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Components Sticky troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 12 21:38:02 EST 2019 | peterhuang

Does anyone encounter components sticky problems? I think it should be ESD problem in cover tape.

Components Sticky troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 22 21:56:17 EST 2019 | sssamw

yes, contamination could cause sticky also.

SMT tape boards!

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 30 19:22:11 EST 2005 | mrduckmann2000

Ken is not of this World! His equipment and "Programming Team" is perfect. The rest of the world uses "sticky" boards when programming. "ALL" the big guys...Panasonic, Fuji...etc suggest using the "sticky" method beofre running any production boar

Components Sticky troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 10:00:37 EST 2019 | sangbui

Hello, We have the same problem as you. We have used Acetone to remove sticky successful. Thank you

Solid Solder Deposit

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 19:10:53 EDT 2004 | celldude

wash->ssd top->wash->sticky flux bottom side->place smt components->reflow->wash->sticky flux top side->place topside smt components->reflow->wash) ssd is basically the process of applying solder paste to the pcb with a stencil and the solder reflowe

yellow residue

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 15:37:22 EDT 2006 | russ

Sounds like a rosin flux. Is it sticky as well? Russ

BGA Repair Medium

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 10:25:49 EDT 2006 | wrongway

we use a stencil and aply paste to the BGA have used sticky flux but prefer pasting the BGA

LED sticking into carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 10:13:24 EDT 2017 | proceng1

Are the parts kept in a humidity controlled environment ? Perhaps a little humidity is making the silicon "sticky".

Components Sticky troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 22 22:10:07 EST 2019 | peterhuang

Whatever, we process the cover tape to troubleshoot the provlem.

Components Sticky troubleshooting

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 02:23:57 EDT 2020 | peterhuang

We can use cover tape to solve, SMT throwing rate can be reduced to less than 3%.

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