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IPA versus Stencil Cleaning Solution

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 09:34:25 EDT 2017 | cyber_wolf

In my experience there is no need for wet wiping stencils. We run 0201'and micro BGA's daily with no issues. If you are having paste release issues, I would be looking at other things. Aperture area aspect ratio, aperture design, land design, sold

uBGA (.5mm pitch) printing woes

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 08:45:02 EDT 2017 | dleeper

In my experience with similar sized parts, the nano coatings (or what ever your supplier might call them) do help with repeatable paste release. How are you cleaning your stencils? A big red flag to me is that your stencil worked fine for the first


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 15:03:08 EDT 2017 | emeto

From what I know from people using it - it is a great machine. Allows you to have unique shape and amount of paste for every single pad. Great for small volumes, prototyping series and a great replacement for step stencils and any other occasions, wh

QFN84 Solder Printing Issue (QFN with Inner LGA Pad)

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 13:55:44 EST 2017 | emeto

Brikainis, it looks like these vias are not plated and closed. I would say that thickness of your paste is lifting the part. Are you willing to try another stencil with ground pad apertures matching the via holes? It is probably worth trying. Anothe

printed solder paste life time

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 07 07:40:31 EST 2018 | mohammad

Hi everybody. I'm new at SMT soldering. I'm using a stencil to print solder paste on PCB. and my board has 0402 components that it make assembling process long so I can't complete a set of board in a day and I have to continue in the next day. what

SMT Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 01:59:18 EST 2018 | ameenullakhan

Hi Dave, Thank you. I have been through IPC 7525A. But our boards bit more complicated and quality requirements are very stringent. 7525A doesn't help for much extent. Any other you have gone through and found to be very good to understand and lear

Stencil life

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 03:04:24 EDT 2018 | tsvetan

We usually replace stencil when we start to get problems with the solder paste printing i.e. uneven solder paste deposit etc. Until then it doesn't matter how many years ago it's manufactured, but how many prints it passes and if the operators didn't

Stencil and paste used for .4mm pitch csp component ball size .3mm?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 13:21:59 EDT 2018 | babe7362000

What do others use as far as solder paste type, stencil thickness and aperature size for a .4mm Ball Pitch CSP. Ball diameter is .3mm. Please let me know your thoughts or what you use. Thanks

Stencil and paste used for .4mm pitch csp component ball size .3mm?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 03:16:20 EDT 2018 | cannizzaro

It is recommended that the thickness of the stencil of 0.1mm, the steel mesh should be partially nano-coated. It is best not to dry easily, and the particles are not easy to be too large. I have tried ALLPCB for this kind of BGA in the past and they

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 06 03:43:00 EDT 2018 | cmchoue

Dear Experts, Have any paper or data talking about the design guideline for avoiding BGA solder bridge? I desire to know the rule(guideline)that compare difference stencil thickness and safe solder design distance (air gap) can avoid bridge.

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