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Flux Pen or Flux Syring

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 17:32:44 EDT 2011 | davef

It depends on the flux and the down-stream processing ... * If there is adequate down-stream cleaning: We are ambivalent. * If the flux is low residue and there in no down-stream cleaning: We don't like using a syringe because it squirts liquid flux

Need CPU board for JetStream reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 10 15:09:17 EDT 2015 | Stefan

We have a 3-zone reflow even, JetStream, manufactured by Automation Ltd., UK, in 2002. I am looking for a CPU board for it. Is there anyone that can help me find it?


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 05:13:24 EDT 1999 | Paul Gerits

Hi Jorge, As you know SMEMA is a world standard (means it is the same at every vendor and each machine), at DEK you can buy (if not already implemented in your printer) SMEMA communication option. This is a pcb which is set in the machine to enable

SMEMA compatability

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 12:10:31 EST 2004 | caldon

SMEMA is not just conveyor height. It also is Conveyor width, Edge Clearance, Tooling pins, Maximun Machine gap, and Lead in of conveyor. Additional, SMEMA is a machine communications Protocol for machine to machine or machine to conveyor communicati

in-line testing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 13:43:20 EDT 2005 | pjc

I sell in-line ATE/ICT systems. They are designed to identify passed or failed boards coming off the tester(s). You can do so with a 90 deg. diverter and an extra magazine loader. The ICT machine knows which has passed and which has failed, so it com

Clear plastic SMT tapes - what plastic grade for recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 21:44:58 EST 2015 | proy

Well both materials are thermo plastics and > recyclable. But it is diffficult to separe into > streams. Do you have any process to do this? I can sort them and keep them separate, the problem I am having is finding a way to get titis properly in

Wave soldering SMT component spacing

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 16:47:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Ooops, sorry Peter. [Those pesky decimal points.] I meant to say �150-200 thou�. There is a fair amount of 'Kentucky Windage' in this due to: * Height of the component and the down-stream spacing. * Chip wave capabilities.

IP3 Feeder for large cap.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 24 21:11:05 EST 2004 | longpham246

Contact Lean Stream in San Jose California, ask for Bob Jones at 408-605-0141 for best solution. He has new feeder at extremely low cost that work out best for me. Long Pham

Vitronics Unitherm 500

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 18:17:33 EDT 2005 | pde

The encoder is a sealed encoder located on the down stream end of the oven. Call Vitronics / Soltec for tech support. There is a calibration procedure for adjusting the belt speed to compensate for loaded and un loaded conditions. Soltec can give you

A Meaty one for you clever guys in production

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 09:39:44 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

We utilize something called value stream mapping. It's actually quite simple and works well. You can do a search for it on the web.

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