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Do you use a graphics tablet?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 07:03:12 EDT 2021 | jiandan

I'm thinking of buying a graphics tablet for processing work - not a heavy duty amount. Can anyone recommend a tablet and give me an idea what I should look out for? I use Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator to do some sketching, learn logo design

Introduce Tablets to reduce dross

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 22:35:57 EDT 2000 | Suan

Is there any tablets to reducce Dross Produced by the chemical reaction of the solder pot.If there is ,please recommend and to what extent is the % reduction do we expected to see. thank you Panas

Filemaker Pro Data collection for inspection and shop progress

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 03 17:43:31 EST 2009 | proy

Hi Wondering if anyone here is/are filemaker Pro users? I am writing a simple data collection program in Filemaker for pre-solder, pre-test inspection to replace paper sheets. Together with wireless touchscreen tablets I think this is going to be

Lower Temperature Processing- Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 04:28:05 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Solder Pastes are used particularly in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for a wide variety of applications, including hand-held electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets, computer motherboards, consumer electronic products, net

Component usage/Reel sizes

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 18 15:06:18 EST 2021 | robl

0805 has been considered old technology by the component manufacturers for 15+ years. Industrially it's the 0402 100n as the most used part, throw in tablets and mobile phones and it's probably the 0201 100nf or 10nf.

Dry solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 01:49:34 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Hi I completely agree with you. Also, the Dry Solder paste can be used in wireless repair operations such as the repair of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other handheld devices. The lead-free solder paste can be squeegeed through the apertures of

place BGA by FUJI IP3

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 03:24:53 EDT 2002 | Gang shen

today I succeed placing the BGA at the other table(table2), the part data is only changed with "pitch_limit"=50%,lead_check_ area=50%,lead_brightness=0. but when I process vision at the tale1(which equipped the MTU),still failed,the error message is

webcam self recording with memory and battery

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 09:17:23 EST 2012 | proceng1

This may not help you, but If you use an Android Phone or tablet (you can get a tripod). There is a free app called Daily Roads Voyager. It is made to be a "dashcam" for a trucker. It records video to the SD card and segments it in 60 second piece

Alternative to nitrogen atmosphere cabinet for storage of parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 12:58:38 EST 2021 | jeremy_leaf

Hi SMTnet. I have a series of sensitive parts and solder preforms which degrade when exposed to oxygen and moisture. It seems the standard way of protecting these components is to use a nitrogen purged cabinet as storage. This seems to use a lot of

What maintenance application do you use?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 16:44:20 EDT 2022 | SMTA-68235204

We currently are using the HIPPO system. It is a nice program. It's cloud based so nothing is stored on sight. This was helpful when my computer crashed. You can add an immense amount of information into the system. If you can think it you can enter

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