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temperature range

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 20 04:39:19 EST 2000 | SV

Hello, I have to design a PCB for which the customer have the following temperature requirements: -55degC to +85degC operating temp. -61degC to +125degC storage temp. My question is: does the FR4 material meet this conditions? Which are the parame

Do yo have to bake unused bare boards or just Vacuum Pack?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 15:54:13 EDT 2006 | davef

It depends. What is: * Storage environment and period * Board laminate, epoxy, and copper thickness of PTH * Down stream process * Etc FR4 0.062" thick boards absorb between 0.08 to 0.1%Wt of moisture within a 24 hour period, and 0.2 to 0.23%Wt in

PCB Baking

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 28 01:10:32 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi I don't know what FR4 you are using, so check it out to make sure 125 isn't too high. I have seen this done occassionally when the PCBs have bad moisture or other problemx where baking helps prior to assembly and solder, yet I haven't seen it do

Storage Conditions for Finished Goods

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 13:59:54 EST 2005 | mdemos1

Hi. I am looking for information on storing completed PCBAs in a warehouse environment. My current assemblies use standard FR4 material - 4 to 6 layers. Component types range from 0402s to fine pitch QFPs and micro-BGAs. If I were to store this i

What is the MSL of a PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 15:48:58 EST 2015 | natashakt

170 degrees Celsius) and regular FR4 materials. I am trying to see if we can use table 5 on page 14, "Recommended Equivalent Total Floor Life (Days)" to find out how long (at specific humidity and temperature) our populated and unpopulated PCB's can

Re: Baking FR-4 PWB's prior to reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 04:14:49 EST 2000 | Marc

Charlie B: You mentioned that you have an air conditioned environment and a RH 0rf 50, baking the boards is predominately done when the history of the PCB delivery and / or previous storage conditions are un known. When I was with a CM, we did this a

Re: temperature range

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 17:44:10 EST 2000 | Dave F

Gawd. Sure FR-4 will meet those conditions. Tg [check the fine SMTnet Archives for discussion on Tg] of FR-4 is 130�F or so. Consider: * Is the delT between Tg and the upper operating [or storage] temperature acceptable for your application? * D

Questions About Risk of PCB Delamination as a Result of Moisture Build Up After Damage to Solder Mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 15:36:27 EDT 2019 | davef

Josh, are you setting someone up with these questions? Answers to your questions related to the subject line follow: Q1. Does the Epoxy Solder Mask Layer of a PCB protect against moisture absorption? Is this a primary function of the solder mask?

Re: Contamination causing shorts.

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 25 07:07:02 EDT 1999 | Brian

| I need a memory jog. What is the term for the growth of conductive contamination after a board is in storage or field? | There are several different mechanisms which can cause this. In reality, ionic contamination is the root cause for many of the

Teflon PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 26 17:01:52 EDT 2001 | davef

We process no Teflon boards. Companies, such as Rogers and Taconic, make laminates of Polytetrafluoroethylene [PTFE] er �Teflon�. Common �Teflon� laminates are: * Woven glass / PTFE * Random microfiber glass / PTFE * Ceramic / PTFE * Woven glass /

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