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0402 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 09:03:45 EST 2003 | Russ Roberts

Greetings, I am pretty new to SMT production, and have learned much from this forum. I am getting ready to build a CCA with many 0402 parts that are really close together. I consider these fine pitch. The board also has two QFPS, so my stencil design

interchangeable stencil frame systems

Electronics Forum | Fri May 04 18:55:49 EDT 2001 | johnthor

actually the "yellow lite" part of my posting was simply spoofing Dave's light up band-aid wrappers. But seriously (again) most high temperature Kapton polyimide film tapes, like 3M #92 and #1205, develop a considerable charge when unrolled or remov

Tombstoning issues!!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 09 21:09:22 EDT 2008 | elias67

Is the stencil opening rectangular? Home Plate? What is the spacing between the pads on the stencil for the component?

Solder Ball issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 06:33:43 EDT 2011 | janz

try to use stencil with "home plate" (arrow head) shapes of appertures for chips components. Any supplier of stencil can support you with this kind of design. janz

Tombstoning 0306's

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 11:37:27 EDT 2005 | ???

Try home-plated the stencil apertures, and make "V" shape home-plated outside edges of two pads instead of between two pads.

Home plate aperture holes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 14:56:01 EDT 2001 | stevenamacdonald

One of our board vendors recently switched their stencil design to home plate apertures. Since the change the quality and yield of their PCB's has went south, Could this process change be the cause?

Local Fiducials

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 20 10:15:13 EDT 2006 | wrongway

mid chip solder balls we had that trouble for awhile we went from a 8 mil thick stencil to 6 mil stencil and did some home plate style of cut outs in the stencil for the 1206 caps and resistors it seemed to fix our mid chip solder balls

Tombstoneing LEDs

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 09:21:45 EDT 2010 | doug_johnson

I am havein a lot of trouble with KINGBRIGHT LEDs tombstoning in the reflow oven. It is a PLCC2 package. The stencil apatures are home plated. Can anyone help me

solder ball

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 17:21:22 EDT 2002 | jasonfang

I found solderballs are around chip components (on one side of middle area), I checked gerber data, solder paste of aperture on the stencil for these chip components have 5% reduction to solder land on PCB, shape of solder land are square, not home p

Epoxy on bottom of SMT component

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 22:38:05 EST 2007 | shy

Hi Dback, Yes, i'm open "dog bone" aperture for my chip component. this is to prevent solder ball issue. For fine pitch i'm opening square with full length and half width to prevent bridging. Btw, if "dog bone" is not for chip component, what is your

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