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mask align on liquid solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 22:40:07 EDT 2005 | davef

We'd contact suppliers of LPISM. Top LPISM available in the United States are: * Coates ImageCure XV501T & XV501TSM * Coates ImageFlex (Flexible Solder Mask) SV 601T * Enthone DSR 3241 and DSR 3241 GM * Rogers RFlex 8080 LP1 & RFlex 8080 LP3 (Flexib

White Solder Mask Discolored after Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 16 16:01:06 EDT 2009 | davef

White, lead free * Taiyo America PSR-4000 LEW1 * Huntsman (formerly Vantico, formerly Ciba Geigy) Probimer 77 white solder mask Also, search around LEDs Magazine [ http://www.ledsmagazine.com/ ]. White solder masks are often used as a reflective ba

MELF component short togehter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 21:44:21 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi all, * Defect : termial to terminal touching btw two melfs body that created short circuit. * Clearance : 0.8mm btw two melfs body. * Size melf : diameter=2.4mm to 2.7mm, length=4.8mm to 5.2mm * Stencil opening : "v" shaped to minimise component

Stain on PCB from reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 12:47:48 EDT 2010 | boardhouse

White solder mask does have a tendency to yellow within the lead free environment. so double coating will not help any. I due believe the flux is a factor in the yellowing but due to the color is the main reason. Find out what brand of S/M mask they

Applying Thicker LPI Soldermask

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 20:45:38 EDT 2002 | davef

Solder mask thickness specifications by fabricators are: * Wet mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0004� on trace * LPI mask: 0.0002 ~ 0.0008� on trace Liquids usually range between 10 to 13 um (0.00039 to 0.00051") when dried. Liquid resist processes I have seen are


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