me, if it is stopping on cleaning it is either 1 or 2. You just have to replace

Tin Lead Solder Paste

Aug 12, 2015 | the Start-up Time again. We find a lead-free paste but our process is tin lead: I hope you can help me! We use SH6309-RMA solder paste: -Juan

Flux wave on PCBs

Mar 10, 2015 | Hi I have been struggling with boards for high quality picky customer. I am getting flux waves (like splashed - too hard to clean) after wave, where as we are still using Kester 979 (No clean flux, but as we are getting visible marks which looks similar like dross with flux. I have attached

0201 and uBGA

Sep 23, 2002 | leading no-clean solder paste. My guess is that there isn't enough flux vehicle to prevent oxidation when printing this small amount of paste, other ideas?

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Sep 23, 2002 | It's there. For instance:

Reusing Solder Paste

Sep 13, 2002 | I have heard a lot of different stories about reusing solder paste. I take what is left on the screener at the end of the day (yes i try to watch the amounts that are put down)and transfer it to a clean solder paste jar. I would like to hear any inputs on the good or bad of this practice. Thank You

Aqueous cleaner water disposal

Aug 27, 2002 | to clean and refresh the machine? mk


Aug 21, 2002 | We are using OSP coated boards and no-clean solder paste. In a few instances, we are seeing increased distortion in an audio circuit. Has anybody seen or heard of surface insulation resistance (SIR) decreasing after reflow on OSP boards? Is it possible that the remnants of the OSP are combining

Refreshing PCB Solderability

Aug 14, 2002 | . Is their a cleaning process for improving solderability? I looked in the achives and can't find an answer.... Thanks, Kevin

No Clean Selective Solder

Jul 31, 2002 | Hi Patrick, We are using AIM 266-3. The topside preheat temp is approx 100 degrees C although we

Copper Passivate ?

Jul 22, 2002 | like Storage, shelf life, handling, board cleaning etc....

High frequency application V.S no clean flux

Jul 8, 2002 | Everyone has their stories, don't they? Here is a method for evaluating the effect of nc flux res

Difference between Alpha metals SLS65 and E191 fluxes

Apr 30, 2002 | Can anyone tell me the difference between the these 2 fluxes as i cant find a data sheet(i searched the alpha metals website) for the E191.I know the the 2 fluxes are both no clean but other than that?? The reason i ask is i found some E191 in our stores and i was just wondering what

Conformal over No-Clean

Apr 24, 2002 | We do not conformal coat [CC] over NC flux residues. [Not to say that you cannot do it if you want


Apr 9, 2002 | Has anyone built using the ALIVH PCB (0402, 0.8mm pitch uBGA) on the SMT line? I would like to know any process issues (paste printing, p&p, reflow) related to processing this pcb. Specifically, what type of solder paste was used (no clean) and what were the results? Rgds, Peter

Rework using flux pens

Jan 7, 2002 | My company has been doing its hand soldering using drip bottles for application of no-clean flux. This has created quite a few problems, especially on our microwave boards. I want to convert us over to flux pens. Does anyone have any suggestions or caveats? Any shared experiences would be greatly

Evaluating SMD Adhesives

Nov 27, 2001 | Dave - will placing MELF's in SMT eliminate the original problem? Is the flux aggressive enough to clean mold release agents from the component manufacturer? Good point about LT reliability, just wondering what would happen if glue was eliminated from the process ( a good thing I believe, less

Solder balls after wavesolder

Nov 27, 2001 | We have noticed that when you are using a no-clean flux with the wave solder process that you will have additional solderballs. One thing that we have done is to change the PCB finish to a matte finish. This has greatly reduced the number of solder balls. I would speak to your board vendor about

Flat Solderable Tin as a PWB solderable surface finish

Nov 22, 2001 | I have heard of this but do not have direct experience. Immersion tin is susceptible to moisture absorption particularly after washing off solder paste. So it sounds like your boards are picking up the solvent off the screen. Water rinse or degrease the screen after cleaning would be advisable


Sep 20, 2001 | including screen cleaning

Stainless Steel in wash system

Sep 14, 2001 | We have two batch systems here. The systems have worked very well but the interior stainless steel is very dull. We are running a DI based open loop system for cleaning primarily a WS flux. In special cases we have used ArmaKleen E-2001 and Alpha 2110 in the systems. Is there a way

Stainless Steel in wash system

Sep 13, 2001 | Hello Kevin, Have you contacted your equipment manufacturer and discussed the issue with them? Usually they have a method for cleaning their own systems based on the units they will use in their test lab. Based on the system configuration and the chemistry you are using, they should be able

Stainless Steel in wash system

Sep 12, 2001 | Ok....this is the last time asking this question. Does anyone know how to clean the dull residue of the inside of a stainless steel batch cleaner. The system has always been DI based and run with a saponifier. I am not sure what the redusue is or maybe it is just oxodization(not sure

What pressure is recommended to clean AMT boards after reflow

Sep 11, 2001 | Yes, you cannot change the "subject" that you enter when first beginning a tread. This is what will

What pressure is recommended to clean AMT boards after reflow

Sep 8, 2001 | Your reply was NOT out-of line. You're correct and I'm wrong. I apologize. I'm sorry I referenc

What pressure is recommended to clean AMT boards after reflow

Sep 7, 2001 | I am just giving my experiences as I see them. I think it helps to hear what is and what is not wor

What pressure is recommended to clean AMT boards after reflow

Sep 7, 2001 | That would be the elusive typo, check your keyboard, the "A" is right next to the "S". I believe she

White residue VS No clean

Jul 28, 2001 | Hi all I just got feedback from my customer about "White residue problem" around solder joints wi

Conformal Coating Masking

Jun 20, 2001 | I'm interested in the masking boots and covers you mentioned. We have looked at them before, but we use an acrylic conformal coat and clean up with toluene. All of the boot type products we have looked at seem to breakdown in toluene. Do you reuse boots and covers? What are your experiences

Mixing no-clean solder with activated

Jun 18, 2001 | It's possible that combining these two fluxes is benign, you sure can't say your customer is wrong,

Quad 100 Feeder refurbishment

Apr 5, 2001 | I have around eight Quad 100 feeders that are giving me some problems. I think they probably just need a good cleaning and perhaps some minor repairs. Quad Technical Support can't help me and suggested I post a message here. Is there anybody who could check these items out for me? Garth

chemistry question

Mar 29, 2001 | I'm confused. [Swatts nu, eh?] Are you trying to avoid cleaning yer OA? [if so, don't do it. (but you know that)] I assume use OA with yer SMT then wash and then NC with yer PTH and third processes. Reet? Are you concerned about post-wash OA res comingling widyer NC res and causing a flux

Is conformal coating necessary?

Mar 8, 2001 | The environment essentially defines the need for coating. "Inside" may mean inside a men's locker room with attendant high humidity or inside a climate-controlled clean environment. Conformal coatings offer protection against moisture, fungus, chemical exposure, dust, abrasion or mechanical

Need Help: Product Testing

Feb 22, 2001 | Dear SMTneter's; I am looking for a few board manufacturers to evaluate a new product. This device is a tooling fixture that conforms to any board profile for support during single or double side printing or placement. It's clean, simple and very robust. It can be installed in minutes

Fiber Optic Repair

Feb 13, 2001 | I have been tasked with the job of developing Fiber Optic Repair procedures, most importantly cutting and splicing. Cleaning and checking, we have procedures for already. Now for my question, does anyone know of a "How To" site that may be able to give me ideas on where to start? Thanks in advance

Inline aqueous cleaning equipment

Feb 3, 2001 | James, if you want to get a circuit board wet, then any cleaner will do. Tighter componentry and BG

Solder at gold finger

Feb 1, 2001 | Hi, Currently, we use kapton tape to tape out the goldfinger at our area. We still experience solder at goldfinger area, suspected is from washing of misprint boards. Can someone advice me on what is the method being use to clean the goldfinger, and is there any method, beside tape out

Flux Vision

Dec 21, 2000 | I've been asked to "heat up the oven profiles" to "burn off" the excessive flux so our vision equipment can inspect solder joints. 1. I am using Multicore SN 63 no clean solder paste. 2. We use CR Technology Vision Inspection. Before I get too involved with this, I would like to know of any

solder balls on high temp.solder

Dec 11, 2000 | we are using alphametals no clean 95sn/5ag CL775 paste. After reflow there are solder balls on the board. mainly are around the cap. We are using a conceptronic concept 60 air. There are 4 zones with 8 chambers. We are not sure what the profile on the oven sould be. We think it might

BGA Xray inspection

Nov 13, 2000 | I agree with all the previous comments. You need an XRay system with good software capabilities to "clean up" the images, but you also need to interperate the results and training/experience comes into this. Get free trials first on a machine like CR Technology in California or in UK

N-tech osp problems

Sep 26, 2000 | I am processing PCB's that have an n-tech osp coating and am finding huge inconsistencies in wetting. Some boards process clean with good wetting and the next has terrible wetting. The boards are stored and handled properly. Has anyone had this type of problem before? Is there a better

Photonic Soldering

Sep 20, 2000 | claimed to be reworkable, but the cleaning of the area to place a new die down remains a problem.

Longer soak time and reflow time impact Solder on Au pad?

Sep 8, 2000 | As per Travis's reply it could be something other than the reflow process. Another good one is if the printed PCB's have been cleaned down due to print misregistration etc.. If not properly controlled paste residues can remain distributed about the place, resulting in balling all over the place


Aug 22, 2000 | I do not expect that we will see increased residue volumes, but they may be a bit more difficult to remove (in a cleaning process). A related issue is probe-testability. We can expect, at least initially, that there will be higher defect rates associated with probing due to false "opens

Dek ProFlow Head

Aug 18, 2000 | I've heard there might be some problems when using an enclosed print head with water soluble paste. It dries out and compacts in the head. Just the opposite of what is claimed I know, but I hear it is wonderful when using no clean paste. Can anyone relate thier experiences with water soluble

Defluxing Advanced Packages

fluid dispensing