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Solder ball specifications?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 11:47:15 EST 2002 | Joe B.

Are there any formalized standards for the properties of solder balls? Example properties: sphericity uniformity(variance) of the ball size distribution surface roughness surface oxidation or other surface treatments/contaminants ?? As someone rela

BGA Underfill

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 20:31:53 EDT 2001 | davef

We never underfill BGA, but then again our products are not blasted into space. Certainly you need to provide enough room for the dispense head to move around the component in the pattern appropriate for the underfill you plan to use. Probably more

Plating for aluminum wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 15 20:24:13 EST 2003 | ramanandkini

Thanks Mr.Dave. Sorry for the delay. One of our major prolems in ENIG plated surface is that wire does not stick. For many years we were getting a bond strength of 14 grams in both ENIG and electroplated surfaces. Now one vendor supplies ENIG boards

PCB board preperation

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 03:46:09 EST 2014 | philc

Just wondering why you need to scuff the surface at all, as a decent glue should take to the PCB material anyway. However, it may be a customer requirement, so you have to do it. Have you thought about getting the PCB's made with a rough surface wh

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 25 07:44:18 EDT 2004 | adanhn

I agree with DaveF and Rob.Also check the nozzle for any rough surfaces. Good Luck.


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 11 16:16:52 EST 1999 | Jenna Sweterlitsch

This question is directed to anyone having eperience with Sn62Pb36Ag2 solder balls for BGA's. Have you seen anything like a rough, raisin-like surface texture after ball attach? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks!

sot363 placement issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 12 09:33:10 EDT 2006 | jdengler

We had a similar problem and needed to slow the cam speed. The surface of our component was rough so I suspect we did not get a good seal for the vacuum and the component was drifting on the nozzle after the camera. Jerry

Re: Silver Inclusion In Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 30 04:53:08 EDT 2002 | jason

Hi Dr Lee, Recently, I was assigned to use Ag imm. PCB using 63/37 solder paste without Ag. The results were not fantastic. Surface finish was rough and lots of wetting issue. The oven profile soaking time was set at 70 secs above 183�C and Max tem

Solderability problem II

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 12:03:46 EST 2009 | black5629

We are encountering similar problem as yesterdays posting, with solder not sticking to the pads but wicking to the leads on Leaded HAL finish boards, except we have tried two different solder paste lots with similar result. The oven profile and paste

Carbon Ink vs Immersion Gold for key pads.

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 15:00:44 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

It all depends on process, design and environment in which the contacts are used. Both have excellent conductivity characteristics Both don't oxidize over time On the other hand gold is much softer then carbon, and after hitting that contact a gazil

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