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Mydata MY500

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 00:21:26 EDT 2012 | tech1

If you cannot put paste down with a stencil, have exhausted all other avenues on putting paste down and the MY500 is the only machine that can put the paste where you want it... Buy it.

Latest Technology for Stencil Foil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 11:10:57 EDT 2012 | capse

hi, SMTNet has a good source for your info at; http://www.smtnet.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_company&company_id=53734 I've worked with Chrys Shea (Shea Engineering Services) in the past. She is extremely knowledgeable on printing.

Latest Technology for Stencil Foil

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 14:21:59 EDT 2012 | davef

Here's a link to a recent article on the topic that was posted in the SMTnet Library http://www.smtnet.com/library/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_article&article_id=1759

QFN aligment issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 29 15:41:58 EDT 2012 | dontfeedphils

I guess I would atribute it to either board stretch/warpage or someone messed up, whether it be the gerbers aren't quite right or the stencil wasn't cut exaclty as the checkplot was laid out.


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 02 14:20:41 EDT 2012 | dekhead

I like the ones from Bliss. http://www.blissindustries.com/fr_index.htm?/products/stencilframehandling/stencilframe.htm DEKHEAD


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 09:09:40 EDT 2012 | stentech

you can contact me at rob@stentech.com I will have someone contact you and send you a quote. We have racks for 20 x 20 , 29 x 29, foils , Vectorguard etc. regards Rob

Solder Paste Controls

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 15:45:51 EDT 2012 | davef

I agree with Ka. I can't think of a solder paste supplier that doesn't tell you to let your paste come to room temperature before putting the paste on the stencil.

Problems with diode during wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 06:17:48 EDT 2012 | mbnetto

Hi Melissa, thanks for you reply... I'll increase the placement force on this component so that it touchs better the board pad. Maybe it couldnt help due to stencil aperture. Maybe I'll have to change it. If you have more ideas, please share with m

DEK screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 09:20:05 EDT 2012 | georgert

When possible we put 2 images on a stencil to save money and storage space. I was told the DEK can not use offset images, Is this true?

Ultrasonics Stencil Cleaner-CH-2408

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 18:56:27 EST 2012 | cdeguchi

Hello, We are going through auditing and the auditor requests that we need to have some type of document indicate whether or nor this unit is required for annual calibration. Please kindly reply to this request. Thank you,

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