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Quad 4c not placing components

Sep 5, 2019 | off this afternoon and try to strip it down and clean it out. I still think that with alignment disabled this shouldn't be relevant, but it does appear to scan every component regardless (I don't know what settings - align type/height - it's using though as I've not told it any parameters). Many

Quad 4c not placing components

Sep 4, 2019 | , or detect it and cause a failure - but I don't know which (if either) it's doing. Again though: still fails with the laser align off. 3. It's a CyberOptics laser if that makes any difference? I'll have a go at cleaning it. If the alignment is disabled though (extent is "empty" for all

Have You Ever Meet the Same Problems in Wedge Bonding ?

Jul 4, 2019 | in V groove of the wedge leads to loss of energy? Need to clean it timely. Causes and solutions of scratch on wire surface? 1.Chamfer diameter damage. 2.The wire itself is damaged. 3.Surface damage of wire clamping position. 4.The clip is not open. 5.The wire is being over dragged when bonding. 6.The

Flason SMT Products

Oct 4, 2018 | /product/China-SMT-reflow-oven-Factory-directly-price.html class=roll href="" target="_blank">

Compact Reflow Ovens?

Jun 21, 2018 | I haven't used either of them but... The Essemtec distributors & their engineers over here do quite like the RO400 & 300 (typically not much to do on a service but clean them) and the places I am aware of that use them are happy enough with them too. They did experiment with selling some Chinese

pad cratering

Jul 1, 2015 | to the presence of a memory socket, so currently we think that the strain during assembly and ICT is OK (but maybe we should check this) the PCBA has double reflow (top-bottom) and selective soldering for the memory socket, the reflow soldering process is no-clean, max number of repair cycles is 3 in our specs

Temperature variation Heller 1707 EXL

Aug 14, 2013 | , 1 for cool down, All 3 of these attract a lot more flux and dust than any other blower, we clean them every other year. Make sure your draft inducer is running well. The cool zone intake has a baffle on it, make sure the baffle is in place and on ours covers 1/2 the intake. There are baffles

FR-4 PCB Material Recycling?

Feb 20, 2012 | ="_blank"> * Clean Harbors, Inc; 1501 Washington St, PO Box 859048, Braintree, MA 02185-9048; 800-444-4244 * Chemical Waste Management, Central Customer Service, 3003 Butterfield Rd, Oakbrook, IL 60521; 800-843-360 * BFI Industrial Waste Services, Central Customer Service, 225-778-3800 * Fox Electronics

Scrapping Electronic PCB's

Jul 26, 2008 | ="_blank"> * Clean Harbors, Inc; 1501 Washington St, PO Box 859048, Braintree, MA 02185-9048; 800-444-4244 * Chemical Waste Management, Central Customer Service, 3003 Butterfield Rd, Oakbrook, IL 60521; 800-843-360 * BFI Industrial Waste Services, Central Customer Service, 225-778-3800 * Fox Electronics

Selective moving pot vs fixed pot

Jul 10, 2008 | OA and no clean fluxes if desired (internal for NC). Programming can be somewhat cumbersome but can be picked up in a reasonable amount of time by a good tech/process eng. We have no connection with Vitronics other than as a customer of many years as they are our preferred reflow oven supplier

Selective Solder Recommendations

Jun 30, 2008 | small nozzles or static pots. dross build up WILL occur no matter what sales guy tells you otherwise. it will clog the nozzle or static pot, so be ready to have an operator or maint person do daily or shift PMs to keep this clean. Again it depends on your design. Delta-T is another area of concern

Disposal of ultrasonic cleaning water

Jun 24, 2008 | I know it is not what you want to hear, but first and foremost, you must consult your local regulati

Solder wetting to ENIG pads

May 14, 2008 | . When AIM suggested we increase the front end temperatures, it made some sense...activate the flux earlier in reflow, to help in cleaning the pads of any potential contamination, to allow better reflow. The end result, though, seems to have pushed us towards too long in reflow, and, potentially

expired solder paste

Apr 3, 2008 | Potential impacts of using expired solder paste are [University of Bolton]: * Changed paste rheology. Result: poor print quality * Loss of solvents. Result: reduced flux activity * Changed flux formulation. Result: More difficult to clean flux residues * Solvent loss. Result: reduced tack force

Stainless Steel tabs in brd assemblies

Jan 3, 2008 | Recommended procedure for soldering stainless steel [Atlas Steels Australia]: * Surfaces must be clean and free of oxidation. * A rough surface improves adherence of the solder, so roughening with grinding wheel, file or coarse abrasive paper is recommended. * Use a phosphoric acid based flux

Fuji CP-6 Feeder Maintenance Programs

Oct 26, 2007 | on normal ammount of pickups they do. We normally start with a cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, an ocular check and then put it in the calibation jig for a verification. If everything is ok we give them a new marking of month, register their number in our excel file and then back to production

MyData Missing Placements

Jul 13, 2007 | and keeping the C14 tip clean has reduced the missing part occurrence rate to .02-.03% (200-300PPM). However, this problem is reported to have occurred before the jaws were installed and the jaws were, in fact, installed to combat the same issue. Irony can be a jagged pill. I suspect that the original

Solder reflow temperatures too high

Jan 11, 2007 | : Adding new solder to old solder that will not reflow at normal temps cures the problem just enough to clean the old solder off or remove the component in question. R: This makes sense. Mixing an alloy with a lower liquidus temperature to a high melting temperature will lower the liquidus temperature

Lead-free PCB: After Effect

Aug 22, 2006 | quality after drilling is not as good as standard material, Shelf life on its Pre-Pregs is 3 mos versus 6 mos for std FR406 Material and availability is a Pain. Manufacturing time is also increased due to longer Desmear time after drill to clean the holes out and press time at Lamination to cure

Mis-alignment Headaches

Jul 11, 2006 | , cleaned & greased the cams & followers. Checked vacuum. Made numerous adjustments to part data, proper data & programs. Removed the cooling fan filters & run the machine with the electrical cabinets open in case its an overheating problem. The only thing I can put it down to now is an irregularity

Problems with SN100C in a Soltec Delta C Wave

Jun 13, 2006 | be the problem.Without being familiar with the fluxer you are using it might be it's cleaning itself in between runs and might have some alcohol or water in the head of the fluxer instead of just flux depending the flux you are using. An easy solution is if it's just the first boards on the pallet is put blank

Palladium poor wetting

May 23, 2006 | Alpha Metals OM-338 data sheet: ATMOSPHERE: Clean-dry air or nitrogen atmosphere. PROFILE (SAC Alloys): A straight ramp profile @ 0.8�C to 1.7oC per second ramp rate is recommended (TAL 35-90 sec and peak 232-250oC). (1) Higher density assemblies may require preheating within the profile and may

Via holes and Wave Solder

Mar 13, 2006 | jwabs. Anyway, about ICT. I see these machine run too. Our ICT guy says he needs all the vias on the bottom of the board soldered. So I reduce the flux cause he says he has to clean the flux off his pins. Then I slow the conveyor so the heaters don't dry up the flux. Then I lower the wave cause I

Internal Oven Calibration

Feb 10, 2006 | . Assure your oven is running correctly and readings are correct. Parallel porting off of each thermalcouple works best. Parts from Omega work well, and they even make face plates for these things to mount too. Gives your oven a very clean look.

saponifiers compatible with CPVC

Jan 17, 2006 | bicarbonate (baking soda). The baking soda purportedly enhanced the chemistry�s cleaning ability. Unfortunately, the abrasive nature of baking soda also caused pump seals and other seals to fail prematurely. There are a number of very good aqueous chemicals available today. Here is a partial list

gold wire bonding

Dec 28, 2005 | bonding. Ball bond to the substrate and stitch bond to the die. Use MacDermid Sterling Silver plating instead of ENIG. It works for me. You can gold ball bond to it. I can anyway. Not nearly as good as thick gold but it works well with little rework. One caution here. The PCB has to be clean

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Nov 17, 2005 | With DIP type components, a sub-par fluxing method (foaming a no-clean), and a chip wave where one is not needed are formulas for bridging and insufficient wetting. If you have SMD's on the wave solder side of the board greater than 0603, and no SOT23's, and all SMD's in the "correct" orientation

Batch Ovens

Nov 2, 2005 | one would be worth getting if it's clean. If you can get someone to loan you a profiler you will get a much better result. The problem I see that batch ovens will never be able to solve is how to keep the profile repeating each time. The oven gets hot, and you cannot get rid of all the hot air after

Solder mask discoloration

Aug 17, 2005 | Flux: no clean, halide free Top side max PCB temp 110C Wash&Rinse cycle 8min at 130F in DI with saponifier, Dry 1 min at 100F Following link shows PCB images with white milky masks after wave soldering AND WASH. It does not seem to be surface residues (IPA has no effect).

I am Jack Liu, I must clarify all of things in this business!

Aug 10, 2005 | is been cleaned and tested. All missing and defective parts are been replaced. Corroded linear bearings are to be named defective and have to be replaced. If the part is defective, it automatically looses its title �used�. OEM�s also supply used refurbished machines. They even replace parts, which

competeing with CEI of Singaphore?

May 13, 2005 | can be done to create economical advantages over here is review the product flow and eliminate process steps with current existing technology. Process steps that can safely be eliminated are cleaning, visual inspection, post wave assembly etc. (process steps not adding value or improve quality

Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Aug 18, 2004 | , and then only power up on Sunday night before Mondays production. But apart from that, the wave is a really well build device, and it's working really well with almost no maintenance required. It's worth cleaning the spray fluxer after each production run. We have it configured as first zone cal rod

Electromigration Testing

Jul 1, 2004 | , �For the electromigration test, we ran two groups together (supplier A and supplier B) and supplier A, which uses no-clean flux, had the high contamination levels (between 20 - 80 ug/in^2) and supplier B contamination levels were between 6-7 ug/n^2.� * Does that mean that you use two assembly

adhesive for thermocouple

Apr 30, 2004 | , especially for quick trouble shooting. � It also requires careful fixturing to insure that the thermocouple junction stays in contact with the surface to be measured, throughout the oven cure cycle. � It is difficult to remove this material cleanly, without damaging the board or component. � Quick curing

Universal 4796HSP D2332 Unit drivers

Sep 10, 2003 | of these failures can be attributed to simple overtemp conditions or mechanical stress. Customers who do not keep the cooling fan filters clean on their machines tend to see a higher failure rate due to higher operating temperatures within the area of the machine that these cards reside. Universal Instruments


Feb 26, 2003 | . These are probably the most important steps for ensuring a quality product is being produced and that the process itself is repeatable. There's a lot of fancy stuff out there to replace a QC person (AOI), but if you take the extra 15-20 minutes up front to ensure a clean start (depending on population time

Foam Fluxer - Porous Cylinder

Dec 26, 2002 | . For instance: * Upto a week: Keep the stone covered with 1/2 inch of flux. * Longer than a week: ** Clean the flux stone as follows: *** After draining the old flux from the system, refill the system with the proper flux thinner. Fill the flux pot to at least 1 inch over the top of the stone. Performance

component baking

Aug 16, 2002 | print. * Some tantalum capacitors take on moisture and we solder them after board cleaning. * 98 per cent of our MSD don�t cause us to miss a beat. * Accounting for exposure time is not a trivial problem. Firms sell bar code software to help manage this issue. For us, �poor planning� drives

No Clean Selective Solder

Aug 1, 2002 | Chris, I don't know what machine your using, but we're also playing with one at the moment and do

BGA Reliability

Jul 24, 2002 | of my customer time to market issues. Mainly by assembly houses or rework houses lacking experience and assmeblying boards with poor profiles, not baking chips, not cleaning water soluble fluxes out from under the package well enough. BGA's also appear to be more sensitive to black pad or plating

Wave soldering PWB with foil surface.

Apr 24, 2002 | delivers 2 seconds dwell (contact) time. [From a Sandia Laboratories chart] * Immersion depth (1/3 to 2/3 of the board) has the least impact of any variable in wave soldering * Pot temperature: 460-480�F [240-260�C]. * Topside temperature entering wave: Aqueous flux - 180-220�F [82-104�C] No-clean flux

Universal instruments registration "UIC IS EXAMPLE ONLY"

Apr 17, 2002 | out. The other thing that makes me laugh is the blatant disregard for the used market. Here's an example. I've got a Panasonic MPA-3 that I have taken off the floor, brought into my facility to clean and/or refurb. I will sell this machine to a customer that would never in a million years consider a

Selective wave selection

Apr 1, 2002 | , measurement, indication, etc) * Nitrogen consumption and ppm levels, if running no-clean flux * PCB recognition (ie, fiducial, hard-stop, etc) * Preheating profile adjustment and control (ie, ramp rate, peak temperature, dwell, etc) * Warped PCB damage avoidance. * Ease of programming. Properly

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Sep 24, 2001 | First question - do you have a rework station? If so, are you experiencing the same type of failures there? I have successfully used no-clean on uBGA's in the past. 6 mil solder bumps, 10 mil spacing. 88 sites. Are you reusing previously soldered uBGA's? If so, have you guaranteed to your self

Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's

Aug 8, 2001 | us into. Which would make it less likely there's a solderability problem.] Good try tho. Two more things: 1 We have not wave soldered ceramic in years. We reflow ceramic exclusively. Could you give us more detail on your process, materials, etc.? How are you cleaning this thing? 2 We had a

Contamination test

Jul 30, 2001 | You should specify the level of res based on the effect of the res on the end-use of the product. J-STD-001 defines cleanliness requirements for ALL flux types, including water soluble and no-clean that you mention. 1 There is no equivalency between Omega-meter vs Ionograph vs Zero-ion. J

J-STD-002 and -003 solderability testing...

Jun 30, 2001 | Nice to have you back on SMTnet. Some of the newer folk have missed-out on the solid contributions you�ve made to the Forum. The chicken wire cleaning basket was a classic!!! [It�s a shame that the folk at SMTnet can�t recover those files.] We buy the majority of our components through

Incoming Water Quality

Jun 11, 2001 | , wave, and hand soldering operations. * Handling of these materials. * Cleaning operations. All of the minerals [and other stuff] in water affect its resistivity [megohm-cm], er conductivity {1/[resistivity]} in microsiemens-cm, either of which can be measured. Our tap water is ~50k ohm. Public water

Thermocouple attachment on fine pitch component.

Apr 11, 2001 | requires careful fixturing to insure that the thermocouple junction stays in contact with the surface to be measured, throughout the oven cure cycle. * It is difficult to remove this material cleanly, without damaging the board or component. � Quick curing epoxies like "5 minute" epoxy are rated

Desperately looking for help

Dec 13, 2000 | the component is missing carefully with solder wick which can be bought at any electronic shop for hobbyists for little money, - clean the area with isopropanol or something similar - apply a small amount of fresh solder ( use thin solder wire with flux core ) to one pad using one (small) iron with temperature

PCB Component Counters

Led testing color sensors