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Line tech in need of help

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 15:20:46 EST 2001 | jollyrodger

thanks very much for your advice on the form flex tooling for the DEK265 - I will forward this information on to my managers. Superb idea!

Solder printing issues

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 23 11:34:52 EST 2002 | mark

There is some superb tooling offered by a company called Transiton Automation, http://www.board-lok.com. There are some different choices, full molded tooing ... a service,... and re-usable fine grid pin array tooling.

Oven for lead free...???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 21:28:44 EDT 2004 | KEN

BTU is a very reputable company. They make superb products that are reliable. Very solid, feature packed software. Heller.....well.... did I mention BTU?

Circuit cam related software

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 14:33:45 EDT 2005 | PeteP

CircuitCam offers great support, a superb product and CheckPoint can handle the Bill of Material comparison tasking you asked about. Friendly staff, good training and I do not receive endorsements $$$$. Just a good product.

AOI Joint Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 10 09:34:58 EDT 2008 | dwelch123

We use a Marantz ISpector and as long as you program it correctly, taking into consideration any shadowing from adjacent parts, it does a superb job catching non-solders, head in pillow and insufficients.

Fuji Aimex or NXT II

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 20:29:00 EST 2010 | fujiphil

For SMT machines, FUJI is one of the best. NXT2, speed and accuracy are excellent. AIMEX is a new machine. I do not know if this machine already release in the market. As far as I know, AIMEX is much faster than NXT2. Machine are maintenance friend

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 01 04:01:08 EDT 2001 | wbu

You got the right feeling for that I guess but what if somebody else is doing your trick, is it still repeatable? Personally I wouldn�t trust that method more than the brushing. Did you try the dipping method ? The thing from Dave with this "card-com

Pick and Place tutorials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 15:34:22 EDT 2003 | johnpatricelli

It won't help your operation of a pick and place machine, but if you are just beginning to train your Operators, an excellent beginners' reference for SMT parts and package recognition can be found at TopLine Dummy Components' website, http://www.top

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Sun May 23 19:43:29 EDT 2004 | Alan

Hi Grant, most of my experience is with the range of Fuji equipment, CP's, IP's, QP's. I have not worked with the CP7 yet. With the proper training, Fuji equipment is superb to work with and will run for years. My only Universal experience

Oven for lead free...???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 20:13:39 EDT 2004 | grayman

The same with Russ, I would look at Vitronics and BTU. based on my experience they give best results especially on the profile. Maintenace is also superb! BTU has modular blower, heater T/C assy. Vitronics is "XPM - NO PM System" Now, BTU offers lif

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