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BGA rework clearance

Apr 26, 2019 | We just apply tacky flux to the surrounding components and to the bottom side components under the B

Solder Ball Attach

Sep 24, 2018 |

63/37 HASL Finish / RoHS Solder Paste

Dec 11, 2016 | What type of flux is in your solder paste? Active or No-Clean? With lead free solder you really sh

Straddle-mount connectors

Jul 24, 2015 |

LGA Rework

Mar 27, 2015 | We reflow solder balls to the LGA using a tacky paste flux. Then we install the LGA to the PCB usin

Tacky Flux Recommendations

Jun 3, 2013 | Hello, I'm looking for a recommendation on a good water soluble tacky flux. We would be using th

Stencil cleaner

Feb 11, 2013 |

printed circuit board assembly

Aug 6, 2012 | Contact Sipad Systems and see if your board is a match for their process. They use a flux that stays

BGA re-reflow

Dec 24, 2011 |

BGA Corner

Jun 15, 2011 |

BGA Corner

Jun 10, 2011 |

80/20 Au/Sn Solder and Proper FLux Selection

Jan 17, 2011 | All: I am reaching out to get some suggestions on the right flux to use as well as a recommended

Solder Paste Printing to 0.005

Jan 4, 2011 | We've been doing this for over 10 years using flux. We print a tacky flux first using an 0.002 or 0

Water Soluble Tacky Flux Low Halide for Rework

Jun 11, 2010 | Does anyone have good/bad experiences with tacky fluxes for rework? Which vendor/formula should I st

BGA Placement Process

Mar 26, 2010 | Hello Graham, We are currently using Tacky Gel Flux during our replacement process. We dip the BG


Mar 4, 2010 | Hi, Duane, Why don't you try Tacky Flux /Tacky paste flux?

BGA flux dipping process

Jun 4, 2009 | For low volume work and repair, just use a brush dipped in tacky flux to apply flux to the ball arra

Voiding issue

Jul 25, 2008 |

Solder Paste Dry out

Mar 5, 2008 |

Solder Paste Dry out

Mar 5, 2008 |

Solder Paste Dry out

Mar 4, 2008 |

Lead free rework of BGA

Jan 18, 2007 | Thanks Russ. I meant paste flux or as some refer to it tacky flux (I think it's the same thing). I

Lead free rework of BGA

Jan 18, 2007 |

Pasting ahead

Nov 6, 2006 | I don't know of any articles but you will see the following problems: The flux will evaporate fro

Flux or Solder Paste?

Nov 1, 2006 | Flux is fine, make sure you have one that will withstand the extended and hotter reflow for the Lead

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 29, 2006 |

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 25, 2006 | We use "tacky flux" for most BGA replacements. We have found that we sometimes need a microstencil f

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 25, 2006 | With tacky flux, the BGA is not as reliable as one that was never repaired. I believe Dave stated t

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 24, 2006 |

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 24, 2006 | We use tacky flux, we just make sure the left over solder on the board is really flat, it kinda repl

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 24, 2006 | Do most use tacky flux or stencil paste when doing BGA repair/replace?

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Jan 21, 2006 | Hi James, You can use the same flux for micro BGAs.The 529D we used for rework of high freq. CSPs

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Jan 17, 2006 | Agreed. Some research sugests the "flexibility" of the joint(s) is reduced with flux only resulting

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