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Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 09:54:01 EDT 2012 | swag

We build all our stuff in "kits" as you describe. We don't have much trouble running short on parts at the end although most of our equip. is new which helps a lot. We also have feeders that can run in reverse on set-up stations and we reload parts

Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 17:49:16 EDT 2012 | dyoungquist

We run a Mydata high mix, low volume line. You can handle strips with either the Agilis feeders (losing the first 5-10 parts) or by placing the strip on the Y or tray wagons. For cheap parts like resistors, capacitors, some diodes and small ICs, ou

Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 09:25:09 EDT 2012 | tbouslog

Our company has recently changed the way our cage gives our SMT Department their parts to try to better control inventory. SMT now instead of recieving reels recieves strips with only 2-20 extra parts depending and the size/cost of the part. Does any

Smt parts in strips

Electronics Forum | Fri May 04 12:19:53 EDT 2012 | gnus

I'm guessing you're running small batches of boards on the MyDatas. We had the same issue with management when they decided to save on parts (not realizing it cost them more in time and more frustration for us). We had Agilis feeders so that helped.

Fuji versus Mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 16:06:36 EST 2007 | peterson

Mydata machines are very solid. They are always upgradable since the base machine is essentially the same. Recent advancements in camera and feeders have increase placement speed. However, this is generally not the machine you would select and expect

Fuji versus Mydata

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 13:14:55 EST 2007 | stepheniii

I personaly have used both and for where I am currently Mydata is best for us. However I agree with the stick with what you know suggestion. Go Fuji. Make sure your management isn't looking at Mydata for fast changeovers. Process is the main facto

Calibration of feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 08:36:01 EDT 2004 | rlackey

CP6/7 feeders are mechanical indexing machines, and the springs, cams etc wear over time leading to misfeeds & increased attrition. You can just strip & repair but especially on the 8x2 feeders the pick up position is critical. John, I'd check with

Mydata vib feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 17:36:31 EST 2005 | Grant

Hi, Yes MYDATA vibration feeders are a nightmare, but you might want to check the feeder. We had one that would vary a lot, and it never seemed to be able to be set to the right vibration level for consistent feeding. It turned out to have a problem

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 12 17:34:39 EST 2017 | spoiltforchoice

A pattern emerges, but really I think it means plan/optimise for your day/week not a single job. Our machine uses 10's, this means there's a significant chunk of the feeder that is not easily accessible if something like a brass shim gets stuck or f

Juki & Cut Tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 20:12:13 EST 2006 | Frank

The strip tape tray feeder is not practical if you have a lot of different strips. What about using splicing? Take some empty tape and splice it on to the front of your strips?

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