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Siplace PnP

Nov 27, 2019 |


Dec 14, 2018 | High quality coated blades are easier to clean but has zero affect to solder paste sticking.

Component tape

Jan 14, 2016 | Hello, after we finish project (mydata) we unload tape from feeder and place a stick on the edge of

Flux wave on PCBs

Mar 11, 2015 |

Type 3 Solder Print/Squeegee Speed

Mar 5, 2014 | Very good suggestion. We have MPM Speedline printers. Typically we stick with the default after prov

Solder Pot Draining

Sep 20, 2013 |

Solder Pot Draining

Sep 19, 2013 |

Juki Laser Alignment

May 15, 2013 | Also make sure nozzle retraction is ok, if nozzle shafts stick at different heights can effect laser

Placement Force

Feb 8, 2013 |

Conformal Coating Issues

Jun 8, 2012 | Umar, it may never be solved. Some coatings just do not stick to some substrates. Have you tried usi


May 22, 2012 | By belt feeder, do you mean tape & reel? By stick feeder, do you mean vibratory? Tape & reel is th


May 18, 2012 |

Issues with getting e-mail notifications to post responses

May 16, 2012 | Hats off to Dave, Roland & Mike * Dave for highlighting the problem and sticking with it 'til it wa

Placing Luxeon Rebel

May 11, 2011 | LED sticking in nozzles are such a problem, seem everyone has issues with this from time to time.

Fuji IP1 stopped CHECK FEEDER STATION 1 error - please help

Jan 19, 2011 | The user manual says: Cause: A stick feeder part shuttle is in the advanced position where it cou

Mydata My9 placing issues

May 26, 2010 |

Has anyone bought or used a Inspex xray system?

Mar 8, 2010 | I would stick with either FocalSpot or Phoenix (GE). Both are excellent systems. FocalSpot has a new

Agilis Feeder Inserts

Jan 20, 2010 | While on the topic of feeders I would like to ask a question about the Mydata Tube or stick feeders.

Lead Free Solder Paste Evaluation

Apr 8, 2009 | I am looking to use a no clean and want to stick with SAC305 Steve, What would you recommend from Ai

Lead Free finish

Oct 29, 2008 | Thanks for the feedback dave. What kind of problems am I liely to face if I was to stick it out with

Silver Immersion Problem

Sep 27, 2008 | Hello all, Just had a problem where the solder paste does not want to stick to the pad, thru the

Contamination under chip resistor array

Aug 21, 2008 | Thanks Dave, I will be sticking with Manufacturing Engineering. These are good guidelines but wha

BGA Installation with IR unsolder

May 20, 2008 | I just set that as you said, but the component doesn't stick on the board. I use AMTECh Flux type: R

Fiducial replacements?

Jan 2, 2008 | No Chunks, I did not tell him to "stick it", yet. I've decided on a new way of handling this ID

QP341E Trouble

Aug 17, 2007 |

Philips Topaz programming question

Aug 6, 2007 | Because our method for providing power to the stick feeders is clunky and temporary and with FES car

Stencil Thickness

Jun 18, 2007 | 5mil should work fine. Some stencil manufacturers charge more if you go less than 5mil so stick wit

soulder SMT Mat

May 16, 2007 |


May 3, 2007 | I found it on white led. It's the gel lens sticking to the nozzle. Instead the yellow/blu/green le

Component Search

Apr 25, 2007 |

4790 replacement

Jan 26, 2007 | If you are already purchasing an Advantis your best bet for ease of programming would be sticking wi

Lead Free paste

Dec 6, 2006 |

Best IP to get?

Sep 28, 2006 | Stick with what you already know. A GSM1 with a 4 spindle head is the way to go. Its excellent for

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 25, 2006 | I've used those kapton, stick-on "stencils" a few times. Worked well for us. Toughest part is gett

pcb components vacuum pick up

Fluid Dispense Pump Integration