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BGA Rework Kit

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 05:55:52 EST 2004 | Repair Process Tech

When we need to apply paste during BGA rework we normally order a stencil from our stencil vendor. In most cases all we need to do is tell them the assembly and location plus quantity and they do the rest for us. Usually we'll have several types of a

Re: Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 11:48:35 EDT 2000 | Mike Konrad

Advantages of using a stencil cleaner verses manually cleaning stencils: 1. Using a stencil cleaner ensures no direct contact between operator and solder paste (lead being the primary concern). 2. Most stencil cleaners remove 100% of the solder p

Re: Electropolishing Laser-Cut Stencils

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 15 12:22:57 EDT 1998 | Steve Moore

Electropolishing definitely improves the print characteristics of both Laser-cut and Chem-etch stencils. The caveat here is avoid over polishing which results in rounding of the edges and/or enlargement of the openings. Over polishing is typically th

Re: about solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 06 02:23:50 EDT 2000 | Marcus

What about your printer and your stencil ? Do you have a problem with misalignment between pcb and stencil ? How often do you clean your stencil during production ? Maybe you have smearing under the stencil because there is a snapoff between stencil

Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 15:37:32 EDT 2001 | Claude_Couture

Kerryn, It's the first time I hear someone who needs an automated inspection machine to check the cleanliness of stencils. Why not improve on the cleaning method itself. I use ultrasonic batch cleaner. It takes 3 minutes to clean a stencil, 2 minutes

Re: Stencils Universal?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 09:30:35 EST 1999 | Dan Hughes

Nancy, The mounting hole locations in most standard frames are the universal in both the screen and stencil industry, more over some of the newer machines clamp the frame in place. Most printers are very adjustable this way. If you were using a "qu

Stencil Inspection Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 16:33:45 EDT 2001 | Mike Konrad

Kerry, Why don't you purchase a decent stencil cleaning system that will not leave behind dry solder paste rather than purchasing a machine to tell you how dirty your stencils are? For less than the cost of a stencil inspection station, one can pur

Labeling of SMT solder stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 21:46:16 EDT 2004 | jeremyt

I work for a major OEM as well, and we have close to 1000 stencils in house. We just recently went to a new way of labeling our stencils. We ordered metal ID tags out of McMaster, and assigned a Number to each stencil. We then attached each tag to t

Stencil Tension

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 11:15:10 EDT 2004 | davef

We assume by "stencil tension" you mean a measurement of how securely [or how tauntly] the stencil foil is held in the stencil frame. If so, we do not know how you would go about making your "30 ~ 50 N/cm" limit measurement when verifying conformanc

RoHS and stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 11:56:51 EST 2006 | Brad

We have a customer that is transitioning to RoHS compliant assemblies. Their layouts are not changing from the old boards to the compliant ones so the stencils will remain unchanged. They are going through a transition phase where both will be buil

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