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DEK 265LT Rising Table Position Error

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 16 12:49:36 EDT 2006 | magszoo

I'm hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on this error we've been getting on our DEK 265LT printer. Several months ago we began getting a "Rising table position error" after the operator would open the hood to load paste or after changi

CP4 of death

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 12:01:17 EDT 2006 | daxman

Just thought I'd post and let you all know, SMT Research helped me identify the issue here. Turns out it's the outer moveable rail on the XY table. The clamp bracket brakes were in bad shape, and the outer rail was slipping.

265 GSX printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 16:44:20 EDT 2016 | travishemen

It could be the brake for the rising table. I don't remember if it runs on 44 volts but if it is bad it will prevent the table from moving and may blow the fuse.

MPM AP-20 z-tower falling/sliding down?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 10:34:10 EDT 2009 | chrisgriffin

The Z axis is overloading. Could be a connector between the top of the table and the bottom of the rails, or a faulty motor, z-brake, or driver. Good luck!

CP4 of death

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 10:07:18 EDT 2006 | vikkaraja

Have you checked the table itself. It seen it where either a PCB lifter or adjustble rail brake is operating properly.

Fuji CP43 placement

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 12:04:15 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

Usually they can be fixed. The clamping brakes get flat spots worn on them.(Replace them) The table frame itself can get grooves worn in it as well. In that case you will need to get creative..a new frame could get pricey. I am not saying that this

Dek Infinity - Rising Table Error (Position Error) during start up

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 14 05:01:29 EST 2023 | leeg

Sounds like the brake may have gone?

Table top conformal coatings systems

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 23 13:52:01 EST 2012 | cobham1

We are looking to puchase a table top conformal coating system. Can anyone tell me what to look for and are there systems that wont brake the bank.

MPM Ultrapint series 2000

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 21:25:47 EDT 2006 | Chris

Try raising the table in Calibrate mode. Sensor or Tactile connector could be contacting the underside of the rails and overloading the axis. Check for 24V on the Z-axis brake. Check the fuse(F5) and voltage to the driver. Check DIP switch settin

DEK 265LT Rising Table Position Error

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 16 15:47:08 EDT 2006 | dekhead

95% possibility to the ballscrew... which is no ones favorite to replace. As far as the table situation now. I'm guessing that you have verified that the motor has power and the brake is not engaged. Does it still give a position error? or does it g

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