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Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 16:51:30 EST 2004 | tds

It was manufactured by Qualitek for E-Vert for a long time. I don't know if they still do. Electroverts name for the material was Kleenox and Qualitek's was Super Deox. I have some Super Deox for sale. My phone number is 330-724-3333.

Hyper BGA and Super BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 03:51:14 EDT 2004 | HARAN

I was told by my boss that the new product will be transfered to my facility will have the Super BGA and Hyper BGA.Can I know what is the difference of these 2 components compared to normal BGA.Is there any difference in the assembly process and requ

Hyper BGA and Super BGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 08:24:16 EDT 2004 | davef

HyperBGA: http://www-306.ibm.com/chips/techlib/techlib.nsf/techdocs/852569B20050FF7785256996004C8AFA/$file/hyperbga.pdf SuperBGA: http://www.amkor.com/Products/all_products/sbga.cfm

Removing Loctite glue from board / bga

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 16:37:46 EDT 2006 | davef

We too doubt that you have super glue on your BGA. If you want advice on removing super glue, look here: * http://www.supergluecorp.com/removingsuperglue.html * http://www.loctiteproducts.com/questions.asp?answerme=116

Removing Loctite glue from board / bga

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 02 10:10:18 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

HAHAHAHA ! Did you read the section about getting super glue off lips ? How could you accidentally super glue your lips together? Funny stuff man.....

Qualitek Super Deox H

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 16:42:45 EST 2008 | gsala

Hello, does anyone of you have experience by using Qualitek Super Deox H, dross reducer on Lead Free solder pot ? Any concern by using it ? Thank you Regards......GSx

Qualitek Super Deox H

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 21:56:07 EST 2008 | davef

A couple years ago there was a buzz here on SMTnet about P. Kay Metal MS2. The Super Deox sounds smilar.


Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 10 22:05:32 EST 2015 | mdang

Does anyone know the default password for Fuji CP8 Super User? Thank you, -Michael

Seeking a USA + European representative for super Dryers

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 12:00:54 EDT 2001 | jaquet

A Japanese electronic dryers manufacturer seeks representatives within USA and Europe.

Type K thermocouple for Super M.O.L.E

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 03 05:19:59 EST 2001 | Ben

Hi I have question about thermocouple type use for Super M.O.L.E. I found in some article that type K T/C (Nickel-Chromium vs. Nickel-Aluminum) may suffer from temperature cycling hysteresis at above 250 degree C and also diffecult to solder. Now

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