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power supply

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 08:41:10 EST 2001 | dliechti

I have to design a power supply which converts 220V AC into 5V smothed DC. It has to be very small, so it shouldn't have a big transformer. Has somebody a scheme of a circuit? Thanks

supply Siemens SMD tape

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 04:10:21 EDT 2005 | vera1001

hello piotrm: i am vera from china,we can supply Simens SMD tape for you with OEM. if you are interesting,kindly contact me directly. vera www.comofaje.com vera@comofaje.com

supply Siemens SMD tape

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 05:43:14 EDT 2005 | PF

piotr can you contact me at piotr.flor@ecrag.ch?

N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 12:46:17 EST 2005 | jimk

Does anyone have experience in N2 supply source for reflow oven (1000scfh) other than N2 generator? Tanks, liquid, etc. We are in the developement stages of lead free processing and would like a quick, short term solution for providing N2 to a Concep

N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 19:30:29 EST 2005 | KEN

If economical is what your looking for the atmosphere already contains 20 odd percent nitrogen. Why the need to use N2 with lead free?

N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 03:23:58 EST 2005 | py (france)

ken, in order to improve the wettability I suppose.... But it seems that jimk wants N2 for the reflow owen even if he does not need N2... ==== jimk: see air-liquide, linde gaz, and praxair , you can by N2 liquid in tank , or any other conditionnemen

N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 15 10:34:19 EST 2005 | Patrick

Jimk: My company is a major global manufacturer and supplier of liquid nitrogen. We also provide technical support for electronics applications and aid users in equipping/retrofitting their soldering equipment for nitrogen use. What general state/pr

N2 delivery supply

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 15 12:20:47 EST 2005 | Material Man

The use of nitrogen in lead free wave solder operations is primarily used to reduce or even eliminate drossing of the solder, thus improving solder yield. The higher priced lead free solder makeup (Cu, Ag) make this a more economical proces than the

BTU VIP70 3 Phase supply

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 08:40:40 EDT 2006 | dallen

This is a long shot, but can anybody advise on the supplies for a BTU oven. It is currently in the UK and is supplied by a 415V 4 wire. That is 3 phases and a neutral. We need to ship it to our plant in Mexico where they have a 480V 3 wire supply.

driving triacs in power supply

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 24 06:00:50 EDT 2004 | zlatkon

I need to build regulated power supply 0-30V 0-20 Amps. The only solution possible for minimizing the thermal loss is to use triacs on the secondary Trafo side in order to cut the sine for low voltage output and great current. (like 5V, 20A). Please

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