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MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 05 16:26:53 EDT 2006 | Bill

Thinking about this auto-mode on Grid-Lok..... Ok, the board is warped, lets say positively, the pins conform to the warped board... what about the effect on top side and squeegee pressure? It will be much higher and could damage stencils, right? Pos

Pasting ahead

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 04 07:46:36 EST 2006 | itwasbill

Hi all, What are the pro's and cons of pasting ahead? The definition of pasting ahead for this question is the act of pasting 10 or 15 pc boards and then running then repeat. I do not like this philosophy. I'd prefer to paste, run, reflow then

Lead Free paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 16:14:25 EST 2006 | realchunks

Assuming you meant 38 percent humidity - I would have to say your environment is only part of the problem. When you experience this problem, is because the paste has set idle for a period of time? If you knead the paste does the fine pitch print OK

Streaking at Screen Printing

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 14:08:32 EST 2006 | slthomas

"I did change blades and we did try another printer, problem still exists and it is across several different products but only that line." Not sure what that means since you reference "only that line" in the same phrase as "did try another printer".

Pump Stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 04:12:37 EST 2007 | AR

Hi I know that pump stencil technology can be used to print adhesive on boards with TH components already placed and clinched, but what about solder paste? The production sequence goes like this: First the jumper wires are placed and clinched with

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 10:43:57 EDT 2007 | flipit

Hi, Anyone seeing difficulty is soldering MLFs or QFN with lead free solder? I have an MLF with 3 rows of pads on each of the 4 sides of the part and then the large center ground plane in the middle. The part is 20 mil pitch. Had good luck with l

MLF / QFN Lead Free Shorting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 14:53:19 EDT 2007 | flipit

Hi, We were running with few defects with lead solder paste. The lead solder paste with stencil 0.010" X 0.020" and 0.004" thick stencil produced near defect free PCB assys. 0.010" X 0.020" (0.004" thick) lead = defect free 0.010" X 0.020" (0.005"

Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 19:27:50 EDT 2007 | kevinjm

We have a similiar problem with kester em907, a pb free paste. You say that your AOI system picks up blocked apertures, do you mean that the printers own camera looks at the stencil and sees apertures blocked? Or, is it picking up insufficient paste

Small board washer needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 13:08:59 EDT 2007 | Mike Konrad

The best method of cleaning misprinted boards is with a stencil cleaner. I would not recommend the use of a spray-in-air system for misprints. Spray systems can cause solder paste to become embedded into vias and under components (if double sided).

QFP area solder paste shifted

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 19:32:49 EDT 2007 | davef

Welcome Jimmy Let's mince words to help focus on the issues. When you say "QFP area solder paste shifted," do you mean: * Paste printed on land pattern perfectly, but moves after printing. * Paste printed off the land pattern, even though the stenci

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