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What's The Dealy-O With Smocks?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 16:48:53 EST 2005 | slthomas

"Complete nudity underneath the SKIN-TIGHT-FULL-BODY-SUIT, ..." Not in the plants I'VE worked in.

ESD Flooring

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 11:55:20 EST 2006 | Brick

SuMoTe, Do you wear the bunny suit style Smock?

Immersion Tin

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 10:32:57 EDT 2006 | russ

Change finishes. immersion tin In my opinion is only suited ofr a single thermal excursion

APEX Venue!!

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 24 00:01:14 EST 2007 | siverts

Hello there, Leisure Suit Larry Had a good time at the APEX Venue?


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 08:34:39 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64386317

Supplier would like to know the appropriate ball height to ensure suit to SMT and underfill process. Undefill using epoxy.

Electra Wave Solder Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 17:03:37 EDT 2002 | Mick

The Electra and Electra 500 are basically the same. 20 or 24" As far as the other items Spray fluxer type can be picky on flux type(solids content etc)and also there are choices for selective spraying Check out finger conveyor config - may suit palle

New equipment evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 02 17:50:11 EDT 2012 | hegemon

Rather than a catalogue af all the machines and their specs, you might start by defining what YOUR requirements are... some machines are better suited for low mix, high throughput, some better suited for low volume, high changeover rate. Ask yoursel


Electronics Forum | Wed May 10 06:21:59 EDT 2000 | GOLI

I have been tasked to evaluate the performance of 0201 capability of machines. I trying to find out what kind of paste and stencil design most suited for the task. Does anyone share their experiences with 0201 components?

TSSOP/SOIC conversion socket

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 05:40:25 EST 2001 | peterbarton

There is a company here in the UK that specialises in manufacturing adapters for converting from one footprint to another, maybe they have already done this particular combination. If not they will design and manufacture to suit. They are: PRS Limit

Inspection Machine Capability

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 16:41:55 EDT 2001 | davef

Automatic optical inspection machine suppliers seem to tailor their machines for different tasks [eg, paste inspection, component ID & positioning, reflowed solder quality]. Is this observation accurate? If not, why? If so, what characteristics of

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