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Types of ProFlow

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 14 02:48:55 EST 2003 | erhard

Can anyone give me informations how tell the different ProFlow systems from each other? There are casetty systems, refillable systems, refillable systems with temperature control, casette systems with software controlled pressure regulation and refil

interchangeable stencil frame systems

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 13:42:54 EDT 2001 | pzohbon

Does anyone know of any interchangeable stencil frame systems? We use Alpha's Metals Smart Frame system,but it is heavy and cumbersome. Also, are there any quality issues that prove the interchangeable system is not as repeatable as the permanently

Vision Inspection Systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 30 11:35:29 EDT 1998 | Ray N. Lopez Mata

Hello - I am interested in obtaining information on the possibility of integrating a Vision Inspection System with an SMT line. I am aware of systems which may be used to gather placement data and such, but are there any systems which are able to tak


Electronics Forum | Thu May 25 10:58:38 EDT 2006 | barryg

Does anyone out there have much experiance with the testronics bench aoi system? We apperently cannot get a demo and are considering the testronics and a mirtec system. Any other systems out there that are in the 25-60k range you would recommend?

Re: Is AOI any good

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 10:52:52 EDT 2000 | Peter Loten

we actually make AOI systems so I'm biased, but it really depends on what problems you have (or think you have). Systems like Scanning systems tend to be lower cost and have some physical limits but will not do as much asan inline system with camera'

Stainless Steel in wash system

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 14 09:15:06 EDT 2001 | ksfacinelli

We have two batch systems here. The systems have worked very well but the interior stainless steel is very dull. We are running a DI based open loop system for cleaning primarily a WS flux. In special cases we have used ArmaKleen E-2001 and Alpha

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 16:46:17 EST 2002 | timreisenleiter

Any experience with the Conceptronic freedom-2000/HGR2000 system? I have the opportunity to pick one up for about 15k USD. The system new is approximately 51K, putting it into the high end of BGA/CSP/chip-scale rework systems, the specs. are really h

DEK VectorGuard stencil system.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 17:53:21 EDT 2008 | pms

Anyone out there using this system ? We have been using the older DEK Vectra system. I don't like it, never did, but do like the small storage footprint, and are stencil supplier is showing signs that this system is gonna be obselete in the near fut

SMT Machine spares inventory management

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 09:16:17 EDT 2009 | fredc

Martin, 2 of my customers use inventory management systems. One refers to their system as tigers. This may be a system they developed for themselves. I am not sure what the acronym stands for. The other refered to their system as kanban. It is named

Whats new in 3D AOI?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 19:58:00 EDT 2017 | methos1979

Wondering how many out there have upgraded their AOI systems to 3D technology? For those that have here are some questions I have: 1.) What system were you using previously? 2.) What systems did you evaluate in your process of selecting a new syst

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