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board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 09:25:42 EST 2001 | davef

Maybe. While it doesn't help with your current problem, there is nothing that says that you cannot impose requirements in your purchase order that are stricter than D-300.

board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 13:04:35 EST 2001 | slthomas

We've got a problem with a fine pitch board that has about .005" registration error at each end (towards the center of the board) when it's printed. Apparently we've got a case of board stretch generated at the fab shop. I still have to do some mea

board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 17:12:40 EST 2001 | slthomas

Thanks, Dave. Three courtesy cheers for specifications written to reflect the capabilities of the part suppliers, even if they fail to meet the purchaser's (not unreasonable) process req'ts. In the meantime, I'm sure my stencil guy would be more

board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 16:14:47 EST 2001 | davef

Yes!!! How can we assemble boards with 20 pitch when we allow 0.008� error to the master art? Excellent question!!! IPC-D-300G has nothing to do with assembler requirements. It is written by and for fabricators, so that they can be comfortable.

Pre-bake times and temperature for polyimide boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 10:05:20 EST 2005 | Dreamsniper

we are using polyimide boards 6 inches x 7 inches, 2.5mm thick, 12 to 14 layers, for aerospace industries. I am using a long bake of 12 hours at 70'C prior to manufacturing or exposure to elevated reflow and wave soldering temperature. If schedule i


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