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IC Solder Voiding

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 13:07:52 EST 2019 | emeto

Steve Thomas pointed the right question. Go and verify the design for this part. I thing it might be causing the void.

Dead link

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 17:10:22 EDT 2000 | pgarsoe

The link to the paper from the following page in your library: is dead. I have been unable to obtain any response from my attempts at registration, so in my frustration have decided that maybe you guys oughtta at least know about it. Regards, Steve

Factory Lighting - specs and measurement ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 01:03:17 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, thanks for the input from everyone, that standard shared with us (courtesy from Steve Thomas), ties in with what the majority have to say. Cheers!

PickNPlace machine suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 17:17:28 EDT 2007 | wayne123

I agree with Steve Thomas, The Quad IVC is a good machine for what you have described, it is small, chugs right along and is dependable. 1 head makes for some boredome watching it but is well over the 500 component mark. Good Luck with your purchase.

what is the max print speed? thanks for your help

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 22:24:40 EDT 2007 | lvzhu

Dear Steve Thomas, you mean your print speed has reached 400 mm/s? i want to know what solderpaste you use, whether not contain lead or leadfree? thank you .

Always a new treat with new clients

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 20:39:07 EDT 2006 | davef

"This is why I liked the OEM world." Talk about someone whose meds require adjustment. Aren't you the same Steve Thomas that worked for a speaker company with the blanked-up: * Design engineers * Marketing people * Chinese subs * Bloggers sabotagin

Golden Finger contamination with Solder after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 14:58:56 EST 2017 | davef

Determine the origin of the solder * Sloppy paste printing technique * Lax stencil underside cleaning practices * Sloppy misprint cleaning practices * Poor part placement practices creating solder balls * Poor material control allowing solder p

QFN welding problem by reflux oven 10 zones

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 12:59:06 EST 2020 | astarotf

Hi Steve Thomas Effectively by IPC-610 standard specifies in the "content 8.2.13 Quad Flat Pack Plastic Package - Without Terminals (PQFN), Table 8-13, page 8-84" which depending on the class of manufacture notes 2-5 of the table, which in theory do

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 11:06:43 EDT 2007 | gmoritz

Steve Thomas: Thank you for the well-written, helpful explanations. Fastek: You must be an accountant. Your advice was totally correct, but of absolutely no use whatsoever. Why even post it? I was basically told; Suprise! You are in charge of o

paste release from stencil, and volume calculation

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 07 10:54:21 EST 1999 | Steve Thomas

We're looking at redesigning our stencils to facilitate better (well, it's pretty much non-existant, so any improvement is a big leap) release from fine pitch apertures. Currently we have perpendicular walled laser cut apertures. We'll be having

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