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Apr 6, 2006 | Hi, We have just purchased a new rework station, i'm looking for tips to get the best quality rework possible. Currently when we are replacing a SMT component we take off the old one clean the pads with solder braid then IPA, re-tin the pads then place the component and apply heat. This i

Conformal Coating Machines.........

Mar 31, 2006 | We use the SC-205 head and we are pretty satified (just keep everything clean and keep a constant viscosity to eliminate nozzle problem). I'm not sure what you mean by keep out area but you can determine with quite precision by software where you want and don't want coating. No more need of caping

Omniflo 5 conveyor

Mar 23, 2006 | . The rail guides are also probably dirty, and that could be the root cause of the chain binding in the first place. When you pull the chain, be sure to clean the guides, that will keep the chain from gunking up and binding sooner.

Kester Paste = Dirty Oven?

Mar 15, 2006 | Yes, different pastes will cause ovens to become "dirty". I believe you are talking about flux build-up. I've switched from one paste to another based on sample studies, only to find an increase in oven cleaning. During most solder paste evaluations, this always seems to get over looked. Talk

Flux appearance

Mar 15, 2006 | this mean there was a gap between the bottom of the QFP lead and solder paste during the reflow process? Can this is also point towards unoptimized reflow profile? No-clean solder paste is used. Looking forward to replies from experts in this field. Thanks. Rgds Vick

Siemens Nozzle Cleaner

Mar 13, 2006 | , No need for glue, as for cleaning we recommend a really light detergent/soapy, and rinse thoroughly, the problem with acidic solutions is the plastic Vectra does weaken over time. Hope this helps

Grid lok system

Feb 28, 2006 | time. Not to mention you operator board cleaning most of his day, so after a couple hours of this he just wants to hug you with his messy hands. Accepting misprints from a set-up like this shoule be considered unacceptable.

Green inductors

Feb 16, 2006 | We have been using Coilcraft 1008CS inductors for several years. We have had problems with them turning green when we use lead-free solder paste. We have tried several solder pastes (water soluble and no-clean)from different manufacturers, but the inductors still turn green. Has anyone run

To lubricate feeders or not to lubricate feeders?

Feb 16, 2006 | the consistancy of chewing gum or worse, almost did not get the micometers apart to clean them and replace the oil. The WD in WD-40 stands for water displacing and for this it is excellant. The moving parts in the feeder would probably respond better to a real lubricant if one is neccesary.

Wave Solder, Flux density measurement?

Feb 1, 2006 | Density is an "implied" measurement to determine activity. Most flux suppliers can sell you a flux acidity (activity) measurement kit. I used one from Multicore a few years back. We used it once in the morning and once after lunch to monitor no-clean flux activity. Spray fluxers are the way to go

Electric Arching on Y-Cap using No Clean Flux

Feb 1, 2006 | That would be the lightning effect, with increased humidity reducing resistance. 1500 VDC or 1500

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Jan 21, 2006 | , they should be around .1962" - .1965" they should also be round and concentric. Clean heads could expose nozzles out of round. Are you using Fuji nozzles or someone elses?

CP6 Maintenance

Jan 21, 2006 | eliminate the problem? i knew that i should clean the clutch when the head getting lose when rotate by hand, so what about those which are too tight to rotate? what sort of lubrication should i used?

Dry Box Storage

Jan 17, 2006 | I know this has been hashed from looking in the archives but there is little in regards to creating drybox storage using clean, dry air (CDA). If my factory can supply CDA through and air dryer at <5%RH, why wouldn't I buy up a used, ESD safe storage cabinet and fit it with my factory CDA. Assume

SnCu For Wave?

Jan 11, 2006 | in one factory the cost of silver is a concern. It is true. Tin/Copper does have a tighter window, but didn't we all say that in the early 90's about no-clean flux?


Jan 10, 2006 | to the next step... Determining how fast you can perform the different operations. After you de-rate your speed to accomodate for clean-up, tear-down, breaks, overall laziness.... you should be able to come up with a formula that fits your operational model.

X7R woes

Dec 26, 2005 | Putting aside that you want to: * Get this mess cleaned-up as soon as possible * Stop spending money on this issue * Get your volumes back to plan ... and all that other production meeting stuff We'd be very nervous about shipping the X7R dielectric caps that passed test, because they could

X7R woes

Dec 26, 2005 | I'm assuming the fracture in tension; the fracture doesn't show even at X50. The broken edges are that clean. I would expect spalling at the fracture edges if it were a compression or torsional fracture. This makes me belive the board expands and pulls the caps apart during wave

Gold Pads Soldering problem

Dec 15, 2005 | to be cleaned. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more. Talk to your flux supplier for recommendations. What do you mean when you say "Also when i have checked the PCB specification it shows no surface layer type?"?

Pb-free wave soldering with SMD

Nov 28, 2005 | I have waved gold (ENIG) boards. That's a pretty hot pot at 260C, wow. I have used 245C with good results. All other parameters look OK a glance. Well, PCB temp looks a little hot too at 130C before pot. 90-100C is typical for most No-Clean flux. At that high pot temp a 1.6mm thick PCB will warp

What is the lifespan of your SMT machines?

Nov 18, 2005 | most pick and place machines will run for a very long time provided the operators keep them clean and well lubricated (10 years +). Often we end up replacing equipment not due to inoperability as much as due to capability. as packages and use change, many older machines are required to place

Dip Soldering Advice

Nov 15, 2005 | Can I dip the populated board in flux and achieve good results? Also how easy is it to clean the flux off the board afterwards if it is waterbased? Do you simply brush the board with a damp brush or spray some remover on the board? I also have this question , do I need to physically press

Wire bonding pull strength & substrate contamination

Nov 3, 2005 | . We are bondig with gold wire on gold pads. Laminate substrate is BN300. We are bonding immediately after plasma clean Surface analysis does not show any spikes other than Ni Ag

HSP 4796B

Nov 1, 2005 | in this condition eventually caused some of the nozzles to fall out of the head. I recovered all nozzles, cleaned them, put them back in the heads, adjusted lighting histograms and did a head/nozzle offset teach routine. In short - bad maintenance.

Dry and Clean Room in Tropical Climate

Sep 6, 2005 | Find out if you can separate the dehumidifier controls from the heating/cooling controls, without ad

Immersion gold and BGAs

Aug 26, 2005 | The Immersion gold is not a problem with BGAs specifically but "black pad" which can be present anywhere. The unfortunate thing with BGAs is you cannot see it. Personally I hate white tin. It is okay for single sided boards running no-clean, but can be problematic with double sided reflows

I am Jack Liu, I must clarify all of things in this business!

Aug 19, 2005 | Unfortunately this is what happens when both the buyer and seller fail to take the necessary steps to insure a used equipment deal goes smoothly. Stefen fails to inspect what he is buying. Jack.....first impressions are 90% of the "battle" to satisfy the customer. You've got to at least clean


Aug 12, 2005 | Hello Pete, Do you know how long Electrovert warranties their coated pots/pump equipment in use with SAC alloys? Also, does the warranty cover an operator scratching the surface while cleaning the pot in normal maintenance procedures? The good news with Electrovert pots is we will have a good idea

Solder Wave

Aug 11, 2005 | , and process it as usual. This would obviously not work well with no-clean flux. 90 degrees for top side preheat sounds a little low to me, I would try pushing this board to the upper end of your flux manufacturer's preheat specs for improved top side fill.

Solder Wave

Aug 11, 2005 | Some causes of lack of top side fillets (hole fill) are: 1. Not enough pre-heat (a top side preheat will help, if no-clean flux, be sure to follow flux mfrs specification for top side board temp just before hitting wave) 2. Not enough flux 3. Flux is too weak- re-oxidation can occur (OA flux works

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 27, 2005 | If no-clean...then this seems "relatively" normal. You could try and extend your peak and duration, however, manufacturers are adjusting their chemistry to survive these normal temperatures (up to 260C and 30 seconds within 5C of peak). You will have less "burn-off" at elevated temps. I don

Selective soldering

Jul 27, 2005 | and application , preheat and solder alloy. With your flux make sure it is been activated correctly(preheat) and is aggresive enough to clean the board. Have you carried out an analysis of your solder alloy lately,you might have insufficient Tin which could cause your bridging. I cant understand the supplier

Possible to water wash no-clean solder paste boards?

Jul 15, 2005 | Now is when you find out if you have a good sales rep for your solder. I've seen solder reps eventu

System is too slow, Will memory/speed increase do job?

Jul 2, 2005 | Tom Thanks for reply,u right I am dedicating more than enough time for upgrading and troubleshooting! How can I set back the speed to the lower ram, (100MHz)? Get a bigger and Faster hardrive, 7200 and 10,000 RPM will zip you along! (What these figures represent ,explain pls?) I have Cleaned

Lead free wave tools

May 27, 2005 | Back in the day, we had a small solder pot used for dipping ICs that were freshly removed from defective boards. What tool did we use to clean the dross? A small piece of card board. After the card board got too toasted, we'd grab a new piece of card board. This was over 7 years ago, so lead

Reflow Pallet hardware

May 25, 2005 | In a time crunch, kapton tape works great. If you are using durostone or some material like that for carriers, make sure it is clean right after you machine it and the kapton will stick very well. We are low volume so we pretty much always use tape to simplify fixture design. Off the subject

Soldering Test Interview

Apr 30, 2005 | I failed in a Soldering interview.My recruiter send me for PTH wave soldering. The company given me a small board and asked me to take out rectangular prismatic shape PTH components,I tried to put two guns around solder bonds one by one alongwith flux cleaning fluid but I was unable to break solder

SN/PB soldering with gold plated pcb

Apr 26, 2005 | I have found that Sn62 solder gives better strength and leach resistance when soldering to gold surfaces. The gold needs to be at least 5 to 10 micro inches thick to prevent nickel oxidation but if over 25 micro inches will cause brittleness. I have a sample of Sn62 no clean paste I can send

SN/PB soldering with gold plated pcb

Apr 23, 2005 | Hi, Is there a solder paste alloy espacially done to solder components on a pcb gold plated ??? I am using the AIM 297DX SN63/PB37 no clean and i had a comments from my customer telling me that i am not using the right alloy. Personally i never herd about a special alloy for this kind of plating

PCB Cleaner

Apr 21, 2005 | the contaminant that you are needing to remove, either supplier or outside cleaning source. Technical Devices has equipment solution, as well as process solutions. You can call me directly 215-635-0420, or contact our website

Immersion silver life span

Apr 14, 2005 | (fingerprints can be seen). The protective layer is also removed when the board is put through the first heat cycle or when the board is cleaned. It is important to process the board as quickly as possible to realise maximum solderability. I hope this helps.

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Mar 17, 2005 | If you're washing the boards properly, you should see any problems, maybe a little extra floaming, but that won't be too bad. If you're running no clean, you need to aplly flux according to your supplier's recommendations. If you decide not to follow those recommendations, the excess flux could

CSP No clean residue

Mar 15, 2005 | There is equipment available to clean NC residues off low standoff devices, well below 0.8mm (0.031"), from Speedline Technologies- Electrovert and Accel. See this paper under Accel: "High Reliability Underfill Performance through Proper Flip-Chip Die Attach Defluxing"

CP6 Nozzle sticking

Mar 2, 2005 | Try checking your Z height and also make sure that they are cleaned regularly. If the Z height is off your will be pressing your nozzles into the holders thereby causing them to bind up inside the holder. Replace the springs periodically since they do wear out. Also make sure that the vendor you

electrically conductive adhesives

Feb 24, 2005 | Rob: Why aren't the board houses over there going to lead-free HASL [not that HASL is the most wonderful thing on the planet]? What's the price delta on an unit basis for a x-HASL, now imm Ag board? Anyhow back to the point, so, you're proposing to: * Paste, reflow, maybe clean the pads where

Handskin reaction!!

Feb 21, 2005 | . Basically his hands are chapping and are very dry. We use Isoprpoyl Alcohol as cleaning solvent but the guys always where gloves. If any one has experienced similar please let me know. AJ

Hollis TDL wave solder

Feb 14, 2005 | Recently I have started refurbing my companies extremely neglected Hollis TDL wave solder machine. After doing a general cleaning, de-fluxing, and de-greasing I have all the mechanical components back in working order. What i am left with is the electrical panel, which appears to have been altered

Angle of board on wave

Jan 21, 2005 | We have 2 different wave machines. An Electrovert with a foam flux and a Vitronics with a spray flux that is no-clean. We started noticing on the Vitronics that we were flooding inside the wave fixture. After further review we noticed that the angle the boards going across the pot on the Vitronics

Siemens Nozzle Cleaner

Dec 1, 2004 | As far I know, Siemens has a patent for the joining method of the plastic nozzle and the ceramic tip. It is not glued together. Unless you use an acid dissolving the plastic, you may use any cleaning method and the nozzle shouldn�t come apart. However, Siemens informed their customers, that after

No Clean Solder Paste

Nov 15, 2004 | In the most straight foreward terms, low residue fluxes are: * Less expensive than other flux types

Defluxing Advanced Packages

ultra low humidity MSD storage