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dual sided surface mount

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 11:32:23 EDT 2002 | barryg

Hello everyone. We are interested in doing double sided surface mount. What methods are there for doing this. I know you can wave solder some smt components, but what are the limitations. Is there a method of doing this that uses 2 different solder p

Bright surface mount led's?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 14:17:27 EDT 2005 | Jay Salonen

Hello, Does anybody know is there available surface mount leds as bright as You can find at http://www.set-system.com ? See the brightest ones? (superflux types would be ok for me). Thanks in advance

Bright surface mount led's?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 14:37:26 EDT 2005 | Claude_Couture

Check superbrightleds.com

Bright surface mount led's?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 21:38:05 EDT 2005 | Jay Salonen

Thank's I'll check that out :)

RF surface mount assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 12:43:40 EDT 2000 | rcroteau

RF pcb is all gold with no typical land patterns and multiple surface mount components sharing the same pad. IPC-610-B doesn't speak to inspection criteria. The problems I'm seeing are, insufficient solder, skewed components. Some of the pads have

Bright surface mount led's?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 03:53:52 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi Doug, Can they be mounted on standard FR4 PCBs & reflowed at Lead Free temperatures? Cheers, Rob.

dual sided surface mount

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 12:10:14 EDT 2002 | jax

Different Solder types are not needed. Surface tension will hold most. Plenty of info in the archives about reflow profiles, weight limitations, etc...

surface mount pads

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 19:52:47 EDT 1999 | Garth Monlux

I need to know the recommended pad layout for a 44r package. The part is an atmel flash AT49F004. Is there a standard that I can look at?

Re: surface mount pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 15:38:00 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Garth: There is no standard. Try the component supplier for a first cut at the pad layout. They should know better than anyone. Good luck. Dave F

Bright surface mount led's?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 15:01:29 EDT 2005 | GEB

Hi, The brightest ones that I use are Luxeon LEDs which are rated at 5W, which is pretty bright for an LED, you can't look at them when they're on. Heres the link http://www.luxeon.com/gallery/?filter=luminaires

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