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electroformed stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 09:18:34 EDT 1999 | Al Carrillo

Hi everybody, Somebody know the advantages of electroformed stencils on laser cut stencils ? any coment is apreciated. thanks Al

01005 stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 04 14:23:47 EST 2011 | mosborne1

Does anyone have any recomendations on 01005 stencil aperatures? Stencil thickness?

Component stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 18:52:51 EST 2004 | davef

"Google" rework stencil

stepped stencils

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 13:38:09 EST 2014 | jsmorse

Are there any tricks to cleaning a stepped stencil while in use. There seems to always be paste left behind around the recesses of the stencil. We have tried many different wipe combinations and don't seem to be having much luck with it. The machi

polyimide stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 10:49:46 EST 1998 | fraser

I keep hearing about polyimide stencils, but what are they like in terms of registration and aperture accuracy?

Microscreen stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 10:16:14 EST 2005 | PWH

I've had stencils delaminate when accidentally left in the UT cleaner for excessive time.

stepped stencils

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 19:55:30 EST 2006 | pjc

Not sure on stepped stencil designs, very application specific. Try consulting with your stencil supplier. Most of the big suppliers have applications engineering support. You can send them your board data and they can review and advise. Also, consid

Frameless stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri May 28 19:43:32 EDT 1999 | Peter Wong

We are looking into frameless stencil systems for screen printing. Outside frame size of 29x29. Pros: smaller storage requirements and cheaper stencils. Cons: sharp metal edges, additional change over time required Can anyone relay their experien

Microscreen stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 08:14:55 EST 2005 | cyber_wolf

We seem to be having a problem with our stencils delaminating from the emulsion quite frequently. Does anyone else out there that buys stencils from Microscreen have this problem ?

Microscreen stencils

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 26 10:24:20 EST 2005 | billyd

Dude - one thing you may want to look at is the detergent your adding to your stencil wash. If it's geared for epoxy removal, it will also remove "that" epoxy as well. The rule of thumb is, under one year, the manufacturer fixes the stencil, over one

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