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Pb-Free wave Soldering - With or Without N2 ?

May 17, 2004 | I disagree about the maintenance issues with tin/copper solder. All high tin content solders are hard on machines (silver or not). More dross? Controlling the back flow, front flow velocity and AVOID constant surface cleaning will reduce your dross production (lead or lead-free). Also, only use

Reference Standard for Plasma Etching or Scrubbing on Flex Ckts

May 14, 2004 | I am having coating adhesion problem with flex circuits. The cover plate material is KAPTON or Poly imide. The conformal coating material used is humiseal 2A64. The boards are cleaned, measuring less than 4 microgram Nacl per sq in. against acceptable value of 10.6 max. The flex circuit is dipped

Wave soldering profiling

Apr 14, 2004 | Frank, Your initial question about temperature profiling is a critical point to a good wave solder process. Especially if you have a No Clean flux. As recommended by many in the thread above, get the Process Data Sheet for your flux (this is not the MSDS). There will be a recommendation range

No Lead BGA Hot Gas Rework

Apr 12, 2004 | . We have no problem removing the Bad BGA and cleaning the pad. Even after installing the new pb free BGA on the site the x-ray looks great and SEM pictures show very good joint properties. My issue is joint reliability. I just can not justify running the reflow profile above 217C to 220C just because

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Mar 25, 2004 | Hi Dave As usual we always enjoy your resourceful & informative responses. We miss Mike and others

Cleaning Water Soluble Flux under BGA's

Mar 24, 2004 | Dreamy It sounds like you are having fun in your new job. Saponifier. Alkaline chemicals, add

No-clean reflow profile

Mar 24, 2004 | Hi Steve My name is Marc Apell, I work for Speedline Technologies. I checked out the Aim web s

fiducial mark

Mar 2, 2004 | To clean up other replys I will add that some most all machines have global correction. Most placements are an off sets from pcb 0,0 usually the lower left corner of the board. When the machine locates the fiduitals and these fids are not exactly where the data indicates they are it will make

Aqueous Technologies SMT800-LD Software Question

Feb 4, 2004 | 't change them, or so I was told by Aqueous Technologies when I called and asked the question. The manual didn't explain how to change them, so that's why I called. But the manual does publish the passwords that are in the machine...they're "Super", and "Clean". So if anyone reads the manual (which is what

Post reflow solder joint inspection

Feb 2, 2004 | solving conference call). He insisted we had unreflowed solder on 1 pilot board. He detemined this from 2 emailed digital photos (that I took). Then he went on to suggest I swithch from a no clean over to a low solids RMA flux type. Can someone eplain to me how a low solids flux type will solve (an

siplace part missing

Dec 13, 2003 | the machine and clean them entirely.

Vapour Degreasing

Dec 2, 2003 | Adam- I would touch base with the three people I have listed below. Touching base with each one will net you every thing about Vapor Cleaning Equipment you would ever want to know. Ultronix Carl Wolf 800-553-7881

PCB wash chlorine

Oct 2, 2003 | Who says the chlorine comes from your tap water? Our PTOW dumps boat loads of chlorine into our water periodically. Sometimes it's so bad you can smell it. We doubt that it is the source of your problem. This chlorine will volitize very quickly, be cleaned by your carbon bed, and probably

Mydata Package Database hints?

Oct 1, 2003 | similar or identical package already in the system somewhere, under a strange name. I have cleaned out a lot of the redundant packages that were under different names using Mydata's web interface and database search functions, but there are several thousand defined Packages in our system. Verifying each


Sep 18, 2003 | the stock 4" diameter arrangement. The nitrogen oven is specified at 150cfm for both entrance and exit exhaust ports. The air cooled oven is 150cfm at the entrance and 300cfm at the exit exhaust. This bias towards the exit side of the oven helps to keep it clean even in a high volume environment

Black pad defect on gold plated boards

Aug 21, 2003 | it must have been contaminated some how in our facility. We cleaned up the joints as best we could and shipped it since it was just a prototype. Electrically, the boards worked fine but the engineer removed an so-8 to try another part and the pads would not accept solder. I can not imagine


Jul 18, 2003 | If you are saying that you have discolored white tin at in-bound inspection, you have bad boards. T

Porosity in Good Plating

Jul 4, 2003 | if your board is bending during assembly. To avoid moisture condensing & creating shot/reistance,You need to have a conformal coating on the soldered leads. Clean the Boards throughly in an ultrasonic cleaner and see the sodlered pads under a high zoom microscope to see if it is surrounded with solder

Thermo-couple attachment

May 7, 2003 | to remove this material cleanly, without damaging the board or component. � Quick curing epoxies like "5 minute" epoxy are rated in the range of 130�C, so they often pop off during reflow.

Whitish Solder Joint

Apr 4, 2003 | the boards to a contract shop for cleaning and testing to assure that their boards absolutely immaculate. Q4: What takes precedence to IPC-A-610C, 6.1 or 7.3? A4: Neither takes precidence. White residues are unacceptable, because they indicate a process that�s not well controlled.

Whitish Solder Joint

Apr 4, 2003 | we recently detected white colour solder joints, across the whole board. we tried to clean with IPA but without effective return of solder joint to shiny joints. Anyone has any ideas on how this post-SMT reflow solder joint could have changed to whitish joint? we use water souble paste with Aqueous

Immersion Gold over Nickle de-wetting problem

Mar 7, 2003 | and cross-section will probably verify that the problem is there, not the gold. There are debates as to what causes this: poor cleaning prior to nickel, galvanic reaction, poor initiation of the nickel bath, problems with the activator (catalyst), static charge, and probably others. We've seen the same

tcm3000 miniature bearing servicing

Feb 14, 2003 | Hello, As an Ex-Sanyo engineer I agree with the previous reply. Use EP1 sparingly. You may find that the nozzle sleeves are scored when you remove them. This is from lack of cleaning. You can only buy the sleeve and bearing from sanyo which is a waste as the bearings (MSB) never wears. The cost

Black pad defect

Feb 11, 2003 | , it will not solder when the gold is dissolved away into the solder. In effect, the gold-contaminated solder may stick to some clean areas of the nickel. * Another possibility is the codeposition of carbon with the nickel, which is another contamination that could cause solder not to bond. The most prudent steps you

Wave Soldering - Icicling/Bridges

Jan 24, 2003 | I am not familiar with your flux but with no-cleans (which I use) the primary cause of icicling is the amount of flux solids left on the board prior to wave and how long the board is in the wave (2.5 to 3.5 seconds should be OK). The amount of flux solids left on the board prior to the wave can

Cleanliness test

Jan 3, 2003 | cleaning, of course). No issue with solvent penetration. 3) If the results are the same�all is well. (Assume, no or little contamination). 4) If the results are not the same (assuming more contamination detected on �lifted components� boards), then I am in trouble (double trouble) a. I am not washing well

Cleanliness test

Jan 2, 2003 | no or little contamination, you should rest assured that the board is clean. If a ROSE tester indicates a moderate level of contamination, then additional testing may be required to determine if the contamination was evenly distributed across the board of concentrated under a component. Because destructive

Type 4 & Type 5 Paste Control?

Nov 14, 2002 | during use? how about any cleaning (WS?) needs *hint: ionic contamination level verifications?*?

Fine Pitch QFP100 Solder Joint - Need Help!

Oct 30, 2002 | is just a shiny line between the pad and the lead bonding them together then the toe with a 25% solder rise. The side of the termination lead looked the same before and after reflow which i suspect to have oxidised. It seems like the flux did not activate and clean that area. Is it a sign of a bad joint

Cleaning Oxides from BGA's

Oct 18, 2002 | David- You are correct!!! DING DING DING!!!! Here is an overview from the ACI website: ACI offe

Gold plated board, with csp's and 0603 with no clean apetures

Sep 26, 2002 | Both you and a previous poster are correct. Grainy / shiney solder are not a good indicator of a pr

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Sep 23, 2002 | Actually I didn't really think it was that blatant. He has something that could solve the problem o

PCB's for oven profile testing

Aug 28, 2002 | that needed it. Disadvantages- Depending on the flux you use, you may have some cleaning to do afterwards. You need an operator with some mechanical aptitude and soldering knowledge to set up the right nozzle, adjust the board holder, etc. They are easy to operate once it's ready, but many operators

PCB's for oven profile testing

Aug 26, 2002 | components on the board, consider wave soldering the connectors to the board. * I sense that you are not telling us something. Do you want to come clean?

PCB manufacture

Aug 20, 2002 | => Dry Hot Air Solder Level: Preclean => Rinse => Flux Coat => Solder Coat => Hot Air Level => Cool => Soft Brush => Post Clean Rinse => Dry Look here http://www.epa

Indium No-clean and Inert Reflow oven (N2)

Aug 2, 2002 | interesting, not at all what we were told so yes lot's of contradictions comming from them, I have t

ESD Control Set-up

Jul 9, 2002 | that are safe and areas that are not safe. Conductive flooring without wax just cleaned and buffed for maintenance works well. Using multiple systems in multiple areas tends to confuse people. Using one standard method usualy works better because people will use it as routine and you will have less need

BGA rework

May 22, 2002 | very good results this way. I am using a tacky no clean flux to hold IC in place, brand name Kester, in a 30CC syringe for applying. It works great, it must be stored refrigerated at 36-40`F, the results are good enough to not warrant a BGA placer/ rework station at $30K. Regards, Phil Johnson Sr Eng

Calculating PCB surface area

May 17, 2002 | . Keep in mind, ionic contamination testers are used to verify the performance of a cleaning process. Although current standards allow a max contamination of < 1.56 micrograms / cm^2, no one breathes a sigh of relief if the results are 1.55. As long as you�re seeing results in the 0.0 � 0.3 range

Bad Buisness

Apr 23, 2002 | will not be clean and that drags down moral. With out the service people the machines will stop. there is no excuse for poor or rude handling of a customer or a vendor. The customer is never wrong. Or more accurately the customer may not be right, but he is never wrong. engineers also need to call the factory

0402 tombstoning

Apr 11, 2002 | 18 thou is better than the more common 25 thou. REFLOW RECIPE: Have not tested different solder recipes, but be careful with fast ramp up. SOLDER PASTE: Solder paste with same commercial characteristics ( Type 3, 63/37, No-clean ) gave different results. IMBALANCES: Generally, tomb

adhesive on pads

Mar 29, 2002 | in SMT but it's all no clean after that, so it's going to see a wave cycle after getting wet. I figure it'll get dry there, but will the epoxy absorb enough moisture down the road to create reliability concerns? As to root cause, shouldn't I be able to expect enough green strength from my epoxy to hold

Through-hole Connector Wave Solder Questions

Feb 20, 2002 | our flex is only .050" thick, we had to open the through-hole and solder it. Oh, and we have to use no-clean flux as well (my first experience with it). This leaves me two issues that are currently happening: 1. I am getting bridging between at least 2 of the pins on 75% of every trailing edge

physical law of Dewetting

Nov 1, 2001 | issues as well as process issues. From first glance both defects appear the same. Remember in most no-clean and all RMA (Rosin Mildly Active) pastes the rosin/flux is by design not as able to wett the lands as well as the older pastes were. As Wolfgang had said you need to watch the times on your

Through-hole/SM mix

Oct 15, 2001 | also ask your wave solder machine vendor for a recommendation. As mentioned, these can get expensive and may not work well on your production line. The pallet has to cool before it can be used again, and will need regular cleaning to remove flux residues. Good luck, Mike

Through-hole/SM mix

Oct 15, 2001 | also ask your wave solder machine vendor for a recommendation. As mentioned, these can get expensive and may not work well on your production line. The pallet has to cool before it can be used again, and will need regular cleaning to remove flux residues. Good luck, Mike

Saponifier needed to stop

Oct 8, 2001 | . The customer in question is adamant about using a saponifier because his environmental testing of the PCBA came out "clean" once a saponifier had been used. I could not get much info out of him. He didn't know the paste or processes used by his former CM. I will probably get a batch cleaner for PCBA

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Sep 25, 2001 | them with a good degree of accuracy. I think the main problem we have is controlling the amount of flux applied to the pads. We are using new micro BGAs - not the old ones - and applying a thick no-clean flux to hold the part in place. The amount of flux applied depends on the operator applying it

Board support issues

Sep 19, 2001 | ). If the print looks good, then you may be dealing with a different issue. I�ll wait to hear back from you before getting too involved with the scenarios. Clean the same board and print it again, this time having the tooling pins equally distributed on the table to ensure uniform coverage and best overall

Stainless Steel in wash system

Sep 19, 2001 | , that it is difficult to remove the scale build-up simply by using a de-scaler. You may have to manually clean the chamber with a readily available bathroom cleanser such as Vanish. Be sure to prevent the liquid cleaner from entering the drain lines that connect the chamber to the sump tank as it could cause excessive

Defluxing Advanced Packages

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